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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition

The First Biker Memorial Wall

In The Hills Over Looking Hopedale, Ohio

Photos and Text by Denise
4/30/2009 12:11:14 PM



This memorial was founded by Ohio Abate members and friends on July 24th 1993...Since then the wall has been growing...this wall is located in Hopedale, Ohio at the American Legion. This is very much out in the country and one would never know this wall exists!!! I stumbled upon the Memorial Wall back in 2000 by a fellow that I was dating. He took me there...


What I like about this is every Memorial Day instead of the ones going to the wall in DC, they go there to the Legion and they own quite a bit of land up on that hillside, not sure how much, but it's acres. On every Sat morning during that weekend friends, family and bikers all gather up on the hill at the Memorial and have a services with a Pastor, for all the fallen brothers and sisters lost. Attendees can say what they want about anyone mentioned on the wall, this is very touching, to say the least. A lot of tears are shed...


For four days, on Memorial Day weekend, all Abate members & bikers gather for a party, camping, heavy drinking and rock n roll with venders. There are tents and campers everywhere, in the coves, and if it rains it turns into a mud bath! It’s a good ol’ fashioned Abate party, as we are all accustomed too.


We take time out on Saturday morning to honor our loved ones, whose names are now engraved in stone /granite forever or at least for the next 100 yrs. Hundreds attend every year. Many have never heard of it, until now, as I unveil the secret up on the hill. It's 100 miles from Cheswick, Pa back in the we like it that way too, keeps the yups out!!! Partying there reminds me of the partying back in the ‘80s.

Yupp? You mean like this guy. A rider is a rider, especially when he’s gone. I don’t care what he did for a living or how much money he had. This memorial is terrific. -- Bandit

You will find on any given day someone riding up the hill to spend time at the memorial or perhaps finding it for the first time. Even though it's a legion property with Abate members, all are welcome to go in the bar and drink and socialize if they please. I have never been carded.


Anyone can have a rider’s name engraved on the wall. The cost is $150.00 or you can get a brick for, I believe 50.00. This memorial is taking care of on a regular basis by the Abate members including Diek, whom is in charge of the name engraving...


It still touches my heart, and it’s a wonderful way to put a dear friend in stone for remembrance for a long, long time....I wanted to do this for my friend, Tracy, instead of wasting my money on flowers. It will be so nice to take her husband, son, mother, family members out and dear friends to see her remembered, always.



--from Rogue
Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Member 2005

Correction: This Memorial was built and is cared for by the Motorcyclist Memorial Foundation. We are not actually connected to ABATE of Ohio in any way and are not able to make that affiliation. Memorial Day weekend is held and sponsored by the 16 member Board of the MMF with all the profits going to the Memorial Foundation for scholarships and upkeep of the site.

If you have any questions, please contact me at this email address or at 304-374-3368.

Thank you for your support and good intentions.

--Brianne Lawson
Board Member, MMF


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Reader Comments


Thank You All
Your Continued Support!

MMF Board 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
My grandfather is the first name on the wall. I am a vet myself, served in oif and oef in Iraq. My grandfather is the man on the bike also. Thank you to all who served. hooahh...

zachary sherlock
akron, OH
Thursday, March 28, 2013
Editor Response Thanks brother for your service. I did three tours in Nam.
I am going to be using some of the photos for my Memorial Page on facebok for downed brothers and sisters. If you have any problems with this please feel free to E-mail me and I will remove them from my page. Thank you


Tucson, AZ
Monday, October 29, 2012
Editor Response No problem brother. You can always give credit.
Some of us will be coming down this year our Brother Dave Jones will be added to the wall this year. We don't want to miss the ceremony and need information on what goes on when and what is available if we camp. Showers etc. Hotels in area etc.

If you can help


Paul A. Green
Rome , NY
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Editor Response Address: Rabbit Rd, Hopedale, OH

Directions :On the grounds of American Legion Post #682. US 22 exit onto Hwy
151 south. Stay right into town, go under viaduct, turn right up the hill on
Rabbit Rd.
Phone: Brian 740-381-8602 or the Legion @ 740-937-9995

Gates Open on Friday Morning 9 am

Bands Friday and Saturday night- Start time 9 pm

Camping and showers on grounds are free with admission pass. Cost per person
is $12.00 for entire 3 days!

Saturday Morning/ Afternoon Rededication of Names on the wall 12:30 pm

Candle Light Visual 8 pm Saturday (This is really nice!)

The American Legion is "open" for all who pay for an admission pass for
beer. Breakfast and coffee is served at the legion for a small cost.

There is also a small grocery store within 1 mile of the Motorcycle Wall

Hotels are located about 20 minutes away in Steubenville Ohio.
Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Super 8

I hope this helps! If they have anything further to inquire about, then
call the numbers above-

--Wilburn Roach

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