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In History

The Master Comes to Bikernet

When it Comes to Motorcycle Restorations, No One Does it Like Huntzinger

By K. Randall Ball with photos by Markus Cuff
Then one day, a bike was being delivered to a friend’s house. He was waiting with rapt attention for his 1915 Harley to be delivered from the hills above Santa Maria, from a restoration expert, Steve Huntzinger.
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Trailblazers 2015 Dick Hammer Award Recipient

CH Wheat, An Inspiration to all Motorcyclists

By Don Emde
The Trailblazers 2015 Dick Hammer Award recipient has exemplified the attributes of “Drive, Determination and Desire” throughout his life in motorcycling.
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A Century Of Speed - Part One

The Speed Centurions

By Louise Ann Noeth, from Society of Automotive Historians Journal
They’ve been at it for 100 years—testing the limits of their imagination, skill and raw nerve. The road to a land speed record is a salty one. The 2014 season will see the Bonneville Salt Flats celebrate their century mark of record setting.
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A Tribute to Our Veterans

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Story and Photographs by Sgt. Gareth Hawkins, compiled by Mistress Chris
Bikernet would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to every Veteran who fought for this country, and for which we have the freedom to live and worship as we please.
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What’s Cool?

The people we aspired to be decades ago.

Compiled by Jim Waggaman
The people we aspired to be decades ago were much different than the celebrities young people looked up to today.
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Sturgis Motorcycle Museum - BSA 441 Victor Special

One of England’s oldest motorcycle companies, BSA grew out of a consortium of firearms manufacturers.

By Christine Paige-Diers (Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame), with additional photos from the Bob T. Collection.
In 1964 and 1965, Jeff Smith rode a modified bike with BSA’s 441cc single and won the 500cc motocross championship both years.
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Tribute to Bill Cody, 2014 Inductee into the TrailBlazers Hall of Fame

Cody's the name and Speedways the game

by Howie Zechner
They called him "Wild Bill" and he was one of the best to race the 2nd generation American resurgence of those wild 500cc, alcohol powered, brakeless beasts we call Speedway Motorcycles.
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Sturgis Museum Find: A Classic '38 Chop

3-Generation Basket Case Project Knucklehead

By Christine Paige Diers
This 1938 Knucklehead was put together with lots of found parts – some of which were original. Gillette, Wyoming builder Gary Garlick purchased the ’38 EL motor in Idaho where it was also rebuilt.
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