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Wednesday Edition

Official Bikernet Book Review: The Harley in the Barn

More Great Tales of Motorcycle Archeology

By Kevin Thomas

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            The Harley in the Barn is the follow up text to The Vincent in the Barn by Tom Cotter. Bikers love their stories and what better way than to have them in book form. Subtitled More Great Tales of Motorcycle Archeology, Cotter brings together tales from across the motorcycle community about the great finds bike collectors have made. My favorite is the two thousand dollar Harley.

The wiring harness looks like it needs work so a deal is struck and the bike is hauled home. When the unsuspecting restorer gets a good look at the bike he realizes that everything on the bike is screwed. Every wire has been spliced and every nut and bolt has been removed and “improved”, even inside the engine.
This fresh collection of tales of backyards, attics and garages chock full of bikes and parts will amuse and confound anyone who has sought out the elusive Harley in the barn.


Photo courtesy of the Bob T. Collection
Photo courtesy of the Bob T. Collection


Tom Cotter

Foreword by:

Pat Simmons

Format: Hardcover, 256 Pages

Item: 194723

ISBN: 9780760342343

Publisher: Motorbooks

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