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Techs & Bike Builds

Techs & Bike Builds

The Garage is where we work on a wide range of tech tips including articles on tools and performance.

If you're looking for a particular tech tip, or want to sponsor one, or be involved with a project bike or just make a suggestion, then drop us a line at our feedback page. We'll get back to you soon.

Frankie's 2005 Dyna Rebuild, Part 3

Final Assembly Underway

By Bandit with photos by Wrench, Frankie and a redhead
Frankie's wrecked Dyna is coming back to life with the help of Bennett's Performance, Spectro Oils, Saddlemen, Love Jugs, Lindby Customs, JIMS Machine, Biker's Choice, MetalSport Wheels, Yvonne Mecialis, Chris Morrison, Aeromach, Baker Performance, BDI Exhaust, and Dr. John.
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Brake fluids are notorious, maybe we can help

By Bandit with photos by Wrench, Frankie and Spectro
Brake fluids are notorious. When I started in this industry, DOT 3 brake fluids were used everywhere, but they had a terrible reputation for damaging paint. Hang on as we explain with the help of Spectro Oils, H-D, Bennett's Performance and Performance Machine.
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On a perfect night, you need very little equipment to camp comfortably

By Commander Edge, SmokeOut Master, with vintage shots from Sam Burns
On a perfect night, you need very little equipment to camp comfortably. Learn what you need to seize the moment.
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The Latest from Metalsport Inc.

The new 18-inch Rotor and Brembo Caliper set

By Wrench
As you know the “Big Wheel Craze” is still going strong. Metasport’s new 34-inch 3D Wheels are now available along with New 18-inch rotor and Brembo caliper sets.
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Hollywood Bars for the 1928 Shovelhead

Working with Paughco on the run to Sturgis 2017

By Bandit and Grandson Franky with photos by Wrench
I asked the Bikernet readers if I should chop the 1928 Shovelhead. They said, “Yes, definitely.” So, I called the master of the chopper world forever, Paughco.
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Franky’s ’05 Dyna Fix, Part 2

Brass Balls, Barnett, and Aeromach came through on this ambitious rebuild project

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
Okay, a lot has happened since the last episode. We installed the new CCE Dyna Motormounts last time. Now with the parts in hand and powder coating, we could install the Barnett Scorpion Clutch, Brass Balls pegs an grips, and the later model Swingarm.
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Franky’s ’05 Dyna Fix

Grandson Almost Totals Twin Cam Dyna

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
A wild project, the 23-year-old tattoo artist said he lost control of his ’05 Dyna and went down on a slippery street in trendy West Los Angeles. We're bringing it back with style and improved suspension and handling.
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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Part 1
By Oz
    Take a good look at this lead shot, then compare it with the finished engine at the end of the article. You'll find no d...
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