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Wednesday Edition

November 05, 2009 Part 3

6/9/2010 6:15:41 PM

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Bigtwin Show Netherlands takes additional hall for bike show-- This year's 18th annual Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo (formerly 'MotorSale') will be staged at the Autotron venue at Rosmalen, Netherlands, on November 6th, 7th and 8th.

The event will again host Zodiac International's popular Dealer Show, with the respected custom bike show being an AMD World Championship program Official Affiliate event for the fourth year.

Bigtwin Bikeshow competitors and winners, who traditionally come from all over Europe as well as the domestic Dutch market, have historically gone on to do well at European and World Championship events, regularly scoring top twenty finishes and higher.

This year sees the organizer (Bigtwin Magazine in the Netherlands) take the additional space offered by the second hall at the Autotron venue for the custom bike show, with the top prize again being a 5.000,00 Euro expenses contribution for the winner to compete at the 7th annual Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building, which will be staged at what will be the 70th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August 2010.

Zodiac Sales Manager Ruud Bakker told AMD that "with parts, accessory, performance component and service item sales remaining strong in Europe, especially compared to the domestic US market, and with Harley-Davidson themselves continuing to increase its share of the motorcycle market here in Europe, we are anticipating a good show in terms of vendor support and dealer attendance.

"There is a feeling in Europe that 2010 will be another good year when judged in the context of the motorcycle industry as a whole. With our inventory levels, brands and service quality we think Zodiac is well placed to offer its dealers and their customers outstanding customizing options again next year".


AMD World Championship logo

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SUPERIOR MUFFLER MOUNTS FROM KUNDRATIC KUSTOMS-- Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles is more than pleased to announce the introduction of Superior Muffler Mounts ? the only polyurethane mounts available to take the rattle out of your pipes.

Hand poured in black Polyurethane, these mounts fit all 1985 & up FLT?s. Superior Muffler Mounts reduce vibration eliminating that constant rattle coming from your exhaust. They will not dryrot, crack or crumble, they are oil and solvent resistant and they?re unaffected by heat or cold. Plus they will outlive your stock rubber mounts ten to one.

Upgrade today for a measly $29.95, Replaces OEM # 65724-85.

Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles, 6310 Holabird Avenue, Baltimore MD 21224, 410.633.3113, www.kundratickustoms.com

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DR. HAMSTER REPORTS IN FROM ISLAND ASSIGNMENT-- Lunch time beach in Abacos. He caught someone using the 5-Ball Bonneville racing name, Assalt Weapan.


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CELEBRITY CUSTOM PAINTERS TO APPEAR WITH PPG AT SEMA-- STRONGSVILLE, Ohio ? November 2, 2009 ? Three of the most talented painters in the world of custom cars and motorcycles will demonstrate custom painting techniques using PPG finishes at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas. Dave Perewitz, Charley Hutton and Paul Stoll will join PPG in the West Coast Customs exhibit, booth #70025.

For more information about PPG products, call 800/647-6050 or visit the PPG Automotive Refinish website at www.ppgrefinish.com

Actually PPG pulled out of the SEMA show at the last minute, but we did see Perewitz wandering the halls.--Bandit

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THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR'S DARWIN AWARD,Now, (awarded, as always, posthumously)-- The Arizona Highway Patrol came upon a pile of smoldering metal embedded in the side of a cliff rising above the road at the apex of a curve. The wreckage resembled the site of an airplane crash, but it was a car. The type of car was unidentifiable at the scene.

Police investigators finally pieced together the mystery. An amateur rocket scientist had somehow gotten hold of a JATO unit (Jet Assisted Take Off, actually a solid fuel rocket) that is used to give heavy military transport planes an extra 'push' for taking off from short airfields. He had driven his Chevy Impala out into the desert and found a long, straight stretch of road. He attached the JATO unit to the car, jumped in, got up some speed and fired off the JATO!

The facts as best as could be determined are that the operator of the 1967 Impala hit the JATO ignition at a distance of approximately 3.0 miles from the crash site. This was established by the scorched and melted asphalt at that location. The JATO, if operating properly, would have reached maximum thrust within 5 seconds, causing the Chevy to reach speeds well in excess of 350 mph and continuing at full power for an additional 20-25 seconds.

The driver, and soon to be pilot, would have experienced G-forces usually reserved for dog fighting F-14 jocks under full afterburners, causing him to become irrelevant for the remainder of the event. However, the automobile remained on the straight highway for about 2.5 miles (15-20 seconds) before the driver applied and completely melted the brakes, blowing the tires and leaving thick rubber marks on the road surface, then becoming airborne for an additional 1.4 miles and impacting the cliff face at a height of 125 feet leaving a blackened crater 3 feet deep in the rock. Most of the driver's remains were not recoverable. However, small fragments of bone, teeth and hair were extracted from the crater, and fingernail and bone shards were removed from a piece of debris believed to be a portion of the steering wheel.


Epilogue: It has been calculated that this moron attained a ground speed of approximately 420mph, though much of his voyage was not actually on the ground.

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Marie Red?s Birthday Party celebrating Nov. & Dec. Birthdays November 7th 7:00 pm 3007 E. Abram Street Arlington Texas 76010 1/4 mile East of Hwy 360-- Food-Gifts-Music (Piece of my Heart will be play in for us!) Annie lead singer for Piece of my Heart And I both have Birthdays on November 5th so? This will be a extra crazy party! You don?t want to miss this one?

Door Prizes-50/50 Drawing-Drink Specials Food, Music, Drinks, Great People = Awesome Party!

$1 jello shots
$2.50 Blow XXXXX
$2.50 Wet XXXXXXX
$3 Cheap XXXXX
$5 Bush pitchers

Door Prizes From LONGHORN HARLEY-DAVIDSON & Marie Red's Plenty of Bike Parking-Never a Cover Charge-All Bikes Welcome

C-ya There!
--Tina Marie

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Defensive Riding Motorcycle -- USMC Style-- Talk about 'road rage!' Just what a motorcyclist needs for riding on I-35. Designed as an equalizer. Inconceivable and unpredictable lane changes and other traffic related anomalies perpetrated by tire losing, cell phone using SUV driving morons in Texas (and elsewhere) on the rest of us.

The below pictured machine was designed for that purpose. Each mini gun fires at a rate of 3000 rounds per minute (6000 total). During initial test and evaluation it was demonstrated that a single 2 second burst would and did blow a 40 foot RV with tow car clean off the road leaving an open and unobstructed route ahead. It will vaporize an SUV in seconds!

Tests further indicated that after two or three RV's/SUV's in a row were eliminated, or "friggin smoked", others voluntarily pulled off the road and thus became a "non threat."

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1. Fierce; savage; ferocious; barbarous.
2. Cruel; destructive; ruthless.

I ask whether impeachment will become still another arrow in the quiver of the warrior class of ever more truculent partisan politicians in Washington.
-- "Former Watergate Prosecutors See Censure as Alternative in Clinton's Case", New York Times, December 9, 1998

Bitter and truculent when excited, I spoke as I felt, without reserve or softening.
-- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

During tough bullshit economic times no one fights harder for survival that the truculent custom motorcycle industry. They will never give up.
--Wilburn Roach, Bikernet Motorcycle Historian

Truculent derives from Latin truculentus, from trux, truc-, rough, savage, fierce.

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1957 KR750 DEAL OF THE WEEK-- This is a notice informing you of a bike I have for sale. Those of you who know of or about Bobby Hoh know he built some great machines, and was an absolute fanatic when it came to harley-Davidson racing flatheads. This is one of the last few he built, and has never been started. It is a 1957 KR750.



The price is $25K. If anyone interested lives far away they must arranged their own shipping of the machine. Please contact me via the information listed below if you have an interest in owning this Harley-Davidson Racer

Lastly, I will also be putting this bike on ebay within the next week.


-- Drew Gatewood
G.E.A.R.S.- Gatewood Engineering And Race Support
P.O. BOX 2568
Chesterton, Indiana 46304 U.S.A.
tel/fax: 219-926-5647
email: gears55@verizon.net

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BIRDS ATTACT BIKER IN LOWLANDS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-- Rolled over to a neighboring town for some groceries earlier and rode smack dab into a huge flock of crows gathered on the levee road. Freakiest thing I've ever seen...they were actually aggressive! They seemed pissed that I'd rounded a corner and upset their little pow wow. Had to slow down and kinda creep along to get them to fly away and a couple dive-bombed me. Once home I decided to try to read up on the birds and did you know that a flock of crows is actually called a "murder"? Yep, I flew into a murder of crows....is that creepy or what?

When we were moving into the house this spring a neighbor across the street and down a few houses had a dead crow, wing spread out, nailed to the front of his house, near the front door. I tripped on that for weeks, figuring it to be some kinda voodoo stuff. I'd forgotten all about it until I ran into the birds today.

Wonder if I should notify Stephen King? Could be a story in there for him.....Children of the Crows? The Birds, the Next Generation? Revenge of the River Ravens? Whatta ya think?

--River Rat

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Hot Bike Banner
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World Champs souvenir collectible - Final Call Deadline approaches for HotBike Magazine's second annual World Champs souvenir collectible edition-- There are just a few days to go for ad bookings in HotBike Magazine's second annual World Champs souvenir collectible.

Slated for a three month on-sale from January 26th 2010, the special will feature all the bikes from the Freestyle Class at the 2009 6th annual World Championship, as well as a round-up from this year's European Championship and a look forward to the 2010 Official Affiliate event series that is being staged in 16 different countries. Features will also include round-ups of the Modified Harley-Davidson Class, sponsored by Harley-Davidson; the Production Manufacturer class, sponsored by ACCEL, and the Metric class, with builder features, tech-specs and ideas to inspire custom riders looking to accessorize their rides.

Source Interlink Motorcycle Group Publisher Sean Finley said that "we'll be distributing 85,000 copies of the World Champs special on newsstands everywhere, including several international locations. Following the success of last year's first annual Hot Bike World Championship edition, it is now established as an annual souvenir collectible that Harley riders will read over and over".

Ad spaces for the Hot Bike World Champs special close on November 20th. For more information call Dave Roe at 661 252 6129, or contact him by e-mail at david.roe@sourceinterlink.com

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MONGOLS WINS COURT BATTLE-- I read your article regarding the Mongols winning against the Feds and keeping their patch but I've also read articles to the contrary. I have a cousin doing time who is an old member (50 yr now so he started way before the whole Doc destruction).

I print articles and keep him up to speed on what's happening with his brothers. I want to send him your article but just checking to make sure how current it is...I didn't see a date on it.


For more information, go to Aging Rebel's website.

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rfr tattoo cutie

BIKERNET PHOTOG SHOOTS TATTOO WINNER FOR SKIN DEEP MAGAZINE IN UK-- Just read that Mizuz Inkaholik took "1st Place for Best Sleeve" & Mr. Inkaholik took "Tattoo of the Day" on Saturday this past weekend in New Orleans! This lovely young lady is Mizuz Inkaholik we did a shoot for Skin Deep over in the UK. Here are the links if you have a spare minute to check them out.

In 27 years, guess I waited long enough? Johnny Jackson aka Mr. Inkaholik did it, he & Mizuz Inkaholik own Texas Body Art here in Houston.


Sort of strange the way it came about as I have had the idea for some new ink for a while, with one of the elements being a camera, I never had even thought about an older camera, nor had I mentioned to either Mr. or Mizuz any of the elements involved in my idea.

Johnny had drawn up this tattoo over a year ago and while he is an excellent photographer in his own right, Johnny says he is a photographer of necessity, doing most of Mizuz Inkaholik's shoots. He has a great eye for angles & composition, with the the Mizuz handling the editing side.

She does however occasionally work with other lucky photographers, like Billy Tinney and Curt Lout and now me! This was a double great day for me as I got to photograph Mizuz Inkaholik & got a excellent one of a kind tattoo as well!


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ARC Audio Upgrade Kits for Harley at SEMA Show-- Specialty car audio manufacture ARC Audio has teamed up earlier this year with the technicians from Mitchells Modesto Harley Davidson and created a series of single pack solutions to upgrade the factory audio systems on a variety of H-D motorcycles without compromising the factory electrical systems, wiring, or charging system that comes standard on the bikes.

The resulting MPAK lineup, currently on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, includes multiple factory friendly applications including a mini 2 channel class A/B amplifier that fits within the confines of the front fairing without the loss of any storage space. Keeping factory integration and function in mind, all MPAK kits allow to retain factory radio and handle bar controls with a seamless step by step installation process that requires no cutting or modifying of the main electrical harness or use of complicated interface modules, thereby retaining the factory warranty.

?As much as owning a motorcycle has become a lifestyle, for many people the roots of music go even deeper in sculpting their lives and who they are today? says CEO Demitrios Karabinis. ?Giving riders the ability to bring enhanced versions of both things together at an affordable price was the motivation behind these new additions to our product lineup.?

Starting at $399 plus installation costs, the MPAK kits offer the choice to upgrade the system with a drop and swap OEM fit kit (MPAK1) with 5.25? coaxial speakers, an advanced kit (MPAK2) with 5.25? component speakers, or the full upgrade (MPAK3 for Electra Glides) which includes 5.25? components for the front and 5.25? coaxials for the rear locations.

All MPAK kits and additional ARC Audio products are only available thru authorized brick and mortar store front retailers and participating Harley Davidson dealerships. To find an authorized dealer near you or to purchase via the only authorized source online, please visit www.arcaudio.com or call direct at 866-258-0288.

- - C.S. Berg

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3 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath-- Tip of the Day. If you have ever felt self-conscious about your breath but weren't sure what to do, don't just reach for the mouthwash. Halitosis is the odor caused by bacteria from decaying food particles or debris in the mouth and poor oral hygiene, and can't be solved by simply chewing gum or using oral antiseptics. Some products, especially those that contain alcohol, can even make bad breath worse, in part because they have a drying effect. Try the following natural ways to help prevent or lessen halitosis:

1. Brush your tongue. The tongue, and especially the back of the tongue, is a warm harbor for bacteria. When you brush your teeth, spend some time on the tongue, moving slowly toward the back so as not to activate your gag reflex. A tongue scraper used twice a day can also be useful.
2. Keep your mouth hydrated. A dry mouth can lead to halitosis, so try snacking on oranges or celery, and drink plenty of water.
3. Freshen your mouth. Try an herbal palate cleanser such as parsley (chew on it after meals), peppermint tea, or cardamom seeds (chew, but don't swallow). If your halitosis persists, contact your dentist. He or she may be able to prescribe an antimicrobial mouthwash and can diagnose any condition or concerns of the oral cavity that may be causing the problems, such as gum disease.

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eric bike

NEWS FROM ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE ERIC HERRMANN, Order Now for Christmas Delivery Garage Art / Paintings of your Ride from $400.00!-- Always the creative one, Eric was searching for a process to create original paintings of your vehicles, with an affordable price tag. Not computer generated, or airbrush art, but an original painting done with a brush and paint.

"While painting some graphics on the bathroom door in my studio, I refined an old process," said Eric, "and developed my new line of 'Garage Art' paintings."

eric car

You can purchase an existing painting or send Eric a shot of your bike, and he'll handle it.

Toll Free: (888)200-6554
Local Phone: (480) 575-7559
Fax: (480) 575-7707
Address: 42215 N. LaPlata Road Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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Pan 001A

Pan 003

BIKERNET WILDEST BIKE OF THE WEEK DISCOVERY-- This is my 1950 Panhead, I bought as a basket case, I have been riding the same bike from 1969 to date 40 years, It is still all 6-volt and a Linker carb. My theory if it works leave it alone. This is the way we where, build your own so they don?t all look alike other than paint.

61 pan left side

61 pan right

The silver Panhead is a 1961 I got it about two years ago. As they age so do we, there beauty will always remain ours not so much.

-- Bill

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Angry bikers to converge on Kingman-- They will protest businesses with 'no colors' policy.

KINGMAN - More than 1,500 motorcyclists from around Arizona are expected to roll into Kingman this weekend.

The riders will be in town for the bimonthly meeting of the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC). The riders also plan on stopping by several bars that have recently instituted a "no colors" policy.

The riders will be equipped with forms that will allow them to document any incidents in which they are turned away because of what they are wearing, said ACMC Chairman Still Ray of Prescott.

Ray said members of the Arizona State Gang Task Force have been threatening to pull liquor licenses from bars and restaurants unless they institute a "no colors" policy.

"The problem is that the gang task force is using the state liquor board as a weapon and that's not right," Ray said. Ray added that the riders aren't out to cause a riot but rather exercise their right to lawful assembly. Bars and restaurants on the planned protest route include Mad Dog's, Chuy's, Cerbat Lanes and the Sportsman's bar. When contacted, some said they were aware of Saturday's activities.

Deborah Barry, owner of Mad Dog's, said she instituted a "no colors" policy more than a month ago because of the surveillance being conducted by police in her parking lot. Because the bikers were being watched and photographed, they were less likely to drink, which led to a drop in revenue, and ultimately, the ban on colors, she said. Barry said she was never threatened to have her liquor license revoked if she didn't ban colors. Ray said that riders are being tagged as criminals or gang members because of their association with motorcycles.

"It's a way of life," he said. "I resent it when I am considered a criminal because I'm in a motorcycle club."

Ray said up to 2,000 riders could roll into Kingman by Saturday. He said he was aware of a couple of groups of more than 400 riders coming from Phoenix.

Ray said the riders have been invited to take part in the Veteran's Day parade in North Kingman Saturday morning. The parade will begin at 11 a.m. at the corner of North Bond Street and Northern Avenue.

The ACMC meeting will be held at the American Legion Post on Oak Street at noon.

Erin Taylor, Miner Staff Reporter

--from Rogue


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Bikernet noise study banner
Click on the banner to read the official Bikernet Independent Noise study and additional findings. Feel free to print it out and use it to keep us free.--Bandit

BIKERNET INDEPENDENT NOISE STUDY TO BE INCLUDED IN SAFETY BOOKLET-- I am working on a motorcycle safety booklet and would like to share in it some of the findings from your study. (And thank you for doing such a thorough one!) What I need is the year the study took place, so that I can put it in historical context. Was it in 2009?

-- Lezlie Zucker

The Study was published in 2006.

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aeromach grips

"Black is the New Chrome". These Knuckle Levers add some "attitude" to your bike. They are CNC machined from T6 extruded billet aluminum and mount to all Harley Davidson?s for 1996-2007 with manual clutch except 2004 ? 2006 Sportster. Also fits 2003 & older Big Dogs (not 2004 & 2005!) and American Iron Horse, PM control applications.

More details at www.aeromachmfg.com

Aeromach Banner

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SHASTA SALUTE OFFICIAL BIKINI ANNOUNCEMENT-- This is how we roll @ the Shasta Salute to America Motorcycle Rally ?Bikini Bike Wash? ? blond is ?09 Artistry-in-Iron winner, Mark Daley?s daughter, Marquie.

Showdown in Durango Update

Dan Bradshaw?s court case for his 2nd false arrest (on previously dismissed charges for embezzlement) over Labor Day weekend ?06 when his ?4 Corners Rally in the Rockies? had been scheduled to take place was recently settled. Along with an undisclosed cash settlement, the City of Farmington, New Mexico is writing a formal letter of apology to Dan. The FBI has also gotten involved as it seems that the warrant was resurrected & a new NCIS# assigned to the warrant. (Conspiracy to take Dan down? Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?)

Operation Gratitude 500,000th Holiday care package

I know you are always busy, but on Saturday, December 19th, Operation Gratitude in Van Nuys will be sending out their 500,000th care package with the keys to a new bike inside.

--Jeffrey Kraus, "EzJ"


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