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Bike Features

Bike Features

At last, Bandit gave us the go-ahead to reach out and find some choice bikes for the site. This area won't feature the same bikes that mags do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look. The gallery begins with a selection of Bandit's bikes, from the broken and barely running, to some of the sweet rides of late.
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Let us know if you want us to feature your bike. Send a clear, crisp shot to: 
200 Broad Ave
Wilmington, CA 90744
Or E-Mail Bandit :

The Mayhem Panhead

Hell Raiser Comes Down to Earth

By Bandit with photos by Jack McIntyre
After speaking with Chris, I knew we would be in contact for years to come. He was like talking to an old pal in front of the local bike night, about his latest build. We discussed this bike, his shop, and economic survival, Sturgis, Bonneville, and show circuits. So, where the hell should I start?
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Matt Hotch Classic Vincent

Currently in the MetalSport Garage

By Bandit with photos by Ray Guiterrez
Our features have become a Bikernet collection of favorite motorcycles for various reasons. Sometimes the owner or the motorcycle contains an amazing story. In this case, this bike represents so much, and it’s a classic build with historic significance and absolutely vintage lines.
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Flying Low and Fast in South Florida

Blending Flavors and Styles

Story and Photos by Paul Garson
On the list of most bike happy U.S. states, Florida comes up second only to California for the number of registered motorcycles.
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Norrtälje custom bike show Winner

By Veikko Sikiö Photos by Sherriff Media Group
From that day on I started thinking of making a motor of my own, and the thought of having a break with bikes was postponed.
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LiveWire – a new Harley-Davidson Electric Bike

A sexy, exciting-looking motorcycle that is still clearly and unmistakably a Harley-Davidson.

By Doc
The LiveWire has a cast aluminium frame and swingarm, upside down forks, cantilever rear shock and its 18 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels.
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Brass Balls 2014 Brawler GT

The Latest in a Fine-Handling FXR Configuration

By Bandit with photos by Brass Balls
FXRs are coming back under the signage of the only two custom bike manufacturers left standing in the United States, Brass Balls and Big Bear.
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Harley-Davidson 500cc Street

Sometimes You Get What You Need.

Text and photos by Mike Allen, Bahama, NC.
The reactions to the Harley-Davidson 500cc/750cc Street have been all over the chart.
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“Show Me the Benjamin’s” - George Harris’ The Hit

The radical chopper George named The Hit.

Story and Photos by Paul Garson
The radical chopper George had named "The Hit" was just that, right down to the bullet hole scarred air cleaner!
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