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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

Hupy & Abraham

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Hupy & Abraham, S. C., has a proven record of getting results for injured bikers. We have handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases and represented more injured bikers than any other law firm in Wisconsin. Michael F. Hupy & Associates, S.C. represents injured bikers nationwide and has collected millions of dollars for injured motorcyclists, some of whom have received multi-million dollar settlements.

When it comes to fighting for bikers' rights and collecting money for injured motorcyclists, only Michael F. Hupy & Associates, S.C., stands on our decades-long record. We understand the causes of motorcycle accident victims because our motorcycle team rides everyday.

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The HER Project

Empowering and creating awareness for our American Women Veterans with respect and dignity

By Mistress Chris with Press Releases from the HER Project and photos by Rogue
The HER Project is rather unique, and was created to empower and create awareness for all American Women Veterans.
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By Bandit
Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has been voted by the public as Best Personal Injury Law Firm in the 2012 A-List on The law firm category was a new addition to this year’s ballot. The law firm is pleased that consumer confidence voted them first, once again, in the Milwaukee area.
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Sturgis Museum, Historic Feature of the Month

The only 1 Million Mile FXRT Ridden by Senator Dave Zien

By Christine Paige Diers and Tony Sanfelipo, with photos from the Sturgis Museum
The truly amazing motorcycle and man, who shares the same birthday as Bandit. But Bandit could never hold a candle to Dave Zien's accomplishment while on this planet. Although the sonuvabitch is trying...
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  Billy is a fire fighter from New York who lives on Staten Island. I met him through a mutual friend, Stormin’ Norman. B...
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Michael Hupy Writes To The Cast Of “Born To Ride”
The grizzly cast of Born to Ride with the...
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Movie Review: Born To Ride (2011) 90 minutes

A Tough Shot at the first Biker Movie in a Long Time

Review by Kevin Thomas
I was going to be merciful for my first movie review for Bikernet, until I found a copy of one version of the cover art for this clunker. A busty woman in a torn T-shirt with a shotgun, pants unsnapped at the waist, a couple of scoots raging towards the viewer with a gun raised in defiance and across the bottom of the cover in bold letters: Anarchy Is Their Middle Name.
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