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Bikernet Features: Chuck Palumbo of CP Customs

Evolution of a Custom Motorcycle Builder

By Markus Cuff and Bobby Melok with photos by Markus Cuff
Bikernet Features ‘The Dude,’ ’Jungle Jim,” ’The Main Event,’ and Custom Chucky P’ in his stellar career as a professional wrestler but Chuck Palumbo is fast becoming well known under his real name as a custom motorcycle builder and co star [with Rick Dore] of ‘Rusted Development’
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Killing Machine Choppers - The Good 'ol Days Chapter 5

Quadruple Bypass Surgery and Grand Openings.

Photos and text by Algie Pirrello, Killing Machine Choppers.
In October 2008, I had quadruple heart bypass surgery to bypass 6 blockages. If it weren’t for the Hardtail Harlot’s relentless nagging, I wouldn’t be here to share my adventures.
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Killing Machine Choppers - The Good 'ol Days Chapter 4

Veteran’s Affairs: Killing Machine Supports Our Troops

by Algie Pirrello
One day, while we were moving some bikes out of the shop, two riders flew by on Highway 2 and locked ‘em up. They flipped a U-turn and came in the lot.
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Killing Machine Choppers - The Good Ol Days Chapter 3

Moving the Shop to Seattle and a New Start

by Algie Pirrello
After the Redwood Run, I invited Hun to Southern California to see the shop and meet the crew at Killing Machine. Everyone liked her and after my son Breeze and his closest friend “Lippie” tried unsuccessfully to scare her off, it was decided that she was alright.
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Meet Andie Gaskins from Fast Andie Racing

The Life and Times of a Female Pro Racing Driver

Andie Gaskins
I grew up in an auto repair shop with my parents. I was given the opportunity to get my hands dirty, and had to learn how to change the oil and a tire on my truck before I was allowed to drive.
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Algie meets the Hardtail Harlot and a partnership is forged

By Lisa “Hun” Stankovich (AKA the Hardtail Harlot)
I met Algie while chatting in a chat room in late 2004. We hit it off immediately.
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Algie Pirrello, Aficionado Of The Ol School Way Of Motorcycle Building

Sharki…. Aka “Ranga, the Loser Yank”
Like many other builders, Algie started Killing Machine Choppers in a shed on the back of his property in Lake Elsinore, California at the foot of the beautiful Ortega Mountains in Riverside County, California.
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Interview with Cat Hammes

One Legged Blonde Cat Shares Her Thoughts

by Mistress Chris, some photos by Rogue
“When death throws you back”, her strong, vibrant words echo around the room as she addresses veterans and others in hopes of inspiring them to live each moment, as she shares her own story of fighting back from the depths of despair after a devastating motorcycle accident.
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