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Samson Exhaust

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Kenny Price, founder of Samson Motorcycle Products Inc, located in Brea, California, is the inventor and leading innovator of numerous patented and high-performance exhaust systems for Harley Davidson and Metric Cruiser motorcycles. From his humble beginnings as a teenager in the early 60’s, Kenny’s aspiration was to tweak more power out of his ’56 Vespa. He graduated to a 650 Triumph Bonneville a couple years later. Then in 1969 he bought his first Harley, a ‘65 Panhead, which he still owns today.
After Kenny’s friends saw how well his ‘65 Panhead looked and performed with its newly fabricated pipes, they had him make pipes for their bikes. This was done with raw tubing welded together with an acetylene torch and coat hangers as welding wire. It was not long thereafter that Kenny was making pipes for many of his friends and their friends motorcycles too.
While working at Cheatah Choppers in 1969 he was nicknamed “The Fabricator” which was followed by "The Godfather of Pipes" soon after. Today, Samson Motorcycle Products, Inc. continues to design and manufacture innovative exhaust products where Kenny is involved in every aspect of the designing and manufacturing of all pipes made at Samson. Samson still exists as a family owned business that has an enthusiast mindset and genuine passion and connection in the motorcycle industry.
One of the most important things that sets Samson apart is our friendly and efficient customer service. Samson has one of the best customer approval ratings amongst our competitors. We will always serve our customers with dignity, superior service, and help them in every way possible.

“From the very beginning we set out to build the very best motorcycle exhaust systems. We designed every aspect of our company to do just that, and we’ve succeeded. Our belief is simple. Our customers, when it’s all said and done, want a company that puts quality before quantity. And here we are still doing what we do best."

Kenny Price
The Godfather of Pipes
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BIKERNET TECH: Samson Legend Series “Pomonas” Dyna Pipes

Traditional Styled, Staggered, Low-Exit Exhaust Pipes Installed on a 1998 Dyna

By Wrench, Jeremiah Soto, James Conway, with photos by Jeremiah Soto
Bikernet Tech: A brother went down recently and we needed to pick him up, dust him off, correct his motorcycle and launch him on a run to Vegas Bikefest with a couple of other hard riding Dyna pilots. Samson pipes cured his bent exhaust.
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Tech Spotlight: Torque Cones From Samson
Edited By Ben Lamboeuf
Anti-reversion (exhaust) technology has been used in internal combustion motors for many years. Many land-speed, and other motorcycle competition records have been established by motorcycles and other vehicles equipped with anti-reversion devices
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Samson Deal Of The Week — 15% Off Legend Series Baloney Cut
By Samson
Samson’s Legend Series exhaust systems offer a show-quality finish with Samson’s exclusive chrome plating that provides long life corrosion protection and the ultimate in shine.
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Samson Builds for Indian in Sturgis

New Performance Slip-on Muffler for New Indians

By Wrench, and Brian White with photos by Buck Lovell, with vintage shots courtesy of the Bob T. collection
Samson builds the first fishtip mufflers for Polaris Indians. Just recently we received a flash announcement from the new Samson factory in Sturgis, South Dakota.
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Samson Launches “Have It Your Way” Program
By Samson Exhaust
Samson introduces a new for 2014 “Have It Your Way” program. Mix and match any true dual head pipe system with any muffler item to make your own style of exhaust for any Harley Davidson Softail or Touring model. Styles ranging from Fishtails, Longtails, Performance Mufflers, Decibel Killer Mufflers and more.
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Samson Relocates to Sturgis SD

by Buck Lovell
Bikernet Baggers interviews Kenny Price of Samson Exhaust.
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Samson Longtails for the NEW 2014 Indian
By Samson USA
Samson is proud to present the very first aftermarket slip on muffler for the 2014 Indian Chief Classic, Indian Chief Vintage and Indian Chieftain! These new 4” Longtail Mufflers have been road tested and provide a deep, rich and throaty...
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Samson Exhaust 33” Silver Bullet Fishtail Extensions
By Samson Exhaust
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