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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

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Of Cultural Interest

The mainstreaming of mindfulness meditation

Stressed-out Americans, from war veterans to Google workers, are embracing mindfulness meditation.

By Frances Weaver, The Week Magazine
There is growing scientific evidence that mindfulness meditation has genuine health benefits
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Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)… Always Be Prepared

Custom Leather for Your Sled by Howard Knight

By Prince Najar with Photography by Howard Knight
Howard Knight of Rocking K Customs is creating a Bug Out Bag aka The B.O.B. that holds all the essentials… Bourbon, Cigars, HelmetLok, sunglasses, and credentials.
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Top 12 Historic Female Riders, Part I

A look at important women in motorcycle history

By J&P Cycles
The 19th Amendment guaranteed Women would receive the same right to vote as men. The era between 1878 and when it was finally ratified in 1920 were tough on women everywhere, but for those who stood up for what they believed in and help prove, reveal or otherwise convince the majority of the citizens of the United States that women kick ass and deserve to have the same rights as men: We w...
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Wupatki National Monument

Riding with Arizona’s Ancient Pueblo People

Text and Photos by J. Joshua Placa
Wupatki National Monument, just north of Flagstaff, AZ, haunts its visitors with ancient Indian ruins, dormant but not dead volcanoes, rivers of cold lava and booming vistas of the Painted Desert.
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The Artist-Ones Hit the Road

Chris Callen and His Band of Bikers with Easels

By Tyler with photos from the Cycle Source Band of Bikers
They pile into vans with their equipment and hit the road in search of the next show. They perform live in front of crowds. Venues request them for major events. This group, unofficially known as the Smoke and Mirrors Guild, take their craft seriously, pouring their heart into each stop on their tour.
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The Purloined Parking Space

Fun and Rancor At Arizona’s Thunder Valley Rally

Story and Pictures by J. Joshua Placa
Cottonwood, Arizona, once home to bad guys and bootleggers, is nestled in Arizona’s verdant Verde Valley, a serene setting belying its often-violent past.
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Text and photos by Allan Karl
Culture. Cuisine. Connection. Karl turns to crowdfunding to help realize his vision for this book which lets readers experience the world through fascinating stories, stunning photography, and tasty food from 35 different countries.
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How Bout Ten Cross Yo Lips?

Indian Larry Motorcycles Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary Of The Block Party!

Text and Photos by Richie Pan
I attended my first block party so many years ago now it’s hard to say when that was. It was still at the old shop, and almost every year since then I have made it part of my annual schedule. Now this is not because the best bikes in the world are going to show up there, even though they do; it’s not because celebrities will be in attendance, even though they are. For me, this event is the celebra...
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