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With action from Buffalo Chip, LUCKY DEVIL, MMA, Mass Motorcycle, Metalsport, NRA, Garage-Girls, AVON Tyres, S&S Cycle, Kuryakyn, Memphis Shades, Irwindale Event Center, Top Gear, MRF, LINE-X, Arch Motorcycles, Suter Motorcycles, BARNETT CLUTCHES & CABLES and Lifestyle

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, "Sidehack" Jerry, Joe Teresi, Uncle Monkey and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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This is one of those days.
We could go in almost any direction. The mural is flying alongside our building.

We are almost finished with Franky’s Dyna. Although he doesn’t know how to think about his ride since the factory killed the model. It’s as if he’s homeless.

Sidehack Jerry

I’m waiting to hear from Deny and my Panhead Paint. I need to send some cam followers back to JIMS. We decided on running JIMS solids and Eric Bennett is ordering me a mid range cam for the 74-inch monster from Lienweber. I ordered new rocker arms and bases from J&P cycles. We will have all the pieces in short order and Bob Bennett is bringing this puppy to life.

Let’s hit the news and see what happens next.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown and BorntoRide.com, Sturgis Museum.

Another fantastic Sturgis for the books has come and past! The Black Hills offered perfect weather for the rally’s 77th year, making the week that much better for riding and partying. If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you were kind enough to let me photograph you and give us your email address.

To view the event imagery, click on my site and you will be redirected to the Sturgis Black Hills Rally gallery on my new website that we are currently beta testing.

The link will drop you into the "Top 20” view (that actually has 60 images because of the size of the shoot.)

Click on “Featured” to view more images (665), or “View All” to see the event in its entirety (1,733.)

They are chronologically ordered so you can quickly advance through the gallery pages to get to the day you were photographed. You can also try searching for yourself (or friends) by name in the “Search” field to just see those images.

To create a new search, be sure to click "Clear Search" first. Feel free to browse the rest of the site to see bike features or other events that I’ve photographed and I am all ears if you have any comments about the site. We still have a few months of loading content before going live.

If interested, all of the images are available to purchase as prints. Just click "Order Prints" in yellow just below the enlarged images for print options including custom signed prints or lab prints. When finished with your selections, just click the shopping cart icon to view your cart and checkout. You will be redirected to a secure site for paying online.

All images will be processed as necessary, ensuring they look perfect for your collection. If you have family or friends that may be interested, feel free to share the link with them as well. You can also use the “Lightbox” feature to save images you may be interested in referencing or sharing in the future. Just click on the “lightbulb” icon under the enlarged images.

In addition to the rally, I also had an amazingly well received exhibition at the Buffalo Chip this year called “Old Iron - Young Blood”, showcasing incredibly talented bike builders and artists all under the age of 35. Click here to see an overview of the bikes and artwork as well as the installation in the gallery.

I hope you had as great a time that I did, and that these images bring back memories of an awesome Sturgis - whether it was your first or your 40th!

Best regards, Michael


Facebook - www.facebook.com/lichterphoto
Instagram - @michaellichterphotography

Howdy Neighbor,
Fortunately we are high and dry at both the Houston home and shop, we did get some road closures in our area but nothing worthy of note compared to some of our friends . . Most of our famdamely is dry and safe also, Thanks for checking in on us!

--Kent Weeks and Holly

Since Softails are taking over, we needed to bring you the best custom Softail seat option from Le Pera.


Killer "Spring Mounted" look!

Yes, that means a bit of the mechanics of the bike are exposed. You will notice the seat lines don't follow the strut, as if the seat were spring mounted.

Its minimal, slammed to the ground stance adds the finishing touch to these bitchin bikes.

Mounts like stock. The seating area is 10.5" wide.


Driver Seating:

10.5" Wide
Passenger Seating:




Part Number:


Your MMA Congratulates our 2017 Harley-Davidson Raffle Bike Winner!

On a gorgeous Saturday evening at the Upper Deck in Salisbury Beach, your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association pulled one ticket out of a sold-out drum of 2500. Followed by the friendly cajoling because our winner was not present, Saturday, July 15th, 2017, would be one that Jeffrey Judd from Poukeepsie, New York, is surely going to remember!

Jeff purchased ticket #1330 because it was being drawn on his birthday. Commenting that he "had a lucky feeling." Interestingly, this wasn't Jeff's first ticket purchased, either; Jeff purchased 2 sets of tickets, because he forgot that he'd already purchased one - and he's glad he did!

It turned out to be a long day for Jeff and our MMA volunteers - Jeff was almost 2 hours late getting to High Octane Harley-Davidson in Billerica, MA due to a large backup caused by an accident on the Mass Pike. But after a long frustrating trip, Jeff's happy grin made the long trip home a lot shorter!

Each year, your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association raffles off a brand-new motorcycle for one lucky winner. The proceeds from this raffle benefit all riders by supplementing your MMA’s operations including “LOOK! For Motorcycles” signs, bumper stickers, educational materials, mailings, etc. Your MMA is a 100% volunteer organization committed to promoting and protecting motorcycling and motorcyclists in the Commonwealth through a dedicated mission of Legislation, Safety, and Education.

For more information, please see www.MassMotorcycle.org or contact Chairman@MassMotorcycle.org



One year they wanted to make me a poster boy -- for birth control.

My uncle's dying wish was to have me sitting in his lap; he was in the electric chair.

I'm so ugly, I once worked in a pet shop, and people kept asking how big I'd get.

I went to see my doctor. "Doctor, every morning when I get up and I look in the mirror I feel like throwing up. What's wrong with me?"

He said: "Nothing, your eyesight is perfect."

I went to the doctor because I'd swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. My doctor told me to have a few drinks and get some rest.

--from Rogue and Sidehack Jerry

MetalSport Wheels are the masters of custom 2D and 3D wheels. As 21-inch wheels become more common on all makes. Hell, the Bikernet team is about to build two Panhead Bobbers. One will sport 21-inch wheels front and rear.

Check out the MetalSport line of 21-inch wheels, but if you want to get crazy MetalSport builds the finest 23, 26, 30 and even 34-inch 3D wheels.

--Terry Quintana
Metalsport Inc.
Southgate Ca. 90280
Ph. 562-776-9594
Fax 562-776-9635

FREE Tuff-N-Uff MMA Fight

You wanted more, so we are bringing you more! We've teamed up with Tuff-N-Uff and the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center to bring you live Amateur MMA Fighting. Doors open at 9:30pm.

All Las Vegas BikeFest Attendees with a wristband receive FREE Admission for the fight. At 10:30pm we will be giving away our Friday Giveaway Motorcycle* and other prizes.

*Must be registered with a Party, Ultimate or VIP package to be eligible
for the motorcycle and prize giveaways.
Single Day and Weekend Tickets purchased are not eligible for the giveaways.


California: In Response to NRA/CRPA Demands, Los Angeles Repeals Ordinances Prohibiting Sale of “Ultracompact” Firearms and Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines

In response to pre-litigation demands from the NRA and CRPA, the Los Angeles City Council has voted to repeal a city ordinance prohibiting the sale or transfer of “ultracompact firearms” in Los Angeles. The city ordinance defined “ultracompact firearms” as handguns with “an overall length of six and three quarter inches (6.75”) or less or an overall height of four and one half inches (4.5”) or less, as measured with the magazine detached.”

The repeal of the ordinance was a direct result of NRA and CRPA attorneys threatening legal action against the City.

Gun owners in California are already subject to the strictest gun-control laws in the country, including a statewide restriction on the sale of handguns that are not listed on DOJ’s “Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.” By banning the sale of certain handguns labeled “ultracompact” under the ordinance, the City prohibited the sale or transfer of certain handguns that are listed on DOJ’s roster—handguns that have been tested and are specifically approved for sale in California. Because the ordinance conflicted with state law in this respect, the ordinance is “preempted” by the state law and invalid.

On September 20, 2016,NRA and CRPA attorneys submitted a pre-litigation demand letter to the City, pointing out that the ordinance was preempted because it conflicted with the state law regulating what handguns can be sold, and was therefore invalid. The City stalled the repeal, but NRA and CRPA attorneys submitted repeated public record requests, and relentlessly pushed the City attorney’s office until the City finally repealed the ordinance.

Significantly, this isn’t the only recent NRA/CRPA victory in Los Angeles worth celebrating. In 2015, the City adopted an ordinance prohibiting the possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. The NRA and CRPA filed a lawsuit challenging the restriction. That lawsuit, titled Bosenko v. City of Los Angeles, included 30 duly elected California Sheriffs, two law enforcement organizations, CRPA, and a number of individual gun owners as plaintiffs.

The following year, both Proposition 63 and Senate Bill 1446 were enacted, making it a violation of state law to possess these standard capacity magazines. As a result, the City’s ordinance was duplicative of and preempted by the state laws. In exchange for dismissal of the Bosenko lawsuit the City agreed to amend their ordinance to include a “sunset” provision so the ordinance would expire and be invalid and unenforceable after July 1, 2017, the date which the new state laws were set to take effect. The city ordinance has now expired.

Both Proposition 63 and Senate Bill 1446, however, suffered a major defeat in federal court after District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez issued a preliminary injunction in the NRA and CRPA supported case of Duncan v. Becerra. That injunction prohibits California from enforcing the state law banning the possession of standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds. Now that the state law has been enjoined, and because the Los Angeles ordinance is no longer in effect as of July 1, there is no law prohibiting the possession of standard capacity magazines in the City of Los Angeles.

This is welcome news for many California gun owners, including those who do not reside in Los Angeles. Thousands of law-abiding gun owners routinely travel through city limits to reach popular ranges such as the Angeles Shooting Range and other destinations that require traveling through city limits with firearms and the magazines that would have been prohibited.

Please continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight webpage for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.

Ultimate Biker Makeover, Brought To You by Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Announces 2017 Winner!

Garage-Girls and Allstate Motorcycle Insurance are proud to announce this year’s Ultimate Biker Makeover winner; Patricia Thurston! Patricia was selected among over 61 entries to this years contest.

Contestants (Girls and Guys) were asked to submit a 600 words or less essay – describing why they are most in need of a biker makeover as well as a photo. Deadline for entries was July 7th, 2017. Submissions were narrowed down to the final four by selected judges from Garage-Girls. From there, the judges had to make the tough decision of who they felt most deserved the Ultimate Biker Makeover.

Patricia will get to take home all the prizes which include; A wardrobe of shoes from Harley-Davidson Footwear, a case of full synthetic oil from Spectro Oils, A new Mustang Motorcycle Seat, a set of tires from AVON Tyres, Motorcycle Helmet, Jacket AND Gloves by Indian Motorcycle, A Valerie bag by Motochic, A carb rebuild kit and more from S&S Cycle, A Navbag, tacker sign and apparel from Klock Werks, A momentum Vagabond bag by Kuryakyn, exhaust heat wrap by DEI, a batwing fairing and windshield from Memphis Shades, and MUCH MORE!!

To say Patricia was stunned would absolutely be an understatement, “I didn’t see my email till 4 days after the announcement, and I am humbled and so honored. Crying like sissy girl in fact, I so needed this. You have no idea how this will help my dream of getting my motorcycle back on the road.” -Patricia Thurston.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover and the girls are already hard at work planning the big celebration! Stay tuned for more info to come.

“There is nothing better in this world than being able to help out a fellow rider, we love to support bigger organizations, but getting to experience the impact on a personal level, that is priceless. Of course our sponsors are the ones we need to thank, they make this happen with their genuine hearts and compassion. Thank you to Allstate Motorcycle they are truly doing all they can to #keepridersriding” –Sara Liberte, owner of Garage-Girls.

For more information, rules, eligibility and submission procedures, visit www.Garage-Girls.com
If interested in getting your company involved please contact Sara Liberte at sara@saraliberte.com

Click for action.
Click for action.


Irwindale Speedway: Saturday Sept 2

Billed as a (fun) "NIGHT of DESTRUCTION" on the Irwindale Speedway oval, there's an even bigger (and somewhat more serious) piece of business that's on the card and set to early in the evening this Saturday night ...

A critical late-seaon race counting toward a coveted NASCAR national championship in the Whelen All-American Series.

The NASCAR 2017 standings page* on the Whelen website lists the top 500 drivers in the country who are racing for this championship, and Irwindale's own LKQ Pick Your Part Late Model division is currently supplying five names that are listed in the top 50, with Irwindale points leader Trevor Huddleston shown holding firm in second place only one scant point (671 to 670) behind two-time All-American Champion Lee Pulliam from North Carolina.

Huddleston's 30 starts and 20 wins so far this season at three Southwest tracks (Irwindale, Kern County, and Tucson) have put him solidly in the national numbers. In 2016, the Irwindale track champion finished in sixth place in the national standings only 51 points down on first place.

Next in line in the Whelen "Fabulous 500 list: Dylan Garner from Yorba Linda is ranked eleventh, Ryan Vargas from La Mirada is ranked sixteenth, Lawless Allen from Sherman Oaks is ranked twenty-ninth, and Nick Joanides from Woodland Hills is ranked thirty-seventh on the 2017 championship roll call.

As it turns out the above five are listed in (almost) precisely that same order (but much closer together) for Irwindale's own LKQ Pick Your Part Late Model Championship.

This will be the 18th race in the 22-race champion for Irwindale's premier Late Model Division. With 11 outright wins and in the first seventeen races, Huddleston comes into the single Late Model race for Saturday night with a 66-point lead (824-756) lead over his teammate Dylan Garner.

Vargas and Joanides are only a few clicks apart in third and fourth at 688 and 680 respectively, with Lawless Allen in fifth and keeping in touch at 642. Jones shows up in seventh place and is the top rookie in the Irwindale Late Model standings.

The Robertson Solar South West Tour Trucks are on the card for their fifth event at Irwindale in the 2017 season. #78 Ronnie Davis will lead the Trucks in leading the points 449 to 390 over #8 Mike Kelperis, #7 Derek Robertson is in third at 351, #5 Steve Reeves with 336, and rookie driver #97 Gary Howard with 307 rounding out the top five in the spec (all the same technically) truck division.

Of course true to the name of the night ... there's very sure to be "DESTRUCTION" aplenty on Saturday night with Seidner's Collision Center's Enduro, Figure 8, and Skid Plate events all careening, crashing, and colliding all over the Irwindale infield over the course of the evening.

Gates open on what will be an extremely popular night of events at 4PM and Irwindale and fans are urged to secure their family's tickets in advance for this one on-line:

MORE INFORMATION: www.irwindaleeventcenter.com


Maybe the rumor of facility closure is a myth. Let’s hope so.—Bandit


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Reader Comments

I wouldn't worry too much about the Dyna. They don't make Pans, Shovels, or Evo's any more either. It's all good.

Friday, September 1, 2017
Editor Response Funny guy. They need a hot rod cruiser for young thugs who need to ride to meetings in the desert 2000 miles away on a moments notice. They also need to ride to San Francisco to see a girl or to Washington, D.C. to take part in a helmet rally. So, what's the answer?

A Softail, I don't think so. A Sportster, not likely. A bagger, not for a young guy.

Ah, but there is the perfect solution: A M-8 FXR with a small ergonomic stretch. Or hell, the perfect solution would be two models. One for taller riders and one for the shorter guys. Rock on!
"Sidehack Jerry said count your age by friends not years. I keep getting younger whenever I open my mouth." - Ujjwal Dey

Ujjwal Dey
Bomb-aye, India
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Editor Response Ah but teaching tell you the mind can and will change constantly. We all need a tune-up once in a while.

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