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Behind The Scenes

The ARCH KRGT-1 Gets EPA/CARB Approval

The Magnificent World of the Ominous ARCH Receives a Blessing from the Two-Wheeled Dictatorship

By AMD Mag with comment from afar
Arch Motorcycle, the "ultra-premium" American V-twin manufacturer co-founded by Gard Hollinger of LA County ChopRods fame with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, has had its first production model certified as emissions compliant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) in the United States.
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The Past Has no Precedent over the Present

By Yale
The definition of insanity is keep doing what you are doing and expect a change. How much power do we give to the past on a daily basis, how often have we said to ourselves when will I learn. Each day we face enough new challenges, so we don’t need to drag the ones from yesterday along.
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The oldest bike shop in America?

Century Motorcycles, San Pedro, CA

By Marilyn Stemp
How do you boost shop inventory when money is tight? For William “Bill” Cottom, a young bike shop owner with a penchant for riding fast but who was short on cash, the solution came naturally: He raced other riders for pink slips and fortunately—for him—he won most of the time!
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McQuiston’s Custom Motorcycles in the LB Ghetto

A Custom Shop with a Strange Business Mantra

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
Here’s where that business platform fits in, maybe. He ran into Manual Muller, the promoter behind Ink and Iron events at the Queen Mary. Manual wanted to build a bobber and rolled over to his garage with a ’69 BSA Thunderbolt and started to cut, chop, and weld.
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My Job - A Glimpse Into the Busy Life of Prince Najar

Harley-Davidson and the 5-Ball Racing Leathers’ Photo Shoot

By Jeffrey Najar with photos by Prince Najar and Markus Cuff
My job is promoting companies in the Powersports Industry through promotions and publicity, as well as by producing custom shows. But there is so much more to this story!
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Family Tradition and Youngblood Kustomz

As a builder, Steve admits he prefers motorcycles to hot rods in his shop.

Text and Photos by Tyler Ludlow
Steven spent nights after school and lots of weekends helping around the shop. Eventually, he wanted to learn to paint parts.
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The one taboo phrase that plagues the biker world is "Biker Down!".

In nursing school, they don't really teach you what to do at an accident, and then I discovered the ‘Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians’ courses.

By Dmac with photography by Rogue
So there we sat, two educated nurses without emergency training. We could work a "code” in a hospital but weren't sure where to start on the victim, we've always been told don't touch the helmet.
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I Guess I Left a Mark In the Motorcycle Industry

The Horse Magazine STILL Writes about me, by Howard Kelly.

By Howard Kelly
The recent issue of THE HORSE, Hammer—Ralph Janus, the OWNER of the magazine, was ragging on me and praising Jeff Holt the current editor of HOT BIKE.
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