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Hupy & Abraham

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Hupy & Abraham, S. C., has a proven record of getting results for injured bikers. We have handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases and represented more injured bikers than any other law firm in Wisconsin. Michael F. Hupy & Associates, S.C. represents injured bikers nationwide and has collected millions of dollars for injured motorcyclists, some of whom have received multi-million dollar settlements.

When it comes to fighting for bikers' rights and collecting money for injured motorcyclists, only Michael F. Hupy & Associates, S.C., stands on our decades-long record. We understand the causes of motorcycle accident victims because our motorcycle team rides everyday.

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By Bikernet
THE HUPY AND ABRAHAM INVESTIGATOR REPORT-- I was with Jay Jackson in Michigan last weekend for the ABATE of Mich. State Seminar. I presented a works...
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Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 15 – Sunday, September 25, 2016
By Spitfire
The last day of the Biannual Motorcycle Cannonball was everything but easy. With only 102 miles to travel the riders started leaving at 7:45 am with the first challenge being a 20 mile , 5000 ft climb to the top of the San Bernadino mountain pass.
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Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 14 – Saturday, September 24, 2016
By Spitfire
Only two more days. Feeling are mixed and I see more hugs this morning. Will it really all be over soon? Tired, battered, worn out and happy.
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Cannonball 2016 — Race of the Century — Stage 1 Saturday, Sept 10th
By Spitfire
I doubt anyone got much sleep. They were up early, thoughtfully dressed in their best 1st day attire and most were ready for the challenges the day might bring.
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Motorcycle Cannonball – Stage 2 – Sunday, September 11, 2016
By Spitfire
Today began with a flurry of activity, riders lined up by classes. Class 1 is the oldest machines with the smallest engines. They are allowed to leave first, Class 2 leaves 30 minutes later and class 3 leaves 60 minutes after class 1.
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2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Stage 3 – Monday, September 12
By Spitfire
By SpitfireThe morning air was cool and foggy as the riders headed out into the narrow winding West Vi...
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Motorcycle Cannonball Stage 4 – Tuesday, September 13, 2016
By Spitfire
Things seem to be settling down and people were looking forward to a day with fewer mountain grades. We started in Chillicothe, OH with a 224 mile course ending in Bloomington, IN.
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Motorcycle Cannonball Stage 7 – Friday, September 16, 2016
By Spitfire
By SpitfireA cloud of blue smoke arose from the parking lot outside of the University Plaza Hotel in S...
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