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Readers Ride Busts out of the Showcase

Story by JH, Pics by Rudy Alba
6/11/2010 1:48:41 AM

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Here I am again, head pounding, eyes bloodshot, in dry mouthed hangover hell. Bandit just finished screaming at me about having to wrestle with his underlings, Renegade and Wrench, over going to lunch with Layla and Sin Wu. He was red-faced mad and not in any mood for excuses. It seems having to build a bike for the first time ever isn’t a good enough excuse for the extremely work driven Gestapo! So since his ladies stepped out with the help, he is determined to pass more work to me. Wonderful!

I no sooner put the phone down when I heard my e-mail announce that I had new mail. Unlike the 2-3 e-mails I usually get in a day. I was a little surprised to find 18!!! All were from Bandit, forwarding pics of the Gangsta Styled Softie that follows. I took a bite of my wife’s breakfast tacos and started pounding away at the keyboard.

The author claims this was his first Harley, bought new from Visalia H-D. She started life as a green and silver Heritage Nostalgia, which he kept in stock form for a while. Seems we can never just leave them alone.

Even though the bike has been through several changes throughout the years, each evolution seems to be more and more breathtaking. “It has been a lobor of love and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing most of the work myself. My dad had a 1955 Panhead that he let me help him tinker with so I always wanted to have something that had a touch of old and new plus a taste of Chicano/Lowrider heritage. I am please with how she turned out and think I accomplished what I set out to do,” states Rudy Alba, the owner.

“These are just a few pics of the different states of the bike to what it is now. After buying this bike new, I rode the hell out of it, even rode it to Sturgis and back. I have over 50,000 miles on it. I went down back in 05 and changed the style of the bike and painted it cobalt blue. Got tired of the color and painted it Candy Lime Gold. I did most of the work my self with the exception of the paint. I wish I knew how as I would have a little more change in my pocket,” he jokingly adds.

Anyways, so here’s the feature of the new California Style Softie with the Chicano/ Gangsta Flair. Enjoy the pics as I try to go back in the garage and discover the reason for my sprocket misalignments. As always, get a decent ride in! It seems the owner of this beauty understands the importance of daily rides. Check him out cruising in style at the end of the spec sheet. If any of you have a ride you feel is worth featuring, something that stands out in the crowd, send me the pics and I will contact you for more information. Until next time…

Owner: Rudy Alba
Bike Name: Vieja
City/State: Sacramento, CA.
Builder: Owner

Fabrication: James Dean Rebel Designs
Manufacturing: Harley-Davidson
Welding: James Dean

Year: 1996
Make: Softail
Model: Heritage Nostalgia
Displacement: 96 ci.
Builder or Rebuilder: myself
Cases: Harley
Case finish: Satin
Barrels: Harley
Barrel finish: satin

Stroke: 3.75 in. x 4.38 in
Rods: Harley
Heads: Harley
Head finish: port and polished
Pushrods: Andrews adjustable
Cams: jims
Carburetion: cv
Air cleaner: screaming eagle
Year: 1996
Make: Harley
Gear configuration: 5 speed
Final drive: Belt
Primary: Roadmax 3” open belt
Clutch: Rivera

Year: 1996
Make: Harley-Davidson
Style or Model: Softail FLSTN
Stretch: none
Rake: 39 degrees
Modifications: raked the front end to 39 degrees. I didn’t want an upward stretch because I wanted the frame to retain a semi stock look. Cut off all unused tabs on frame including moving the regulator to bottom of motor and cleaned up the front of the frame and neck. Also cut off the struts to accommodate a strutless fender and cut off and cleaned the top of the frame to accommodate an aftermarket gas tank.
Front End
Make: HHI 6degree rake smooth top triple trees, 6 inch over fork legs, hidden axle lower legs
Year: 2006
Length: 6” over

Sheet metal

Tanks: Drag Specialties 5 gallon smooth top 2 inch stretched made for a 2000 and up model.
Fenders: rear is a 7.5 Russ Wiernemont fender that we fabricated to be strutless and cut down the length. Front is a solid one piece from diamond that I picked up at the long beach swap meet.
Oil tank: stretched the side panels and moved the oil filler to top of oil tank
Sheet metal: James Dean Rebel Design
Molding: James Dean
Base coat: House of Kolor Candy Lime Green with a pagan gold base with kameleon flakes
Graphics: Scallops with Silver and Gold leaf
Frame: House of Kolor candy lime green
Molding: yes
Base coat: Pagan gold
Graphics or art: none
Special effects: Kameleon metal flake
Pinstriping: old school pinstrip with silver and gold leaf
Wheels Front

Make: American Wire
Size: 21 x 2.15 80 spokes
Brake calipers: HHI
Brake rotor(s): Pro One
Tire: 21” Avon Venom Wide White Wall
Make: American Wire
Size: 16 x 3.5
Brake calipers: HHI
Brake rotor: Pro-One
Pulley: Pro-One
Tire: 16” 140 Avon Venom WWW

Foot controls: Pro-One
Finish: Chrome
Master cylinder: Pro-One
Brake lines: Sterling Chromite
Handlebar controls: Harley
Finish: Chrome
Clutch Cable: Sterling Chromite
Brake Lines Sterling Chromite
Coils: Cane
Regulator: Harley
Charging: Harley
Wiring: moved all wiring to side of frame and to rear
Headlight: Headwinds
Taillight: Drag Specialties
Accessory lights: N/A
Electrical accessories: None
Battery: Harley
What's Left
Seat: Corbin
Pipes: Samson 2” drag pipes
Mufflers: N/A
Exhaust finish: Chrome
Gas caps: flat pop-up
Handlebars: 16” Chubby Apes
Grips: Pro-One
Pegs: Pro-One
Oil filter: Harley
Oil cooler: none
Oil lines: Russell
Fuel filter: pingle
Throttle cables: Sterling chromite
: Specialty items
Air suspension by Hi-Lo.

Rebel Designs, 2nd floor engineering, Mid-Cal Cycles and last but not least my ol lady Chelle.

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