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Of Political Interest


Control Freaks Come and Go, but Freedom Must Prevail

By K. Randall Ball
So once more, where’s the balance and freedom? And what about population growth? We breathe out carbon dioxide. The more folks, the more cars, the more electricity, the more plastic products, equals more carbon dioxide. Quick, control everything…
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Which Gang Do You Belong To?

And problems at the core of police interactions

It has been reported that all registered motorcycle riders were added to a classified FBI gang list. Most people probably don’t see a problem with creating lists of certain groups as a means of providing national security but it has caused quite a stir among the motorcycle community.
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Government Paternalism

Neurotic Manipulations of Control Freaks

by Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo and THE HUPY/ABRAHAM STUDY GROUP
Freedom is having control over things that affect us. Paternalism is a control over others. Can the control freaks tell the difference?
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Does Freedom Have Rules, Codes, Scores?

By Uncle Monkey
How free are you? Any society, like a machine, needs a certain amount of rules to grease the system. From our Canadian correspondent.
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Please Cosponsor HB 370

By Jay Huber, Kentucky Motorcycle Association
Well folks, it is time to start calling again. The number is 800-372-7181. Please call and leave a message for your State Representative and members of the House Transportation Committee. You can do it with just one phone call. The message is simple: "Please Cosponsor HB 370".
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Bikernet New World Global Warming Investigation

We Discovered a Hole in the Control Freak Mantra.

Dr. Ature De Temp - Certified Bikernet Cosmic Scientist
I am not a scientist but neither am I an idiot. We live in an age where it is almost rare to question anything that has been termed “science,” and I find this a bit scary because it is a mistake to think science is pure and free of personal and political motivation.
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Justifiable Use of Deadly Force--The Code of the West

What protections are we afforded if we use deadly force?

By Tony Pan Sanfelipo
What about us, as citizens? What protections are we afforded if we use deadly force? It’s widely accepted across the country that you have a right to defend yourself, using lethal force if necessary.
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An Interview with the Emperor of Exhaust

About the Business of the Pope of Pipe and Exhaust Regulations

By Bandit, Dave Rash, and photos from Jennifer Barnard
In 1972 David Rash had a problem. He could not find the Exhaust Pipe he needed for his race bike. He knew that the proper exhaust for his engine configuration would give him an edge over his competition. However, no such pipe was available. So he did the only thing he could do. He fabricated his own pipe. Suddenly the industry faces severe regulations and we needed to share insights.
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