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Tuesday Edition

Houston V-Rods and Hot Bods

First Ever Exclusive V-Rod Custom Bike Show

By Johnny Humble
6/11/2010 3:19:41 PM

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Republic Harley Davidson of Stafford, Texas, collaborated with Vindicta-VRA to launch an annual V-Rod based hot rod/custom bike show at their premier dealership. The event was originally rained out, so we were extremely pleased with the turnout a week later. Several hundred people showed up at the dealership for bikes, barbeque, and fun.

Dealer shows I have attended in the past have usually been one big push for you, the rider, to spend your money. It seems the days of old are lost and the brotherhood of bikes has gone by the wayside due to the hunt for the dollar. I for one usually steer clear of these events. Well. I was surprised as hell at the level of the show as well as the professionalism showed by all throughout. A big thank you to Craig Slovak, GM of Republic! This event was definitely geared to the riders having fun, as well as showcasing what could be done with a Harley V-Rod.

Besides a killer bikini and fashion show, Republic had a first class, “V-Rod only” bike show that included baggers, dragsters, CVO’s, Muscles, and my favorite, the DX Night Rod Special. I believe the dealership sold 2 V-Rods while I was there. Here’s a list of the bike show winners:






Republic was also offering free dyno pulls to the V-Rodders. No tuning was available, just a pull to see how your bike did. Everyone was averaging 114-117 rwhp and the highest torque number I heard was 85. And let me tell you, a V-Rod screaming on the dyno with aftermarket exhaust is absolutely NASTY!

The end of the event was topped with a nasty burnout contest to which the winner would receive a brand new tire. Fortunately, we had 4 competitors, but they were all Vindicta brothers. No one else dared accept the challenge thrown down by our nasty bikes. It is hard to beat a burnout from a bike that has a 9000 rpm redline, screaming from an aftermarket 2 into 1 competition exhaust. After 4 smoking tires and several bleeding ears, Craig announced that all 4 competitors would receive a new tire, free of charge. Now, that is the way to treat your customers.

The end of the rally came, and the guys decided to head out for a ride into the country. Unfortunately there was a small accident when a cell-phone toting minivan decided to change the plans. After the commotion and excitement wore down, everyone was fine, but two bikes are getting some serious mods and one rider gets to pump up his arms and chest with some shiny new crutches.

This event was the first of several between Republic and Vindicta, and I hope to see many more in the future. Be sure to check Vindicta’s webpage for events as well as Republic H-D. And if you happen to see a short fat guy taking pictures, pose for him, ya never know, you could end up archived forever in the annals of Bikernet.com!

Until next time…


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