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Wednesday Edition

Gasoline Alley NYC


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girl w 3 guys

"Take me home, carry me home, back to Gasoline Alley where I belong>" That's how the early 70's Rod Stewart Song went, and it still hold's true today.

Old Skool choppers like "back in the day" still rule at this NYC shop.

Deep in the heart of Brooklyn, NY's industrial waterfront district lies Indian Larry's GASOLINE ALLEY NYC. Neatly tucked between warehouses and commercial buildings, magic is being made daily. I caught up with Indian Larry and his partner Gerard while the Discovery Channel was at the shop filming another biker build-off for their Motorcycle Mania show. This time it's Indian Larry vs. Master builder Paul Yaffee. It was hetic, indeed. The Horse will feature the Gasoline Alley NYC crew's bike from conception through the building process and final judging at the Laconia M.C. Rally this June in an upcoming issue.

front of bike w girl

Gasoline Alley was started about three years ago at this location on Brooklyn's North 14 Street. Both Larry and Gerard have a long and illustrious history of chopper building. Their clients include the likes of Tyson Beckford and Evan Sienfield of Bio-Hazard and OZ on HBO among many other notables. They don't discriminate to just the celebrity set. You will find folks from every walk of life drifting in and out of Gasoline Alley NYC. Larry and Gerard take pride in treating everyone equally. From the highest of the high to a dirt bag photojournalist like me. Everyone is made to feel welcome and they take the time to make sure you get just what you need.

larry w girl

Indian Larry's resume reads like something out of fiction. A metal sculptor, motorcycle artist, stuntman and movie celebrity, Indian Larry was also featured in a previous Discovery Channel biker special with Jesse James. As for Larry's other credits, the movies QUIZ SHOW, 200 CIGARETTES, ROCKET'S RED GLARE as well as TV commercials for Burger King and Harley-Davidson and a bunch of music videos.

While I shot the new Discovery bike, I spied this sweet old skool Panhead tucked lovingly in the rear of the work area. As fate would have it the, lovely Suzy McCoppin, co-star of HBO's GAMES PEOPLE PLAY and INFAMOUS was also conveniently at hand. (Regular readers know that the old Teddy Bear always has a young lovely near by.) I just couldn't let this opportunity pass. Also on hand for the build was Paul Cox, master of leather. Larry surrounds himself with the cream of chopperdom. Paul made seats for Billy Lane's Choppers Inc, Jesse James West Coast Choppers among others and is also one hell of a machinist. In attendance was Knucklehead Steve, another renowned fixture in the NYC chopper scene. I sorta twisted Larry's arm and he agreed to share this sweet ride with us.

left bike

This baby is a neo/classic rigid style Panhead chopper right out of the past. Three months in gestation, it's birth was eagerly awaited by it's owner Chris Hynes.

It sports an 88-cubic-inch neo/Pan engine rebuilt by Accurate engineering with S&S cases and pistons topped off with STD heads and Mallory ignition. Also in the power plant are Andrews cams, Jims lifters and an S&S Super E carb. The hydraulic clutch helps shift the JIMS 6-speed tranny with graceful ease.

left of bike w girl

The frame is a custom 2002 Atlas/Gasoline Alley NYC special with a 35-degree rake and stretched 2 inches in the down tubes. It takes a Primo Brute IV 3-inch belt drive to handle the power.

right bike

The gas tank is a modified Paughco that was lovingly remolded and shot with sweet epoxy black pearl by Robert Pradke/Custom Auto Design and the oil system is a Gasoline Alley NYC custom design fed by a Choppers Inc. oil tank. The seat by Paul Cox Custom Leather Design is almost too damned pretty to put your ass on.

rear fender

Up front 6-inch billet risers are topped off by a tasteful set of ape hangers. Keeping with the NYC tradition, there is no front fender and no speedometer. If you ride in NYC, you need balls of steel, and with this traditional set up, they'll be well tempered by the end of one rush hour commute. The Excel wheels and hubs with Avon tires mounted 21"x 215 front and 18" x 5.5" rear make this baby sit real proud.

riding shot

Building a bike like this from the ground up is what Gasoline Alley NYC is famous for. Real Old Skool styling and new cutting edge technology can work exceedingly well together, if done properly and tastefully. You won't find the traditional Billet Barge here in this shop. Every bike is a work of art. Larry and Gerard take pride in their craftsmanship and every hand that works on a bike or that manufactures a custom part is the hand of a true artist.

right rear w girl

" And if I'm called away and it's my turn to go,
Should the blood run cold in my veins,
Just one favor I'll be asking you,
Don't bury me here it's too cold,
Take me back,
Carry me back,
Down to Gasoline Alley where I started from"

left full w girl and city - end shot

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Reader Comments

The true meaning of "old School"=Gasoline Alley NYC !

Dwight Collins
Summerfield, FL
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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