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Wednesday Edition

Around The World In 10 Years

Jaq Takes Us From The Coffee Table Through The Winter

By Jaqhama
6/10/2010 5:31:41 PM

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Africa twin

Hey Mate

Another review for you. Helge is probably the most famous bike adventurer of modern times, he only took ten years to complete his round the world trip. The pic of the Africa Twin bike in Portugal. Stick it in with a title something like...." Girls, I only go adventuring to exotic countries on my bike for the girls! Fuck the culture I say!"...

That could almost be a pun there...Fuck the culture...that's well funny.

Ten Years

I0 Years on Two Wheels by Helge Pedersen

A coffee table book filled with the most wonderful photography of Helge's ten year journey around the world.

Yes, he really did take ten years to see the world on a BMW R80 GS.

Unlike a lot of modern bike travelers he did not just ride through other peoples countries with nothing more than a quick hello. He stopped and worked with them, lived with them, gained an insight into how they lived.

As I understand it, he was the first person with a motorcycle to cross the Darien Gap in the jungle around Panama. This fact is recorded in the Road Knights (the local USA Marine detachment bike club) visitor’s book.

You want adversity...Helge lived it, weeks of rain, days of mud, snow, desert heat, few bikers could really put up with the trials that this man suffered in his ten-year odyssey.

He rode in places some of us have never heard of.

This is the kind of adventure that all motorcyclists dream of doing, but few ever will. As a book of great photos and insightful observations this is a must for armchair adventurers and riders who have that " Big Dream Ride".

Highly recommended, available from www.amazon.com it's not cheap, but you pay for what you get.

Helge now runs bikers tours in different parts of the world, so you can have the adventure without the hardship if you are keen to try adventure biking yourself

Reading for the winter months

Absolutely nothing to do with Mobikes but... Good old-fashioned adventure tales.

I found this site a while ago, thought I'd share it with you guys. www.blackmask.com Over 18,000 free to read online books and stories. Many of the old classics like Alexander Dumas and Rafeal Sabatini are archived. That's The Three Musketeers and Captain Blood.

But also the great pulp tales of the 30's and 40's like Robert E Howard's Conan and Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars and Tarzan. Doc Savage is also there. Modern authors also write many stories as well. Every genre you can think of, Action, Adventure, Suspense, Horror, Detective, Romance, Children’s novels.

I could spend months on this site. And most of the stories can be saved to Microsoft word if you copy from Black mask and paste to word, and then save in a file on your PC.

Great way to pass those winter months. Also at www.baen.com are free sci-fi and fantasy books by such well-known authors as David Drake (Hammers Slammers) and other noted writers.

This is like being a kid a candy shop to me.



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