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Motorcycle Mystique

Lothario’s Grand Thrill

He introduced the girl to the ride of a lifetime

By KK Hartmann
Lothario Fade introduced the girl to the ride confident she’d be amused and beguiled with his sanguine sway.
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Bikernet Fiction: The Party to End All Parties

The Detroit Club House Launch

By the East Coast Clubber and K. Randall Ball
Bikernet brings you a story of Inner city Detroit, beyond rough in the late ‘60s. A war zone of concrete and corrugated steel empty warehouses with interspersed functioning businesses.
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A Tourist in Paradise--Fiction

The Pitfalls of Traveling in India

By Ujjwal Dey with photos by pals of Udey
Wrong season, wrong place, wrong hour. Monsoon is a bad time to visit any location in India. The enigmatic and exotic beauty illustrated in art and cinema being a romanticized misrepresentation of the horrors of reality. The stench, the chaos, the disrepair of infrastructure, the unhygienic consumables, the dreary nature of all living things...it was enough to drive anyone to alcohol and self-grat...
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FXRs Forever, the Final Episode

By Karl Skanlan with images by Bob T.
Four, high ranking members of the Two Skulls MC, including Little Steve and the prez sat in Steve’s truck halfway down the block from Karl’s house. No one spoke. All of them stared out the window at the house where the lone biker named Karl Skanlan lived. They were there to take care of business.
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A Quick Ride to Nowhere

By Karl Skanlan with images by Bob T.
Hopefully, he would not be noticed. He was nervous, almost paranoid, and constantly swept his gaze from side to side, looking for any sign of a police car or a motorcycle.
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Life for Karl just went to Shit!

By Karl Skanlan with images by Bob T.
Karl was out. He could scarcely believe it. It seemed that one minute he was certain that he was going to jail, possibly for a long time, and the next minute he was checking his scoot out of the impound yard and rolling out of the station.
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A story about all the wrong turns

By Karl Skanlan with images by Bob T.
The trusty Harley-Davidson FXR motorcycle sat waiting patiently, parked in its usual place in the center of the garage. It looked menacing in the sharp shadows, almost like a wolf, watching and studying it’s potential prey from a distance. The black paint and chrome glinted under a thin layer of dust.
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Welcome To the Territory

A Few Good Men against one misguided Ego

By Wayne Wuschke AKA Uncle Monkey, with photos from the Sheriff and Bikerpics.org
Ton, a longtime member of the Few Good Men M/C, glared at the reflection in the back of the minivan. It was times like this that he wished the Shovel had mirrors. He had picked up the reflection of the tan van several miles before but now it was getting the best of him.
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