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Wednesday Edition


Willie Says Biggest Crowd Ever

by Rogue and DMAC

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Thursday, during Daytona Bike Week 2017, is ALWAYS reserved for Willie's Bike Show. It’s the place to be, for one of the longest running bike shows in the history of Daytona Bike Week. There are so many scoots entered, that there is hardly space to move between them.

This event is different than other shows in the area. There is a feeling of vintage brotherhood, grease, gears, and passion for motorcycles, that is hard to explain. I guess you will just have to show up at the next one to find out for yourself.

As Dee and I rode north on US 1, I saw the new sign that replaced the old one damaged during the hurricane just before Biketoberfest last year.

Right under that sign, I saw the crowd, the huge, damn, crowd! There were a lot of people and as it turned out later, Willie Jones, the owner, told me it was the biggest crowd he has ever seen during his event!



The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine
Twisted Tea
Biker’s Choice
F**k Up & Find Out Rue & Ziffra
Bare Bones Leather
Chop Docs
Cycle Source Magazine
Led Sled
Bikers Pocket Guide
Blings Cycles
Boomer’s Bike Shop
Lucky Loser
DK Customs
Lowbrow Customs
Anvil Customs Billetproof
South Eastern Customs
1st Manufacturing Biltwell
Hard Drive
Shinko Tires
TC Bros
Hard Luck Hijinx
Loud Fast Metal

Trying to squeeze through the rows of motorcycles proved a challenge, and it was kind of hard to get really GREAT photos of a specific motorcycle, so we are just settling for GOOD photos! The success of this show is evident in the wall to wall people, motorcycles, and more people, especially in the group shots!

While the judges were going over the motorcycles, Roadside Marty was his usual fun self on the microphone, trying to entice women to set them puppies free, and kept the entrants, and attendees attention passing out the ever popular free swag before the trophies were presented.

And the bands rocked on!
New York Rockabilly Rockets
Big Rick and The Trouble Makers

DMAC and Friends
DMAC and Friends

Out back, and on the side of the building, there were numerous vendors including Twisted Tea.
Chris Callen from Cycle Source Magazine was busy explaining the new motorcycle that was built to be given away by Twisted Tea and more information on that can be found at http://www.twistedchopper17.com/

Rogue and Chris Callen
Rogue and Chris Callen

The honorable 2017 Daytona Beach Bike Week Willies Judges panel included:

Bill Dodge, Jeff Cochran, Spacey, Will Ramsey, Boston Mike, Lincoln Strom, Chris Callen, Ron Harris, Hammer, Steve Broyles, Joey Tee, Ms. Kari, Reverand Al, Dave Perewitz, Ray Llanes, Mo, Bobby Cathcart, Bryan Lane, Rodney Smith, Roadside Marty and Willie

1916 Indian Cannonball Racer of Doug Wothke
1916 Indian Cannonball Racer of Doug Wothke

Jason Ochoa, 1955 Purple Haze Panhead
Jason Ochoa, 1955 Purple Haze Panhead

The winners of the show are: 

Best Twin Cam: 2004 Dyna, Bill Dodge
Best Metric: '79 Yahama XS, Mace McMillian
Best Knucklehead: '45 Knucklehead, Rod Grimey Davis
Best Shovelhead: '74 Shovel, Eric Stein
Best EVO: Softail EVO, Luis Miami
Best Creative Custom: Rat Pan, Tom Keller
Best British: '69 Triumph, Robert Breeze Warner
Best Outhouse Chopper: KZ440Bosley Chops
Best Rat: '71 Flat, Snake Andress
Best Sportster: '71 XLCH, Andrew Leibman
Best Panhead: '48 Panhead, Lee Lopez
Best Flathead: '39 Flathead, Peter Barrucci
The Horses Choice: 1916 Indian Cannonball Racer, Doug Wothke
Best Paint: '53 Panhead, Chris Wade
Trailer Trash: '77 CB 550, Dan Lovallo
Dave Perewitz Choice: '47 Knucklehead, Bryan Lane
Kari's Choice: '55 Pan, Jason Ochoa
South Eastern Custom: '74 Sportster, BJ Swanberg
Roadside's Choice: '67 Shovel, Jeff Gilles
Willie's Choice: Knuck, Endless Phil
Willie's Choice Catagory
Willies ChoiceChopper
ChopperRandy Saddington
Chuck Clay
BD's Customs Choice
Reverand Al'sRat--Phil Martin
Mos Choice
Cycle Source Choice--'48 Pan Shovel
EVO Rigid--Bobby the Leg
Jason Swindell
Bling's Choice
Chop Docs Choice--'49 Chopper
Softail--Donny Loos
Nick Pensabene

Nick Pensabene 2000 softail duece
Nick Pensabene 2000 softail duece

Willie, thanks for a great day, as usual! Looking forward to Thursday, Biketoberfest 2017! Cya at the next Chopper Time Show!

Time to kick it and ride out!

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Reader Comments

Love the article and pics of Rogue and Willie, didn't see dee tho :(
But really good information on crowds and location hope to go one day.

Johnny goetz
Palm Bay , FL
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Editor Response You made Rogue's day.

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