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Wednesday Edition

A Bad Ass Mutant Buell

From Two-Bit Choppers

Photos and Text by Justin with a little Bandit Help
6/10/2010 5:27:41 PM

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roth covewr
A classic Roth shot from the ‘60s. Extended front ends were the rage then.

Justin Schilling, of Two-Bit Choppers, recently completed this Buell conversion for a customer, Randy Carlson, out of Bend, Oregon. “Of course Bend is ground zero for BMC,” Justin said, “and Randy was actually good friends with many of Big Mike's crew, so buying a scoot from an out-of-town shop wasn't something to be taken lightly.” Randy however was looking to have something built that would slap the blacked-out Hooligan status quo in the face. A bike that could stand out in a crowd where stock Harleys are in the minority, and clean production customs are the norm.

”After spying some pics of my personal bike in a magazine Randy contacted me in early July,” Justin said. “A rapid-fire barrage of e-mails and phone conversations cemented the deal and I began hunting for a suitable Buell donor bike.” Two weeks later a relatively clean 1999 Buell M2 Cyclone popped up in Kansas City for $2900.

“I was on the horn within ten minutes of the bike being posted online and two days later I made a savage, Red Bull fueled, 23-hour out and back marathon trip to KC to seal the deal and collect the M2.”

donor bike

I put the M2 through its paces for a couple of hundred miles to ensure a clean bill of health on the 12,000 mile engine before we plugged it into the brand new Mutant Buell frame,” Justin said. Satisfied all of the mechanicals on the donor bike were up to snuff, Justin proceeded to strip the old Cyclone down to her bare bones. Engine, wheels and brakes were all that remained, as they opted for a Showa Inverted tube front end off of a late model Buell X1 over the Cyclone's original standard tube and slider arrangement.

randy frame

”Redneck Engineering shipped me out one of their standard Mutant Buell frame and body kits with three inches of stretch in the backbone, an inch drop in the downtubes and 40-degrees of neck angle,” Justin explained. “I opted for the drop stretched gas tank to create a smooth radiused top line on the bike, as I already knew we'd be latching on a set of Bassani's Sweeper pipes.”

randy paint

One of the more striking things about this bike in person is the deep blood red "ghetto flake" finish on the frame and billet pieces. It's actually a brand new powder coat product applied by local powder gurus Ron and Jason Schaeffer over at Coating Specialties (these guys do all of the frames for Thunder Mountain Customs as well).

build back

” With the lower rails at just under four inches off the tarmac,” Justing added. “I'm always hesitant to paint these Mutant frames, as it's not a matter of if you'll drag this frame, but when, and the powder holds up so much better to this level of abuse. I also had them coat the outer gearcase and primary covers to freshen up the look of the well used M2 engine, as well as a fresh coat of gloss black for the wheels.

randy tank

The gloss black paint and bodywork on the tins was handled by Bryan Koufal at Koufal Kustom Paint, and the freehand pinstripe was pulled by local old school legend Mart Ford in a light gray and dark graphite. “Seat upholstery was handled in tasteful black vinyl by Dan Ballard and Bitch'n Stitch'n,” Just said, and I made chips on our in-house CNC making the web sprocket cover and brass knuckle shift linkage, as well as one of our new Billet Hi-Po Air Cleaners in our web pattern as well.”

randy air cleaners

”I picked up the frame and other powder coating with just nine days left until a planned meet-in-the-middle delivery in Twin Falls, Idaho,” Justin explained. Four days later the bike was on the street with a business week to spare for plenty of shakedown miles before he loaded her up and made another Kerouac-style, late night, bloodshot trek, this time across western Wyoming, briefly through Utah and on into Idaho where he finally got to meet Randy face-to-face. “A handshake and many thanks for the business,” Justin said. “ as I turned over the bike and keys, I was back on the road for the 10-hour journey home.”

Randy later reported that the bike continues to run like a top and turns heads wherever it goes. Not bad for a one-off that set him back less than a new factory Softail.

randy left

The Vitals


Name: Randy Carlson
Make/Model: Redneck Engineering Mutant Buell
Year: 2005
Fabrication: Redneck & Two-Bit Choppers
Assembly: Two-Bit Choppers
Build Time: Three Months

randy 3/4


Year/Size: '99/1203cc
Type: H-D Sportster/Buell
Builder: H-D
Cases: H-D
Heads: Buell Thunderstorm
Pistons: Buell 10:1 domes
Cams: Buell Lightning
Carb: 40mm CV
Air Cleaner: Two-Bit Choppers Hi-Po Billet
Ignition: Buell Performance
Exhaust: Bassani Sweepers


Year/Type: '05 Redneck Mutant Buell
Rake: 40-degrees
Stretch: 3-out, 1-down
Additional Frame Fabrication: Two-Bit Choppers
Swingarm: Not so much

Front: Year/Type: 1999 Showa Inverted Tube
Modifications: N/A
Triple Trees: Buell
Rear: Year/Type: N/A

randy rear

Wheels, Tires and Brakes:

Front: Size/Type: Buell 3.5x17
Tire Make/Size: Avon Azaro 120/70R-17
Caliper: Buell/Nissen
Rotor: Buell
Rear: Size/Type: Buell 5x17
Tire Make/Size: Avon Azaro 200/50R-17
Caliper: Buell Nissen
Rotor: Buell

randy right

Finish Paint:

Color: Gloss black/light gray and graphite striping with blood red ghetto flake frame and accents
Painter: Bryan Koufal
Pinstriping: Mart Ford
Molding: Bryan Koufal
Powde rcoating: Coating Specialties


Front Fender: Buell
Rear Fender: Redneck
Gas Tank and cap: Redneck Stretch Drop tank, Landmark cap
Oil Tank: Redneck
Dash: None
Gauges: No, I didn't know I was speeding officer
Pulley Cover: Two-Bit Choppers
Shift Linkage: Two-Bit Choppers
Handlebars: Flanders
Mirror: Pro-One
Hand Controls: Joker Machine
Grips: Ness
Foot Controls: Billet Concepts
Headlight: Ness
Taillight: CCI/Redneck
Turn Signals: None
Tag Mount: Redneck
Seat: Bitch'n Stitch'n
Electrical: Two-Bit Choppers

Special Thanks:

To Two-Bit's Josh and Phil Schilling, Bryan Koufal, Mart Ford, Jason and Rod Schaeffer, Mike Friberg and Jim Nelson for all their help and hard work, and to my beautiful wife Lindsey and daughter Savannah for all their support on more than a few late nights.

If the price is right, chop it!

Justin Schilling
Owner: Two-Bit Choppers
Shop: 970-587-5867

randy girl

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Reader Comments

Hi..im Jay..i live in greece..i have some questions..i have got suzuki 1500lc.i would love to hav it in mutant frame..so questions i have is that how much this mutant frame cost with wheel ..i mean full body

kranidi, Greece
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Editor Response Hmmm, you might call Paul at Spitfire. He can build any frame you need. Cell 909 322 1542
shop 909 484 0466


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