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Ride Forever -
Wednesday Edition

Two Wheeled Tales

Motorcycle Mystique - Just The Facts, Ma'am: The non-fiction department. - More Wild Road Tales - Real-Life Gypsy Stories with Scooter Tramp Scotty - Borderland Biker by Derrel Whitemyer

Two Wheeled Tales

Time for a short read? Here's where you'll find both fictional and true life biker stories to give you instant entertainment as fast as your modem can fly.

The Endless Highway - Part Two

Next we have the famous Bean’re.

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
Known as the “Mayor of Fun”, he is outrageous, funny, entertaining, and always standing center field at any event or social gathering.
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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 14

Bartlett's Web

By Derrel Whitemyer
“It’s the size of a Volkswagen, it probable ate my M90, it’s guarding your Raider, and I’m not going near that thing without a bazooka.”
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The Endless Highway - Part One

Lifestyles of the fulltime motorcycle drifters.

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
Such a life requires that the nomadic motorcyclist adopt, refine, and embrace many unorthodox methods.
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Run What Ya Brung Street Drag Race Day is Here!

It was such a trip to be able to line up and race down Idaho Avenue in Oldtown.

By Algie Pirrello – Killing Machine Choppers
Finally, Saturday! Race day was here, and right off the bat we got rain. It didn’t last long.
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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 13

We stop for the Night and LARRY tells the STORY of how he first entered the BORDERLANDS

By Derrel Whitemyer
The perimeter surrounding the park, with the exception of a small section of parking lot that included a three foot high round platform about eight feet in diameter, was made up of offices and shops.
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Heading to Utah, the River Brings New Friends

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
On the way to Utah, stopping at the Hot Spring Park and meeting new friends - another wonderful tale from Scooter Tramp Scotty
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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 12

Hilts flys the F-105 to rescue Ma n' Pa and Larry and I race to get out of Dodge 'BEFORE' SUNDOWN

By Derrel Whitemyer
We’ll probably never know why,” answered Larry, “the dome was made to lure lost riders then make them into cyborgs or why the City made plastic replicas of people.”
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Kansas Breakdown

Repairs for Betsy, Visiting Old Friends and A Small Town in Kansas.

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
It was just after Sturgis, while on the road to Montana that the weld on my transmission’s shifting arm (I always weld those damn things) broke.
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