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Celebrate Women

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Celebrate Women

Bikernet Event Coverage: 2016 Biker Belles Event

This isn’t a sissy tea party! It is a group of incredible women and one hell of a day!

By Cat Hammes - Edited by La La
The speaking panel consisted of women with various backgrounds which is a great way to showcase the variety of our experiences. Upon arrival, you are greeted by the Buffalo Chip gals. Followed by the Team Diva Comfort Zone, which included hair care, nail care, massages all were deemed donation only with all proceeds going to “Helping Horse Power” or to the Museum.
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Bikernet Event Coverage: ROK™ Riding Club and the Cross-Country Sisters’ Centennial Ride

Women's annual cross country ride has begun.

Fifty years before Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) opened in America, in 1916, Augusta and Adeline Van Buren began a life-altering journey that made history. Starting in Brooklyn, New York and finishing in San Francisco, California, these two sisters became the first women to ride across the continental United States, each on their own motorcycles.
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MOM on a Mission to Promote Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Diane Pearson is a Mother On A Mission promoting Motorcycle Safety and doing a great job.
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The Women of Sturgis

Biker Belles 2015

By Cat Hammes Photos provided by Rogue
The Sturgis Buffalo Chip created the Biker Belles to embrace women in motorcycling and raise funds for women charities. Toni from Buffalo Chip is Ron Woody Woodruff. The Chip well known in the giving back community. Toni has been involved and has done a fantastic job in coordinating this endeavor with icons such as Diva Amy Skaling and Laura Klock.
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Trial Rider and SuperEnduro World Champion Becomes the First Female Ambassador for LAPIZTA Watches
By Myriam Ananias
One of the most outstanding professional motorcycle riders of this decade, Emma Bristow, is the first female athlete to join the ranks of distinguished ambassadors representing the brand. Just like her fellow ambassadors, Emma shares a deep-rooted passion for extreme motorsports and adrenaline-fueled races. Emma began riding Trials at the age of 4, and she has dominated the motorcycle scene ever ...
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89-Year-Old Motorcycling Grandma Joins Crowd Funding Effort for 'I AM STURGIS'

Ms. Struck first sat astride a motorcycle in 1941, at a time when very few women did so...

Released by Ken Conte
Why We Ride Films, the production team that brought you Why We Ride, the most critically acclaimed motorcycle movie of all time, is thrilled to have Gloria Struck join their Kickstarter campaign to help fund its new film I AM STURGIS.
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How To Choose Motorcycle Rider Gear

By the experts at J&P Cycles.

By Canyon Carver
J&P Cycles’ Patrick Garvin talks about the J&P Cycles selection of motorcycle helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, eyewear and other riding gear. Check it out; these guys know what they are talking about.
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An Interview with Heyltje Rose

Jewelry designer, leather smith, vintage lover and soon to be hoarder.

By Mistress Chris and Heyltje Rose
Heyltje Rose LLC is the brand owned and operated by Heyltje Rose Bond,  jewelry designer, leather smith, vintage lover and soon to be hoarder.
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