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Behind The Scenes

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice 2017 Dealer and Brand Expo a Success

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Continues Dealer Growth Investment

By Dawn Zassick and Beth Rauch with photos from Rigid Frame Richard
With 180 vendors and nearly 800 dealers and their staff attending, the 2017 Tucker Rocky/ Biker’s Choice Dealers and Brand Expo has been the biggest yet.
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BSA and Jawa Motorcycles India Buyout

The British Colony uprising continues again

by Ujjwal Dey
THE INDIA UPRISING Classic Legends, a Mahindra subsidiary, will re-introduce the iconic BSA and Jawa motorcycle brands.
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The British Colony Uprising--ROYAL ENFIELD MOTORCYCLES

National Pride, Economic Growth and Jobs around an Old English Motorcycle Brand

By Ujjwal Dey 2016 with photos and ad art from Royal Enfield
Resurgence of the World’s First Motorcycle Company: Eicher Motors which has a large investment holding in Enfield motorcycles plans to make Enfield a leading player in the mid-sized motorcycling segment of 250-750cc in Europe and North America.
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For the Flying Piston Buffalo Chip Charity Breakfast 2016

By Bandit and Sara Belle
BIKERNET brings you the imprisoned master: Atomic has just a few original prison art pieces including these rare piece from his time behind bars and one of very few in color. One will go to a lucky Buffalo Chip raffle winner.
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Metalsport Revisited

Masters of “Big Wheel” development.

By Wrench with photos from Terry at MetalSport
“Bikenet worked with Metalsport for several years and I fell in lust with one of Chip Foose’s classic wheel designs, the 2D Nitrous,” said Bandit. “I’m not a major fan of wild wheels, I like a classic, strong and simple mag wheel design. I’m also attracted to something with an aerodynamic flair or a race look." Here's an update from MetalSport
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The ARCH KRGT-1 Gets EPA/CARB Approval

The Magnificent World of the Ominous ARCH Receives a Blessing from the Two-Wheeled Dictatorship

By AMD Mag with comment from afar
Arch Motorcycle, the "ultra-premium" American V-twin manufacturer co-founded by Gard Hollinger of LA County ChopRods fame with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, has had its first production model certified as emissions compliant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) in the United States.
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The Past Has no Precedent over the Present

By Yale
The definition of insanity is keep doing what you are doing and expect a change. How much power do we give to the past on a daily basis, how often have we said to ourselves when will I learn. Each day we face enough new challenges, so we don’t need to drag the ones from yesterday along.
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The oldest bike shop in America?

Century Motorcycles, San Pedro, CA

By Marilyn Stemp
How do you boost shop inventory when money is tight? For William “Bill” Cottom, a young bike shop owner with a penchant for riding fast but who was short on cash, the solution came naturally: He raced other riders for pink slips and fortunately—for him—he won most of the time!
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