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Ride Forever -
Saturday Edition

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Behind The Scenes

Family Tradition and Youngblood Kustomz

As a builder, Steve admits he prefers motorcycles to hot rods in his shop.

Text and Photos by Tyler Ludlow
Steven spent nights after school and lots of weekends helping around the shop. Eventually, he wanted to learn to paint parts.
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The one taboo phrase that plagues the biker world is "Biker Down!".

In nursing school, they don't really teach you what to do at an accident, and then I discovered the ‘Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians’ courses.

By Dmac with photography by Rogue
So there we sat, two educated nurses without emergency training. We could work a "code” in a hospital but weren't sure where to start on the victim, we've always been told don't touch the helmet.
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I Guess I Left a Mark In the Motorcycle Industry

The Horse Magazine STILL Writes about me, by Howard Kelly.

By Howard Kelly
The recent issue of THE HORSE, Hammer—Ralph Janus, the OWNER of the magazine, was ragging on me and praising Jeff Holt the current editor of HOT BIKE.
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Sure, it’s Car Shit, but it’s Cool

By Bob Clark with photos from the BDL crew
In an unprecedented expansion move that is sure to have a resounding and positive impact on Hot Rod and other automotive enthusiasts worldwide Belt Drives Limited (BDL) in Anaheim California has announced the purchase of Blower Drive Service (BDS).
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A Cult Bike From India Takes On The World

The Continental GT - A Mid Size Cafe Racer

By SAMANTH SUBRAMANIAN from a New York Times Article
Royal Enfield’s newest model, a midsize “cafe racer” called the Continental GT, was introduced at an elaborate event in London in September.
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The Derringer Cycle Dream Needs a Kick Start

Another Motorcycle Dream Shifting Gears to Electric for Success

By Bandit and Bryce, photos from Derringer Factory
I stumbled into a little classy shop on Melrose, in Hollywood one day a few years back. It contained a half dozen Whizzer styled bicycles with two-stroke motors attached. The bikes were designed to look like something out of the ‘30s. They had a style Whizzer missed, details, and looked very clean. The shop contained elements of art-deco styling and although the brand and the products were not ant...
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ARCH Motorcycle Official Update Report

From the masters of Indian Food and LA Chop Rods

By Bandit with photos by Simon and Wrench
It’s a motorcycle inspired both by the machines of old and the shapes of the future. Now nearing completion, the first production model will soon be available to a select few.
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All American Products meet the Saddlemen Crew

Saddlemen Rejuvinated the Line of American Made Saddlebags and More

By Bandit and Ron Benfield
A new era of All American began in 2010, when it was purchased by Saddlemen Seats and Luggage and relocated to the brick manufacturing plant in Rancho. Big things were in store.
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