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Bike Features

Bike Features

At last, Bandit gave us the go-ahead to reach out and find some choice bikes for the site. This area won't feature the same bikes that mags do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look. The gallery begins with a selection of Bandit's bikes, from the broken and barely running, to some of the sweet rides of late.
Let us know if you want us to feature your bike. Send a clear, crisp shot to: 
200 Broad Ave
Wilmington, CA 90744
Or E-Mail Bandit :

Harley-Davidson Roadster Latest In The Dark Custom Stable

Focusing on a stripped-down look and nimble handling, Harley's new Sporty aims to inspire a new generation of riders to take to the streets

Edited By Bikernet
As the newest member of the Dark Custom lineup, Roadster combines modern performance and retro-inspired styling with premium suspension components, an air-cooled 1200cc V-Twin engine and a profile reminiscent of vintage racing motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s.
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BIKERNET FEATURE: The Merc Motorcycle

Even the President of Saddlemen Seats Couldn’t Control the Outcome

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
Do you know brothers who bought rigid frames and engines ten years ago and they still collect dust in the back of garages? Hopefully this story will make a bunch of guys feel better, and empower them to get off the dime and peel down the road with a completed scooter.
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Breaking News — All New 2016 Indian Springfield

A Minimalist Indian Touring Bike With Loads Of Power, Handling And Comfort

By Bikernet
Indian Motorcycle has just released details on its new 2016 Indian Springfield. Named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle, the Springfield was designed to offer classic styling blended with modern technology. In short, it's here to deliver a healthy mix of touring comfort and urban versatility.
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BIKERNET FEATURE, The Amazing Carducci Dual Sport

And the History Behind the Adventure

By Jim Carducci with photos and video by Peter Linney
Bikernet feature by the owner: I bought the donor 2003 H-D 883 Sportster on December 31, 2010. On the next day, January 1st 2011, I began tearing it apart and started the reverse engineering process.
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The 2017 Victory Octane — A First Look

How would you like a 104-hp American musclebike for $10,499?

By Ben Lamboeuf
 Would you believe that nice, civilized people from Minnesota would ever produce a thinly veiled, mischief-happy, two-wheeled hooligan motorcycle that looks like it was designed with a meat cleaver? You better believe it, because the howling mass of dark matter that's growing ever larger in your rearview mirror is none other than the 2017 Octane, Victory's all...
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First Look At Harley-Davidson's New Low Rider S & Pro Street Breakout

Harley-Davidson's 2016 lineup has just grown with the addition of two models: the Low Rider S and the Pro Street Breakout.

By Bikernet
Harley-Davidson's 2016 lineup has just grown with the addition of two models: the Low Rider S and the Pro Street Breakout.
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For Use on 2004 to Current Rubber-Mounted Sportsters

By Bandit, and Steve Storz with photos by Don Williams
This is an amazing Bikernet story in many respects. The builder/designer, Steve Storz started his motorcycle life in 1970 and this year he’s being inducted into the Trailblazers Hall of Fame for his contribution to motorcycling and flat track racing.
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Bikernet Feature: The SpeedKing Company Car

A Classic Made even More Traditional

By Keith R. Ball with photos by Jeff Cochran
New Bikernet Feature: This is the current SpeedKing Company car hauling Jeff and Beverly along vacant roads some 40 miles outside Cincinnati to a nearby lake. It began as a rusting ’76 FL and Jeff cut the frame to give it the look of ’58-’64 stock drop seat swing arm frames, before the factory messed with a perfectly good configuration.
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