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Techs & Bike Builds

Techs & Bike Builds

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The Garage is where we work on a wide range of tech tips including articles on tools and performance.

If you're looking for a particular tech tip, or want to sponsor one, or be involved with a project bike or just make a suggestion, then drop us a line at our feedback page. We'll get back to you soon.

The Milwaukee Eight — Harley-Davidson's Newest Big Twin

Harley's new Big Twin delivers improved performance and comfort for both rider and passenger of touring motorcycles

By Bikernet
Rumors abounded since earlier this year and today Harley-Davidson pulled the veil off of an all-new V-twin engine, the Milwaukee-Eight; it will power its touring bikes for 2017. The ninth in the lineage of the company’s Big Twin engines, the Milwaukee Eight is said to deliver more power and an improved motorcycling experience while retaining the iconic look, sound and feel of its predecessors. Bik...
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ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil Cleans The Look of the Sportster and Adds Power

When it comes to energy, more is “more better.” The ACCEL SuperCoil provides up to 25 % more energy than the factory ignition and provides a more complete burn of the mixture.

By Jeff Najar
ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil Cleans The Look of the Sportster and Adds Power Last year during the 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Rally I attended The Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast at the Buffalo Chip.
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Sturgis Run 2016 Preparations

Testing a Viking Tank Bag

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
Okay, it’s that time of year and we’re pumped. Nothing is more exciting than the ride to Deadwood. We will test a Viking Tank Bag along the way.
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There’s Way More to Seats than a Pan, Foam, and a Strip of Material

By Bandit and Tom Seymour with photos by David Eckert
Bikernet Tech: We’ve come to the Saddlemen point in the story, to finish Jim’s seat construction over his custom fiberglass pan. The notion was to help Jim with a cool custom-styled seat, but when it comes to Saddlemen there’s much more to seat fabrication, and their mantra revolves around comfort.
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Metalsport Revisited

Masters of “Big Wheel” development.

By Wrench with photos from Terry at MetalSport
“Bikenet worked with Metalsport for several years and I fell in lust with one of Chip Foose’s classic wheel designs, the 2D Nitrous,” said Bandit. “I’m not a major fan of wild wheels, I like a classic, strong and simple mag wheel design. I’m also attracted to something with an aerodynamic flair or a race look." Here's an update from MetalSport
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BREW DUDE on Bolt Failures and Torque Settings

Grades, Stretching, Threads, Coatings, Thread Locker, and Bolt Quality

By Steve "BrewDude" Garn, originally published in Deluxe magazine
Bikernet tech: So, a bolt you tightened down completely failed and broke into two pieces. Why did it happen? Did you tighten it and use a torque wrench to insure the proper tightness?
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Bikernet Tech: Overview of Voltage Regulator Types

(Mosfet vs. Thyristor)

The linked material below is a collection of information which provides an overview of both the mosfet and thyristor type voltage regulators. If using a thyristor type voltage regulator and it fails, upgrading to a mosfet based voltage regulator will offer longer lifespan and better charging system performance. Heat buildup in the voltage regulator kills the SCRs, whereas mosfets are more effici...
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Classic 2007 Softail Receives Paint Touch-Up

Copper Leaf from Doug Starbuck and Pinstriping by Mike Lamberson

Photos and text by PJ Hyland
Bikernet Tech: Last year I bought the bike I had been dreaming about since it made its debut in the Harley line-up in 2007. How cool it would be if the stylized feathers, outlined on the tank, could be filled in with swirled copper leaf.
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