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Bike Features

Bike Features

At last, Bandit gave us the go-ahead to reach out and find some choice bikes for the site. This area won't feature the same bikes that mags do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look. The gallery begins with a selection of Bandit's bikes, from the broken and barely running, to some of the sweet rides of late.
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Let us know if you want us to feature your bike. Send a clear, crisp shot to: 
200 Broad Ave
Wilmington, CA 90744
Or E-Mail Bandit :

Dar Holdsworth’s Second Navy Bike for Rolling Thunder by Darwin and Brass Balls Cycles

A Tribute to Pros for Vets and Rolling Thunder

by Bandit with photos from the Brass Balls Crew
If there was an award for the most Amazing bike builder on the planet Dar would be a major contender.
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Johnny Mac Bobber

Featuring Ms. Strip Club Choppers - Betty Joanna.

By Jack McIntyre
This is a new line of bobbers from Johnny Mac's Chopper House.
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The Asahi Bike Built by Norio Akai

Influenced from his roots in Japan Raw.

Photos by Larry Olson, Article by Darren Ho
When he was able to find some spare moments, he embarked on building a bike for a customer.
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Jack Daniels To Display A Pair Klock Werks Customized Indians

See these beauties at Jack Daniel’s Experience all over the country

By Sara Liberté
The “Jack Daniel’s Experience”, that travels the country to all kinds of events from NASCAR to various Motorcycle Rallies, will now proudly display two promotional Indian motorcycles customized by Klock Werks.
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Ronin: An All-American, Buell-Powered Boutique Superbike

After several years in development, Ronin Motor Works is releasing the first 12 bikes of their limited run of 47 motorcycles.

By Ben Lamboeuf
These limited production motorcycles are designed at the Ronin Motor Works factory in Denver, Colorado. Each production Ronin features 11 cast aluminum parts that are hand-sanded and painted. Other components inclu...
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The bike was built to pay homage to the dealerships racing history.

by Hal's staff and reworked by myself, John Dunbar. All photos were either taken by myself or Hal's staff.
The bike was built by Hal's Harley Davidson in New Berlin, to pay homage to the dealership's racing history.
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El Serape, Long Beach XS 650

This shop project began as a basket.

From the McQuiston Gang. Photographer: The esteemed Markus Cuff
This shop project began as a basket. “I had a skateboarding buddy from Carson, California, and he needed some money,” said Ralph Garcia of Long Beach.
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A Concept Store and a Merger between RSD and P-16 (or Powerplant)

By Bandit with photos by Peter Linney, Markus Cuff, and Art Hall
Editor’s note: I’ve been chasing Yaniv Evan for several months to write the feature about the P-16. He’s like trying to interview a starving field mouse, darting from one empty container to another one in search for food. No time to talk.
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