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Tuesday Edition

The Famous Tom Sawyer Ride

The Economic Biker Code of the West

Story by Johnny Humble, Pics by Joe Sawyer
6/11/2010 8:39:41 AM

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Today’s doom and gloom outlook on the economy seems to have gripped the United States like an epidemic with no cure. While some have decided to hide themselves in a protective shroud of denial while others refuse to spend a dime unless absolutely necessary; then there’s the bikers. While the economic black cloud may have an adverse effect on all of us, we still do what makes us who we are; we fucking ride! Face it, that’s what makes us who we are, we ride, build, and modify our beloved H-D. Tom Sawyer is definitely cut from this cloth. When in doubt, RIDE!

Tom Sawyer, owner extraordinaire of Sawyer’s Motorcycle Shop located in Cleves, Ohio (www.sawyermotorcycleshop.com), has been wrenching and riding for decades. This little red chop is just the latest creation to come out of his shop. Proving he’s a man after my own tastes, he even went so far as to use brewery parts from an old Sam Adams brewery to accent the American feel and finish of the Santee framed chop.

”I used my years of experience as a rider as a guide when building this bike. I wanted to make it a fun bike to ride whenever I wanted to blast around town or whatever. While she is not my only bike, she is definitely my favorite and the most fun…right now.”

When I queried about the brass, I half expected Tom to reply with some brass fetish he had aquired in the Navy. Those squids can be eccentric fools, ya know? Tom just liked the contrast of the brass and like many craftsman, he was able to incorporate it into the build.

“The stainless steel is food-quality and was used to manufacture beer at the local Sam Adams brewery. After I made the pipes, I needed some back pressure and designed the endcap/baffles. They are a combination stainless set in brass.”

The idea of exhaust notes ringing through beer making hardware reminds me of Saturday nights at our local watering hole, I usually see red on those nights as well. Tom’s creativeness and style can be seen on every angle, nut, and brass bolt used on the bike. Check out his latest ride or visit his website and ask him to help you with your next build. Most importantly however, is to get off the computer and RIDE!

Bikernet.com Extreme Tech Chart

Regular Stuff

Owner: Tom Sawyer (No, not that Tom Sawyer)
City/State: Cincinnati, Ohio

Builder: Tom Sawyer, Sawyer’s Motorcycle Shop
Phone: 513-353-0697 or 0497
Web site: www.sawyermotorcycleshop.com
E-mail: SawyerMC@roadrunner.com
Fabrication: Tom Sawyer
Value: 28K


Year: 1975
Make: H-D
Model: Shovelhead
Displacement: 88”
Builder or Rebuilder: Tom Sawyer
Cases: H-D
Case finish: Metal, Black Paint
Lower end: 4-5/8 S&S Flywheels
Stroke: Stroked
Rods: S&S
Heads: H-D Dual Plugged
Cams: S &S 514
Carburetion: S&S Super B
Air cleaner: Round Ball Stainless Steel w/ Brass Star
Exhaust: Tom Sawyer
Mufflers: Seriously??


Year: 1981
Make: STD Cse
Gears: Andrews

Make: Santee
Style or Model: Wishbone Rigid
Stretch: Stock
Rake: Stock

Front End

Make: Mid-West

Sheet metal

Tanks: Paughco
Fenders: Tom Sawyer
Oil tank: Tom Sawyer


Sheet metal: Don Ernst


Ignition: Dyna 2000i Single Fire w/ Twin Dual Coils
Taillight: Tom Sawyer

What’s Left

Seat: Tom Sawyer

Specialty items: Accel 8.8 wires, Glass Sediment Fuel Bowl, 2 inch Stainless Steel exhaust w/ Stainless Steel and Brass Endcaps, Brass Electrical Center, Brass Grips, Foot Pegs, Brake and Shift Levers, Hand made oil tank and rear fender, struts, and tailamp. Hand-made chain guard, caliper bracket, coil mount, oil filter, and license plate bracket. Hand-Made seatpan with Hand-Tooled leather seat by Tom Sawyer.

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Reader Comments

This Shovel is one sweet ride. Tom is not only a great wrench, he does some sweet work in leather. His leather work is next to none i've seen. A friend of mine wanted me to meet Tom a year or so ago. So we rode out to his shop. After we talked for a minute he was showing us his Shovel. And I said man i've seen this bike some where. Then realized that it was here on bikernet.com We had a lot to talk about since i had the "White Trash" bike here also. Wow worlds away in the back yard. Keep on Wrenchin Tom

Cincinnati, OH
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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