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Sunday Edition


Custom Bike Shows from Coast to Coast

By Bandit, Bob T., Art Hall, Gary Mraz, Jim Waggaman, Darren Ho, John Gilbert, Sin Wu, Udey, Doc Robinson, Adam Croft, Valerie Thompson, and of course Rogue

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Photo by Rogue, but is this his bike?
Photo by Rogue, but is this his bike?


We are trying to handle the news and start the show load-in process in Long Beach. Ray is still working with the esteemed George, the Wild Brush, on pinstriping. Why is it always last minute?
 This weekend in Los Angeles we have the Mooneyes show, the Long Beach IMS and Ultimate Builder show, and the David Mann Chopperfest in Ventura, but I’ll bet shows are popping up all over the country. In fact the Mooneyes Show in Japan rocked last week and you’ll see reports. The Easyriders show circuit kicks off in January, and Full Throttle is working on their show in Florida.
 Never a dull moment. Let’s hit the news:

S&S CYCLE CONFIRMS LAUNCH OF 'VIOLA V-TWIN' Quality Service Parts Program for dealers--S&S Cycle is stepping up to the plate with an initiative that seeks to plug the parts-sourcing gap for specialty and independent service shops and custom bike businesses.

Called 'VIOLA V-TWIN', the program seeks to redress the imbalance caused by changes in availability of OE parts by guiding workshops to aftermarket service parts where they are available, while confirming the OE part number the shop needs to source for items not available through the 'VIOLA V-TWIN' program.

S&S is publishing a 218 page print catalog and unveiling an online tool that guides independent workshops to the OE components they need and then cross-references S&S and other "high quality" third party alternates to the service they need.

"Quality is a fundamental priority," S&S Marketing Manager Bruce Tessmer told AMD Magazine. "Customers have high standards and expectations where the S&S brand is concerned, and rightly so. Our new program will make it easier for workshops to identify the quality service parts we offer for an OE product, where we have one. If S&S doesn't have it, we will make the product available from carefully selected manufacturers whose product quality is compatible with our own."

'VIOLA V-TWIN' is a development from an OE/S&S part number cross-reference guide that S&S released a year ago, and it is reaction to that new guide that has resulted in this new concept.
"Many in the market, especially in the aftermarket, look to S&S for independent and authoritative advice and help, and this program has really grown from that," says S&S President Steve Iggens.

"VIOLA V-TWIN' will grow into a comprehensive reference guide and supply source, offering service shops and performance/ tuning shops access to simple, straightforward application-specific information that allows them to get on with what they do best - keeping the world's greatest motorcycles on the road," he went on to say.
"There's no question that the economic downturn has changed the character and type of the business most shops can expect to do nowadays, and service plays an increased part in it. It has also changed the supply options that shops have with fitment and application information harder to come by, and smaller orders harder to have fulfilled economically.

"Because the aftermarket looks to S&S as its driveline component brand and vendor of choice, everybody wins if we are able to widen that choice and give the independent workshop and motorcycle dealer community faster, simpler and more cost-effective access to the basics they need on a daily basis."

--From AMD

TAKE A BREAK FOR A SHORT SPIRITUAL MOMENT AT THE BIKERNET CHURCH--  The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.
Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM . Please use the back door.
The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7 PM . The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.
Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance.

--from Sam Burns




The international contributor to magazines all over the planet offers up his favorites to Bikernet readers.


Nuff said.

Bikernet Retired Swedish Military Officer



 CUSTOM TWIN CAM FUEL INJECTION AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FROM PERFORMANCE FI--Robert Tracy, President of PerformanceFI, feels that this new kit meets a definite need: “Since introducing our original EVO Pegasus kit to the market, we have heard from many owners of later model Harleys asking for a similar fuel injection system to give them better horsepower and full control over the performance characteristics of their motorcycles. We are happy to be able to offer this solution with our new kit and cover the whole Harley market.”

For more details and pricing information or to order a Twin Cam kit, please visit: www.performancefi.com. Dealers and builders can also sign up there to qualify for a dealer discount.

PerformanceFI, a division of American Mechatronics, Inc., is dedicated to bringing professional automotive engineering to the VTwin electronics aftermarket. It is focused on leveraging its expertise in electronics, software, and combustion engineering to create products that significantly upgrade the performance of Harleys and custom bikes. The company also plans to continue building partnerships with motorcycle builders to develop OEM solutions for their performance needs.


QUICK ALERT FROM BUCKSHOT--Hey, Brotha!  Maybe you can put this  link on the Thursday news? Reggie and I make this one every year.


BIKERNET STAFF CULTURAL FIELD TRIP--  Some shots I did Sun of Steve Klein's work... Steve is a fine art blown glass artist. His art is current exhibited at the LA Arts and Crafts Gallery on Wilshire with a Ink and Art Tattoo art exhibit.

--Markus Cuff


NCOM MEETS THE MRF FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MOTORCYCLISTS--I was just notified by Doc the Chairman of NCOM (National Coalition of Motorcyclist) that I have been chosen by NCOM representatives as the new representative for New Mexico, and will sit on the NCOM board representing our region which includes states New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

I am so honored to have this opportunity to move our state and region forward addressing issues such as discrimination, profiling, motorcycle rights and freedoms that will the affect all motorcyclist in our state along with the COC, NMMRO and ABATE and C.H.O.I.R. He said NCOM is very impressed with all the progress the NMMRO has made in our state in the last few years. 

--Annette Torrez 
NM MRF Representative

This is certainly outstanding news, I see this as a definite step in the continued right direction of this movement, you have exhibited the ability and willingness to work for the good of all motorcyclists and your talent and passion will be utilized now to an even greater extent.

I still recall the first time you and I talked after a meet the board at Best of the West, I recognized then you would be a dynamic influence in our movement, thanks for all you do.


Click to Join
Click to Join

Click on the art and it will take you there.
Click on the art and it will take you there.


TRAVEL FEATURE COMPLAINT— Oh gee isn't that special!!! I rode to Santa Barbara on Thanks Giving and was told we couldn't park where the lot you wrote about and that it was designated. We were told that we'd have to park a block down and walk back, due to the fact that it was a valet lot.

Oh....... and the cute little shots of the blonde and her man riding a motorcycle in Califonia with no helmets all pretty just for the camera. PLEASE!!!!!!

So, we give preference to foreigners and then we take foo-foo shots to play it up. In my opinion this last article has significantly lowered the worth of this site. I live the biker lifestyle and this did not portray it at all and I will make it known!!!


Can't say much about the parking. What's wrong with sneaking a shot in of riding Free. The whole notion of helmets is a slap in the face to basic freedom. Should everyone be forced to ride with reflectorized vests, armor-padded gloves and knee-high boots? I agree that Gary is sort of a California surfer, nerd. Here's the strange part. He hates the ocean. Never goes in.

We kicked off the travel section to study riding domestically and abroad, and of course feature new riders who experience the joys of riding stateside for the first time. Should we be poor hosts?

MORE SHOWS COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU--The Easyriders 2013 Bike Show Tour is rolling into Sacramento, CA on January 12 & 13, 2013 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Witness hundreds of the planets hottest bikes on display as competitors compete for 59 total awards, cash, and the chance to have their bike featured in one of our magazines. Meet Charlie Hunnam “Jax” from the #1 hit TV show Sons Of Anarchy signing autographs and taking pictures with guests. Other special celebrity guests include Michael & Angie from TV’s “Full Throttle Saloon”. Meet the world’s top bike builders including Bagger Nation’s own Paul Yaffee.

Bike competitors and exhibitor applications can be found on our website under the applications tab at www.EasyridersEvents.com.


MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT REACHED TO END PORT STRIKE--LOS ANGELES – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released the following statement on Tuesday night:

“I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between labor and management that will bring to an end the eight-day strike that has cost our local economy billions of dollars.

I would like to thank both the employers and the union for returning to the bargaining table in earnest beginning last night and working feverishly to reach a new deal. The result is a contract amenable to both sides and the return to work during this holiday season for thousands of men and women who are vital to keeping our port running around the clock.

I also wish to express thanks to the federal mediators who quickly flew to Los Angeles today, fully prepared to work with both sides to reach an agreement. I appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to help us work to find a solution to the strike.

With the strike now ending, we must waste no time in getting the nation’s busiest port complex’s operations back up to speed."

“The Port of Los Angeles commends both sides for reaching an agreement,” added Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz. “We are particularly grateful to Mayor Villaraigosa for his leadership and tenacity in keeping the negotiations moving over the past 24 hours. The days ahead will be busy, but we look forward to seeing a workforce of thousands back on the job and returning this complex to business as usual.”


INSIDE BDL HOLIDAY SCHEDULE-- To all of our customers and vendors, the following are our closing dates for the holiday:

From December 21, 2012 to January 1, 2013 returning on January 2, 2013

From all of us at BDL to all of you and your families,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Bob, Scott, and Steve

SPONSORS NEEDED FOR THE FLORIDA MOTORCYCLE EXPO AND BIKER BUILDER INVITATIONAL--This will be the third year the Motorcycle Expo and Bike Builder Invitational will be held at Quaker Steak and Lube but the 15th year that we have been hosting this event. The Florida Motorcycle Expo is a three day event that has over 100 vendors, the Jagermeister stage, free fireworks displays on Friday and Saturday night, $100 an hour give-a-way, MAN CAVE give-a-way and some of the best bands from around the area.

Friday night will be headlined by Greg Billings. Saturday will be the Black Honkey's, a Miss Full Throttle Bikini Contest, Free fireworks display and the Universal Studios Blues Brothers Band brought to you by Walker Ford and Ford Power Stroke Diesel.

Sunday will have the Soul Circus Cowboys and the Bike Builder Invitational Awards. We are expecting over 20,000 in attendance over the weekend to this great FREE event. For more info contact Full Throttle Magazine at 813-814-1424 or visit our website at www.floridafullthrottle.com

Tony Cianci (Chief Cupcake)
Editor - Florida Full Throttle
850 Dunbar Ave. Oldsmar, FL 34677
813-814-1424 - Office
813-814-1256 - Fax

Click on the image to go there!
Click on the image to go there!

New Bikernet Reader Comment!

West Australian Trike

I’ve actually rode this bike in Perth. The owner let me take it for a squirt, an it was great to ride, very user friendly. I’m a paraplegic an had no problems riding it .




Bonneville, SCTA August 10-16, 2013
BUB Speed Trials August 24-29, 2013
2nd Grandchild, June
(BUB 8 months, 3 weeks and counting)


Ain't it funny how time slips away? Seems like just last week I graduated from Navy Boot Camp in the winter of 1962, a mere 50 years ago. Some things have stayed the same since or before high school, such has my motorcycle addiction. As you might have noticed my addiction has come a long way since my first Sportster in the early ‘60s. Hell yes, it was chopped with a bad ass Bonnie Truett engine.

Here we are late 2012 with the latest project and we're headed to the Long Beach IMS Show this afternoon to set up for the weekend event. Make sure you stop by and say hello, we'll have 5 Bonneville Salt Flat Contenders on the floor, stickers and more.
 Haul Ass!
Ride for your Life!
Ray C Wheeler
Performance Editor



FROM THE BIKERNET MEDICAL CENTER--How to Get More from Your Workout.

Would you exercise longer and more effectively if competition were part of the experience? A study from Michigan State suggests that the best approach to developing a longer, better workout may be exercising with a partner who is stronger than you.

Researcher Brandon Irwin, assistant professor of kinesiology at Kansas State University, noted that most people don't meet the goal of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week. He recruited 58 female Michigan State students and assessed their physical fitness and regular physical activity.

During the study, the students exercised on a stationary bike for six 60-minute sessions over four weeks. When the students returned to the lab for additional sessions, they were told that they would work out with a partner in another lab who they could see on a video screen (the "partner" was a looped video). At first, the study participants exercised about nine minutes longer than when they didn't have a "partner" but when the students were told they were being scored as part of a "team" with their fit partner, they exercised 200 percent longer than those without partners.

The study was published in the October, 2012, issue of Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

My take? I have long recommended spending time in the company of those who practice habits that you wish to emulate. Exercising with a friend is a good way to maintain a commitment to a regular workout, and exercising with someone who is a bit more fit than you are may motivate you to ask more of yourself, as did the students in this study.

It's good to be a bit uncomfortable with a routine that requires effort, and your workout should challenge you, but not result in injury. Competition can be a powerful motivator, but a competitive spirit shouldn't override your body's signals that you're overdoing it.—Dr. Weil


ULTIMATE BUILDER ROLLS INTO LA-- The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show moves into Long Beach on January 7-9, 2012. The SOCAL show is always an exciting one as many of the nation’s most noteworthy builders make a presence.

Promoting Kustom Bikes

We’ve designed the show for manufacturers, builders and dealers. We provide each participant with a motorcycle pad and a steel ring that encircles the bike. We encourage interaction with the crowd with owners handing out brochures and business cards. Average attendance is 50,000+ enthusiasts.

Working the Ultimate Builder has led to sales of customs, new and used bikes as well as parts, accessories and service for our dealers, builders and manufacturers.

Promoting the Kustom Industry

We construct a photo studio on the premises. We will shoot your bike and make the photography available to you. You can bring a model and / or parts to include in the photography session.

On Sunday afternoon we host the awards ceremony. Bikernet will be providing an editors choice award with the winner receiving a bike feature. We have 5 classes with $7,000 in prize money and over $500 in prizes. There is a small fee to enter depending upon your class.

If you bring 2 bikes we provide a 10% discount. For 4 bikes, we provide a 25% Discount.
I'm working on a new site. Would you take a minute and tell me what you think:

--Jeffrey Najar


My official logo. This week I'm grinding away at setting up the shop floor plan.

--John Norris


1. To slake, satisfy, or allay (thirst, desires, passion, etc.)
2. To put out or extinguish (fire, flames, etc.).
3. To cool suddenly by plunging into a liquid, as in tempering steel by immersion in water.
4. To subdue or destroy; overcome; quell: to quench an uprising.
5. Electronics. To terminate (the flow of electrons in a vacuum tube) by application of a voltage.

Foul water will quench fire as well as fair.
-- John Heywood, Proverbs
Which was not the first day at all, not Eden morning at all because girls' weather and boys' luck is the sum of all the days: the cup, the bowl proffered once to the lips in youth and then no more; proffered to quench or sip or drain that lone one time and even that sometimes premature, too soon.
-- William Faulkner, The Town
Quench originates from the old English cwincan, meaning 'to go out, to be extinguished.'


FINKS MC CONTINUE TO CHALLENGE AUSTRALIAN HIGH COURT--Lawyers for the commonwealth and the Queensland government say using secret information to declare a chapter of the Finks motorcycle club a criminal organization will not undermine the authority of the legal system.

Pompano Pty Ltd, a company linked to the Gold Coast chapter of the Finks, is challenging Queensland's Criminal Organization Act in the High Court in Canberra.

Queensland police want the chapter and the company declared criminal organizations on the basis that their members allegedly associate for the purposes of engaging in, or conspiring to engage in, serious criminal activity.

But lawyers for the Finks say these allegations against the club are based on secret criminal intelligence, which cannot be made public or challenged in court.

They claim the Queensland legislation is unconstitutional, stripping courts of their independence and denying procedural fairness.
Walter Sofronoff QC, for the Queensland government, defended the use of criminal intelligence - which can be gathered from sources such as police informants or undercover agents.
He said the authority of judges would not be diminished in any way in cases where such powers were used.

"The act confers a discretion on the judge to make the extreme order (to use criminal intelligence) if it sees fit," he told the High Court today.
"The judge has not lost his or her authority to make a decision."

But Mr Sofronoff conceded it would be a challenge for the prosecution to refer to secret intelligence in an open court, particularly if the information contradicted evidence given in sworn testimonies.
This would be a "problem" for the police commissioner to contend with, he said.

"The commissioner has, at least, the advantage of using the intelligence ... but there is a price to be paid," Mr Sofronoff told the court.

The commonwealth's acting solicitor-general, Justin Gleeson SC, said the power of the courts would not be undermined by the use of criminal intelligence.

Courts would still have "ample powers" in deciding whether the criminal intelligence should be admitted in the first place or in deciding whether it should be given any real weight.

The act also allowed declarations for the use of such secret intelligence to be appealed, Mr Gleeson added.

"The appeal rights are expressly noted for the substantive applications," he told the court.
"An appeals court would have access to the criminal intelligence."

Finks MC lawyer Bret Walker SC told the court yesterday police should use criminal law, rather than relying on secret intelligence, if they have evidence to lay charges.

"This is another scheme enacted by a state parliament which seeks to address the suppression of crime in ways other than by criminal trial," Mr Walker said.

The High Court has reserved its decision.


RIDE IN BRAZIL--Why not visit somewhere exciting in the coming year?

Head on over to our website and check out our exciting motorcycle tours for 2013. Our riding season kicks off in April, so join us for great rides along the coast, through the mountains and into the country side of Brazil on a truly amazing two-wheeled adventure.

We have combined Adventure/Holiday like never before. We offer Great Bikes, Great Destinations & Heaps of Fun. (The tours are ideal for couples). For more information on our motorcycle tours please visit our website.

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Reader Comments

Got a real kick out of this dude that "lives the biker lifestyle". He really bitched about this?

--------"TRAVEL FEATURE COMPLAINT— Oh gee isn't that special!!! I rode to Santa Barbara on Thanks Giving and was told TVwe couldn't park where the lot you wrote about and that it was designated. We were told that we'd have to park a block down and walk back." (maybe he needed a shuttle since it was a whole block) He continues: "I live the biker lifestyle and this did not portray it at all and I will make it known!!!"-------------

This must be the whining biker lifestyle. And who rat's out folks riding without a helmet or an event that didn't suit his taste? Why not grab a brew and enjoy the day?

BTW dude, learn to spell Thanksgiving.

Longwood, FL
Saturday, December 8, 2012

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