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The Sturgis community came out in force earlier this month to help welcome Samson Exhaust to the community.

By Christine Paige Diers

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SAMSON EXHAUST CELEBRATES MOVE TO STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA--The Sturgis community came out in force earlier this month to help welcome Samson Exhaust to the community. Samson's Kenny Price has been working since 2007 to be able to finally break ground on a new 45,000 foot facility in Sturgis that will be the new headquarters for Samson Exhaust. 

The company is expected to employ 30 people when it opens. The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place on the actual location where Samson will relocate, but high winds in the Black Hills moved the ceremony indoors to a nearby building owned by the Sturgis Regional Economic Development Corporation. 

Kenny Price founded Samson Exhaust in 1988 with a few innovative designs and equipment purchased from a company going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then, Kenny's become known throughout the industry as the "Godfather of Pipes." He is the inventor of numerous high-performance exhaust systems - some years, he introduced more than 50 new designs.

In 2005, Kenny made the decision to move his business from its current location in Brea, California to the Sturgis Industrial Park. Shortly after the original announcement, the economy forced Kenny to slow that move down. 

Now, ground has been broken, and Samson is expected to make its move in the spring of 2013. 
The ceremony welcoming Samson to the community included welcomes from each of the state's two U.S. Senators and South Dakota's lone Congresswoman. In addition, the company was welcomed by Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstenson, Meade County Commissioner Alan Aker, and local economic development officials.

Kenny Price took the microphone and told the crowd how excited he is to finally be making this move. The presentation ended with Sturgis Economic Development Corporation President Pat Kurtenbach presenting Kenny with a personalized Samson t-shirt with the Sturgis logo on the back.

—Christine Paige Diers

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Reader Comments

How is Samson USA still in business? They are completely hopeless. One purchase of a set of mufflers in March 2014 has given me a six month nightmare. Four months, over 20 emails and a couple of international phone calls to get the mufflers.

Tried to charge me over $600USD for shipping to Australia, when the actual international priority shipping price with FedEx was $130 USD. Then they sent me the wrong mufflers, and were reluctant to pay the shipping back.

I had paid extra for ceramic coating which I didn't get. Decided to keep the mufflers and get them coated myself, as I'd like the mufflers on my bike before Xmas 2014. It's now been another two months and half a dozen emails asking for a refund with no result. The nightmare continues. Should have gone for Vance & Hines.

Dave Hunter
Canberra, Australia
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Editor Response I sent this to the boss, Kenny Price. Then I left for Bonneville. I hope your problems have been remedied.
Samson is the worst company, I have every done exhaust pipes with they should be ashamed to call anywhere home. From the great state of texas

tim chittim
uchanan dam tx 78609, TX
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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