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Wednesday Edition


The World May Be Nuts, but the Brothers Know What They're Doing

By Bandit, Rogue, Jim Waggaman, Triking Viking, Bob T., Don Dumont, Mary Lou, Jack McIntyre, Uncle Monkey, Ray C. Wheeler, Ken Conte, and the whole crew

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Life is nuts, but you knew that.
Remember when we were just scruffy bikers with one motorcycle, a garage, and a handful of tools. We had girlfriends and partied every weekend. That’s it.

Don’t think about it much. It will drive you crazy. The news is nuts this week, so I won’t add to the conundrum of life with my oblique thoughts.

Let’s hit it:

Click on this logo for more info.
Click on this logo for more info.

The News is Sponsored in part by Ironworks and Cycle Source magazines. 

MICHIGAN'S LARGEST CUSTOM BIKE SHOW IN MUSKEGON ON JULY 20th--The July 20th Muskegon Bike Time Extreme Custom Bike Show is celebrating custom bikes with $4,000 in cash awards.

The winner of the MOD Harley class receives a complementary entry into the AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show at the Milwaukee Rally during the Harley-Davidson 110th celebration.

http://custombikeshows.com/biketime/registration/Click here for details...

Muskegon Bike Time Extreme Custom Bike Show Awards $4,000!

BIKERNET GOALS FOR 2013--It takes me a get-away for some clarity to surface. This year has been sorta nuts, and we are half way through it, but it is absolutely packed with positive elements and opportunities. So here’s a reminder

Bikernet Sites: We have expanded our format and we’re setting new ground in entertainment and resources. With Ben’s help we have hit a Bikernet blog high. With the help of Gary, the Midnight Rider, and Buck our Trikes and Baggers sites are gaining ground. It’s absolutely amazing the service we can provide our customers and readers.

Bonneville Bikes: Ray is building a state-of-the-art Busa based Twin Cam Racer that will blow readers minds, and should go down in the history books for years to come. Plus, next week we will launch the first streamlined belly tank trike article, which I hope to race for years to come, and it should become an icon for our trike site.

Click to Join
Click to Join

MRF Committee: I am working with Marilyn Stemp, of IronWorks, Chris Callen of Cycle Sourse, Chris Maida of American Iron, Jeff Najar, Biker Pros, Ken Conte, and others to form the first MRF Industry Council committee. Actually Chris is the Chairman. With this committee we hope to reach the following goals this year: set the first agenda for the MRF to protect the business side of the industry and support freedom. Create a brochure and a plan to broaden the MRF market base. Work with the Broken Spoke in Sturgis to use the MRF as a charity type promotion effort for one major concert to support motorcycling. In other words make motorcycling freedom and the MRF the fund raising and awareness effort.

Click on the image to order a signed book.
Click on the image to order a signed book.

Books and Grant: With the help of Chris Kranzler, I hope to finish launching the last few chapters of “World Run” with Chance Hogan. Then I can start on a book about Chance and another brother riding out of Los Angeles in search of Freedom in America. I’m also working with Kelly Dube on a possible grant program to promote safety through education, and perhaps enhance trade training, and support the MRF and maybe this book in the process.

Judging Program: We are also working with Bob Kay and Jeff Najar, of Biker Pros, on a bike show judging formula and training program to create a certified judging criteria. This system will ultimately be certified by the MRF. The goal is to create a unified and respected judging criteria, which will add tremendous credibility to Biker Pros shows and confidence within the show contestants who enter their bikes. I think Biker Pros is running the largest group of AMD affiliate bike shows in the country, currently.

Water: This is sort of unrelated to Bikernet, but in the future we will open the door to discussions and opportunities on Bikernet. Ray Wheeler and I are working with Ray Russell in Australia on bringing some new Australia water-purifying technology to America. This process holds amazing consequences and we are testing it right now. It has the potential of transforming bad water into good and saving industries billions in the process.

There you have it. Everyone of these efforts can and will have a positive effect on Bikernet and motorcycling. Each one takes a dedicated team who understands and relish in the potential. Believe me, I appreciate all the help.


YOUR BRAIN ON A MOTORCYCLE, PART II-- Yamaha participated in a second joint research project on the subject of the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation with Kawashima Laboratory at the Department of Functional Brain Imaging, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer at Tohoku University.

The project began in September 2009 and ran until December 2010, and the focus of the research was on measurement and analysis of the cause and effect relationship involved in the operation of various types of vehicles and brain stimulation. The study measured changes in such stimulation over time by means of data gathered from a long-term mass survey.

The reason for Yamaha Motor’s participation in this project is pretty obvious and not a little self-serving, but further research into the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation as it relates to the “Smart Aging Society” will certainly provide some interesting results.

The second research project was divided into two time periods throughout 2009 and 2010 compared differences in the conditions of brain stimulation as they related to the type of vehicle and driving conditions. A second set of tests measuring the changes in brain stimulation over time involved a larger subject group.

Yamaha Motors provided vehicles for the research and made its test tracks and courses available for the study. What the study revealed is that what you’re thinking about while you’re riding – and your experience on the bike - changes the physical structure of your brain.

Author Sharon Begley concurs with Kawashima’s findings. In her tome, Train Your Mind – Change Your Brain, Begley found much the same outcomes.

“The brain devotes more cortical real estate to functions that its owner uses more frequently and shrinks the space devoted to activities rarely performed,” Begley wrote. “That’s why the brains of violinists devote more space to the region that controls the digits of the fingering hand.”
And you may also get some mental and physical benefits from just thinking about going for a ride on your machine.

A 1996 experiment at Harvard Medical School by neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone had volunteers practice a simple five finger exercise on the piano over five days for a couple of hours each day. Pascual-Leone found that the brain space devoted to these finger movements grew and pushed aside areas less used. A separate group of volunteers were asked to simply think about doing the piano exercises during that week as well, and they dedicated the same amount of “practice time.”

Pascual-Leone was somewhat taken aback to discover that the region of the brain which controls piano playing finger movement expanded in the same way for volunteers who merely imagined playing the piano.

Along with the obvious benefits of riding motorcycles; like saving money (motorcycle insurance is relatively inexpensive), motorcycles take the edge off the grind of the daily commute, and that appears to make your brain a better place to be…

This one is a Serious Real Deal! I took our #1 selling Keyless product for motorcycles ( The DGD-KIM ) same as on your bike, and marked it down over ½ price just for your readers:
$459.00 regularly, now $264.

This ought to make your readers very happy and get a strong response. Never have done an offer this low before but let’s see what happens, If you run this throughout the month and the response is strong this will give you and I an idea of how a store might do on your site.

This system can be added to ANY bike and for this sale its all the same price.

“I’m running one of these systems on my Mudflap Girl FXR, and it is super cool,” said Bandit, “not to need to worry about a key. And for a custom application it adds definite security and safety measures.”

--Bruce McKinley “Lead Dawg”
Digital Guard Dawg Inc.
705 East Bidwell St. Suite 2-325 I Folsom, CA I 95630
916-837-1417 Cell
916-337-1040 Office

VERY COOL CHOPPER SEATS FROM PAUGHCO--Check out some of Paughco’s new additions to their popular line of chopper seats. Designed by La Rosa for use with virtually any custom application the seats can also be easily fit to many factory style frames.

Hand crafted from the finest hides and riveted to a beautifully finished chrome steel seat pan these awesome seats will provide the finishing touch to any scooter.

All seats shown feature a beautifully braided trim with custom embossed flame patterns, smooth finish or braided insert. Custom mounting hardware is included. All seats are manufactured to the highest standards for quality, materials and craftsmanship.

Paughco has been producing chopper components since the 60’s and these are without a doubt their finest seats to date. And get this. Seat prices start at just $243.95! For all the details call 775-246-5738 and be sure to catch them on the Web at www.paughco.com


THIS JUST IN, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
The Cruise-Mate Install


Who remembers riding Harleys before they had throttle return springs?

-- Mike
longwood, FL

FROM THE BIKERNET PHILOSOPHER ON ANGER MANAGEMENT--For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

For every minute I give to hate I lose 60 seconds of Love

For every minute I talk about the problem I lose 60 seconds of finding the solution

For every minute I remain worried I give up 60 seconds of Peace

For every minute I have doubt I give up 60 seconds of Faith

For every minute I give to the problem of give up 60 seconds of finding the solution

For every minute of resentment I have I lose 60 seconds of seeing the good

For every minute I give to the past I lose 60 seconds of the present

For every minute I give to fear I lose 60 seconds of confidence

For every minute I think about lack and limitation I lose 60 seconds of finding my prosperity and abundance

For every minute I give to stress I lose 60 seconds of health

For every minute I give to eating too much I lose 60 seconds of eating healthy

I act without struggle
I enjoy what I am doing
I am grateful for the results

Yale Custom Cycles
2003 11 ST SE
Calgary AB
T2G 3G6


This hill-climber is a 1930 Harley Davidson 750 DAH and only 25 of them were built by the factory! Down and dirty is the only way to describe riding this bike the way it was meant to be ridden.

As Willie G. put it this past week after seeing the painting: "Yeah, we really dominated the hill climbs back then. That motor was bullet-proof."

The bike was a perennial champion back in the day (witnessed by the trophies) and an icon today. This Jacobs' masterpiece with its uncanny detail will be sought after by Harley enthusiasts, fans of the sport of hill-climbing, thrill-seekers and art collectors.

Giclee on Canvas
Available in Three (3) Sizes

Small Image Size: 24 x 19
Unframed $595 * Framed $795

Large Image Size: 36 x 29
Unframed $1,550 * Framed $1,950

Full Scale Image Size: 48 x 38
Unframed $5,200 * Framed $6,000

My daughter rolling 5-Ball!

--Adam Croft

WILMINGTON MILE NEW SCOOTER TESTED--Bert "Fukin" Baker squeezes the trigger on his brand new "Organ
Donor" hot rod, makes record pass @ 162.4549 MPH....

--Ray C. Wheeler
Esteemed Bikernet Performance Editor

I noticed that you conveniently don't mention the Noise act of 1972 and the fact that 11 states have passed anti-noise legislation with motorcycles being the primary culprit.

Poker Rides that occur in the warm weather travel back and forth for a few hours past the same homes. Children can lose some hearing in as little as 18 seconds of exposure to 100+ decibels. These are the people who are ruining the reputation of responsible motorcycle owners. People I know who own a myriad of motorcycles have a very low opinion of those who break the law and cast a bad light on responsible motorcyclists.

No study correlates loud pipes to less accidents. It is just your myth that you put out there so that no one makes you follow the law.

The CEO McCaskill of Harley states, it is better to wear loud colored clothing to be noticed.

Also, sound going south from an exhaust cannot do a U-turn and go north to warn oncoming motorists. It defies the laws of physics. If you read the comments on various sites the main reason the cycle owners give is that they don't get a rush, unless they are on a bike that is vibrating beneath them

None of you ever had the right to break state statutes or national laws. It’s because of poor enforcement by the police that gave you the high sign that this type of law-breaking would be tolerable.

Just because you have gotten away with it for years does not mean that it is a law.
The laws in PA state you must have a noise suppressing device on your exhaust and it must be in working order at all times. It can't have cut offs or bypasses of any kind at all. And, by the way, we are on to you guys who put bolts through your exhaust so that when a broom handle is stuck up the pipe they think they are hitting the baffle.

There is a piece of equipment with a camera and it only costs 45.00 so any of you who think this ploy will keep working is sadly mistaken. We will take advantage of every single law and lawsuit until PA like the other 11 states, have legislation in place.

Let's see, what is a good political move for a politician? Defend the hearing of helpless children or defend a motorcycle owner's right to make noise. Who do you think is going to win? You think you guys are the only ones who can do an end around like loud pipes save lives. We say illegal exhausts ruin kid's hearing when these motorcycle riders keep going back and forth on the same roadways during one of these stupid events and we have the studies to prove it. Do you have any studies that prove what you state? What's that? No, you say? I thought so!

And charities, no matter how worthy the cause, have an obligation to be a good neighbor to the communities where these rides are held, and tell the riders, no stock pipes, no participation. I will not allow you lawbreakers to turn it around on us and try and make it about us when it clearly is not about us. You are masters at using the art of deflection to take the spotlight off all of your law breaking motorcycle owners.

It just doesn't cut it here in PA and we are turning up the heat to make sure the laws are enforced and new legislation is put in place.

Mary Anne Whitonis

I love this,

So it's okay for distracted drivers to run down motorcyclists. And you are telling me that your kids will never listen to loud music, they will never make noise, or scream and holler. You sound like you just want to control folks. Are you going to pass a law against sirens, trucks, jackhammers, loud movies, rock groups? This was once a free country.

What’s this business about 18 seconds? A motorcycle passing at 50 mph will be at it’s highest rate of sound to a child on a street corner for maybe a second or two. WTF. You better go after rock groups.

And yes, we have a Bikernet noise study that proves that loud saves lives.



I updated Paul Cavallo's interview page.

There are now 6 of his 9 part ImachinE interview up

And 20 of his 50 episode Rollin' Bones bike build.

Here's his IcreatE interview.



Talk about codger's, here's George Barris at a car meet. The Arlen Ness of car builders.
Talk about codger's, here's George Barris at a car meet. The Arlen Ness of car builders.

codger \KOJ-er\, noun:
an eccentric man, especially one who is old.
He'll find one of those joints and be there, evening after evening, talking to the bartender confidentially but loud enough. It won't be long before they get used to him. An old codger with money, stooped but still pretty big.
-- Louis Begley, Schmidt Delivered, 2000
One of the lesser Shadows whom we shall call Baron A. had a father-in-law called Baron B., a harmless old codger long retired from the civil service and quite incapable of understanding certain Renaissance aspects of the new regime.
-- Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire, 1962
Codger is likely related to the word cadge meaning "to beg." Its etymology is uncertain.

Sturgis 2013 is approaching fast! Trask Turbo Systems will be at Black Hills Harley Davidson from July 29th till August 11th performing turbo system installs during the event! That’s free installation with a combined price of $6,500.00 for the turbo system with Thundermax tuning system and 2 bar map sensor!

That’s 60+ bolt on horsepower for a completely stock fuel injected twin cam Harley-Davidson. No need to get into the motor. With 10+ years of experience the Trask Turbo System is the most reliable dependable form of turbo forced induction on the market today.

Customers of Trask have recorded 70,000 or more miles on their turbo systems with nothing but routine maintenance! Trask is booking installs now for this Sturgis only deal! For more details call 1-866-998-7275. www.TraskPerformance.com

DYNO RUNS AT BENNETT’S PERFORMANCE WITH BALLS OUT RACING—Eric Bennett is scheduled to ride the Balls Out Twin Cam locomotive at Bub’s Bonneville this year.

We stumbled into Bennett’s Performance while they were dyno tuning with Eric and Bob Bennett, Wink Eller, John Dexter (the owner), and TK Williams, the computer master. John O’Keefe and Jerry Branch also took part in the operation.

They hit almost 185 Horspower and 160 pounds of torgue, but they ain’t done yet.

I got a group of people to help the Oklahoma Tornado victims. In the midst of all, I was confronted with a huge problem. The people of Hood & a few surrounding counties were also hit by devastating tornadoes. FEMA will not be helping the good people of Texas. Many lost their homes and everything they owned. 6 people died, and hundreds were injured. I am asking everyone to A.) Share what I am doing to help my fellow Texans and ask them to support it. B.) Support by buying a patch if you can.

I had 2 unique patches designed specifically to sell & use the monies to give to the Texas tornado victims. The monies will not be donated to a charity. Monies over cost will go straight to the victims. I need everyone supporting & spreading the word to make a difference. Many have nothing left but a cement slab that was once their home and all their belongings.

Please, check this out (click on the link) & then pass it on to your friends, family, and fellow Texans.
Thanks for helping,


I did all the body mods, the stance, the bed, the tonneau cover, roll pans, hood ports, door buttons, etc.,etc.

You saw the truck at GNRS last year.

August issue Mary's '54 shot by Tim Sutton.

--Jim Waggaman

FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON-- Engineered as a body temperature-regulating base layer, the newest H-D Performance Sportswear shirts from the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line keep riders cool and comfortable on hot days.

Both the Garage Performance Shirt (P/N 96524-13VM, starting at $70) and the Bold Short-Sleeve Performance Shirt (P/N 96518-13VM, starting at $70) are constructed from moisture-wicking 100 percent cotton twill that’s been treated with UPF-30 to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. A mesh insert at the back yoke increases airflow, while anti-microbial properties eliminate bacteria and odors during normal wear. They’re available in S – 5XL sizes.

The new line of men’s Hydration Headwear from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line delivers air-conditioned cooling in higher temperatures. Each item is mesh-lined and embedded with HyperKewl™ lining that, when soaked in water for 1-2 minutes, slowly evaporates the water to create a cooling effect against the skin. The result is the comfortable cooling of your head during hot weather. The Hydration Neck Band (P/N 99444-13VM, $10) is the perfect alternative to a throwaway tie for Father’s Day. The Hydration Skull Cap (P/N 99443-13VM, $30) feature adjustable back closures.

The new men’s Burning Skull Full-Finger Gloves with Touchscreen Technology (P/N 98252-13VM, $55) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line provides optimal care with the ease of touchscreen technology. They’re constructed from a combination of goatskin leather, perforated goatskin and 100 percent polyester mesh for maximum comfort with a touchscreen-compatible index finger and thumb for convenience. Their ergonomic thumb, pre-curved fingers and power-stretch knuckles provide a natural fit while riding, with a gel-padded palm for additional relief. Available in S – 3XL sizes.

For additional information on Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Apparel and Collectibles, see your local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit harley-davidson.com. To find a dealer near you, call 1.800.LUV.2RIDE in the U.S. or Canada.

Click quick, to receive daily updates--Thanks, Bandit
Click quick, to receive daily updates--Thanks, Bandit

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Reader Comments

I don't have children. I have seen children getting murdered recently because adults around them have failed to inform them about infringing upon other's space with the loud noise from their vehicles.

Does it occur to you that these horrible things are taking place because people cannot take the noise abuse any longer? All we ask for is a compromise and you make it seem like we are asking that motorcycles not be allowed to exist at all.

You also unfairly refer to us as "noise freaks" when the illegal motorcycle owners are the noise freaks because they are obsessed with it. Follow the laws on the books for your vehicles the way all vehicle owners have to do with their vehicles.

Or, push your legislators to pass new laws that state that motorcycles are the only vehicles on the road that do not have to have a noise suppressing unit on their vehicles in good working order at all times. And, that they be allowed to tamper with the exhausts to make them as loud as possible.

Until that happens, follow the laws, be good neighbors, don't antagonize people with the noise. You are right. The first amendment guarantees our freedom of speech. I agree. But, only 10% of Americans realize that within the first amendment, also lies "the right to redress grievances with one's government." It is exactly what I am doing and I am well within in my rights.

As proactive as you are regarding the loud illegal exhausts is as proactive as myself and many others have decided to be regarding the illegal exhausts. I have and I will continue placing complaints about the selective enforcement of the laws by my local police, to my district attorney's office.

And, according to PA law, I can get evidence, and take people before the magistrate to harassment and it is exactly what I plan on doing from now on. It is the law. It doesn't matter who agrees or disagrees with it, it is the law. I am also telling and have told many of my state representatives and national representatives that I plan on informing all the tax paying citizenry about their lack of concern for their health.

I make no bones about it. I am determined and I am not going to stop about this matter. And according to the neighbor law whoever allows these individuals onto their premises are at fault as well and I have informed all of them that I am not taking it anymore and if they want to court, no problem. Let's see what the courts have to say about the matter.

I have spent far too many summers, springs and falls being tormented by ear splitting noise. And, I doubt that any road has 100 tractor trailers go by constantly over a 5 hour period like the cycles do during these rides they go on by my house. I have not been able to open my windows since 2006 because of the increase of illegal exhausts on vehicles.

I pray it gets hot early in the season so I can keep them closed and put on my central air. And you try to portray me as unreasonable? Seriously? What about my rights? In the past, you only had a small percentage of people doing this to their exhausts. But when they saw that the police kept tolerating it, you now have at least half of them doing this to their motorcycles.

This is why so many states have passed more serious anti-noise legislation. If I loved the sport, I would be screaming the loudest at these guys, so I held onto as many of my rights as possible. I wouldn't be condoning it by any means.

I have no idea what you are referring to about "swallowing." Freedom doesn't include the right to break the current laws on the books. You have a convoluted sense of the definition of the word freedom and about "free speech." Free speech does not include within it the right to break the laws. Also, please check the WHO (The world health organization) site and research how the little hairs on the inside of the human ears are killed off by noise over 115 decibels from each exposure. First, if there was a way for modern medicine to repair the hairs, it would involve surgery.

This would be unfair to people who are subjected to it. But, there is currently no way to repair these little hairs on the inside of the ears. And, you have no problem subjecting fellow human beings to this level of noise? If you need your bike so noisy, go off road with it, and don't antagonize every body else with it, okay?

Mary Anne
Mountain Top, Pa
Saturday, April 12, 2014
Editor Response Damn, this is interesting. So as long as we are quiet, it's okay for distracted drivers to mow us down on a regular basis. This last weekend thousands of folks sat in the stands at the Long Beach Grand Prix and we could hear the race car blast five miles away. I didn't receive any reports about ear hairs being damaged and children in the stands dropping dead from the noise. And what about rock concerts? Get a grip.

Sure, some bikers are breaking the law, so what. The law would kill riders if everyone obeyed. Look at all the lives destroyed by Marijuana laws. Weed will soon be legal. And I can't stand anti-tampering laws. Just think about it. Kids get to grow up and never do anything, never learn how to wrench, weld, build, because it's now against the law. What the hell?

Mary Anne Whitonis

I love this,

So it's okay for distracted drivers to run down motorcyclists. And you are telling me that your kids will never listen to loud music, they will never make noise, or scream and holler. You sound like you just want to control folks. Are you going to pass a law against sirens, trucks, jackhammers, loud movies, rock groups? This was once a free country.

What’s this business about 18 seconds? A motorcycle passing at 50 mph will be at it’s highest rate of sound to a child on a street corner for maybe a second or two. WTF. You better go after rock groups.

And yes, we have a Bikernet noise study that proves that loud saves lives.



Mary Anne, Mary Anne, Mary Anne............

I only have a couple of things to add.

1. Your kids ears would be subject to much more damage by following a 18 wheeler for a period of time. I don't have any facts to back that up, but it seems like something you would agree is logical.

2. No matter how loud I try to rev up my bright clothing the guy on the other side never see's me.

3. You actually can hear coming or going from me north and south.

4. Pardon me for saying this, but I don't find it hard to believe you don't swallow what you read in this noise study. As a matter of fact, I doubt you've ever swallowed much of anything (see 1st Amendment).

Peace Always,

John "Tinman" Mills
Longwood, FL
Friday, June 14, 2013
Editor Response It's incredible how folks don't get Freedom in some parts of this country. We are working on a grant study to make Freedom a priority once more.
While riding to Sturgis in 2012 I had a inner primary bearing go on my 2009 FLHT.

I stopped at Klock Werks and Jennifer repaired my motorcycle. Not only did she do a excellent job she went out of her way to get the parts and me back on the road quickly.

Thanks Jennifer
-- Rogue

Palm Bay, FL
Friday, June 14, 2013
Editor Response We need to keep you on the road.
So, did the techs at Wilmington get Bert's vehicle number wrong, or was the shot of his record setting (upsetting?) bike from a previous race (file photo?), or what? Inquiring minds just gotta know (rant?).

note: Just learned to use the little qoute, end quote thingys.

Sam Burns
San Marcos, TX
Friday, June 14, 2013
Editor Response We have established a Bikernet Adhoc Investigation Committee. Next week we will decide on the players. The following week we with vote for a chairman. Sometime around Xmas our investigators will be in the field. Hang on!

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