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Sunday Edition

World Famous Nick the Dick

Canyon Run

By the living legend, Jon Towle

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Reader Comments

I know a half a dozen guys just like him! They think it make them feel young again. Last poker run one guy started to ride crazy after drinking to much. His girl got off his bike and came over and got on mine! I wasn't going to tell her no!It has been a lot of years since a 27 year old woman with legs that are 34"long and 36 D's had snuggled up to my back! He got a little pissed but his buddies convinced him he didn't he really want any part of this old man!

I was so happy I had to go piss! Took her home and got a little extra for giving her a ride. So, guys like Nick theDick are my heroes cause their fuck ups help us old men score! ( I had forgotten how smooth young women are!)

David Birkes
Tulsa, OK
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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