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Friday Edition

Bikernet Warning: Title lenders fight to keep records secret

Who is lacking in Integrity?

By Fred Schulte for The Center for Public Integrity
Well, I'll let you be the judge when you read this article by Fred Schulte of The Center for Public Integrity . I will say auto-title lenders' company reports will be lacking from The Center for Public Integrity's records... for now.
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Bikernet Special Report: THE RED LIGHT CAMERA STORY

The NMA Covers All the Drawbacks and Misinformation

By Jim Walker of the NMA
NMA Foundation Executive Director Jim Walker has often led the charge as he did recently with this letter to AAA Northeast. The letter below serves as a balanced critique of AAA’s recommendation for a red-light camera program in White Plains, New York. Note how Jim cuts through AAA’s rhetoric and uses the facts to dismantle the association’s arguments.
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A new day may be dawning for the Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville/Land-Speed Racing

Written By Daniel Beaudry -- Provided by Hemmings Daily
So often problems concerning the environment seem insurmountable, causing us to shrug our shoulders and then think about issues we feel that we can actually do something about.
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Bikernet Special Report: Ignorance is Bliss, Or is it just Complacency?

The Study of Freedoms, Brotherhood, and Privilege

by Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo
Thankfully, most people do not subscribe to this type of thinking. Or do they? As bikers, we like to throw words around like yesterday’s baseball. I’m talking about words like brotherhood, liberty and freedom. How free do you think you are? Certainly we enjoy more freedoms than some people in Europe or Asia, but are we content with enjoying what we perceive as freedom or should we be learning as m...
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Bikernet's Johnny Humble Dabbles in Religion


By Johnny Humble
Bikernet Special Report: I wanted to reach out and share a heartwarming act I was recently honored to be a part of. I know Bikernet has never had too many contributions from the Christian biker culture, but your boy is starting to dabble in it. Events like this past weekend pulled me stronger into that direction, as I feel led to help where I can.
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Bikernet Finds the Beauty in the Darkness with Gunner Johnson


Edited by Lisa Jorgenson, Bikernet Associate Editor
The Latest Bikernet Biker Art Discovery: Gunner Johnson is an artist of great instincts when it comes to finding beauty in the dark, ugly & strange.
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The Latest from WACO Shootout

from Rogue and Bill Bish
Against much case precedent, the Waco court has concluded that alleged membership in an organization that law enforcement labels as a gang is sufficient to establish probable cause for an arrest for organized criminal activity even if there is no evidence showing involvement in criminal activity. It's nuts. The biggest corrupt gang in this country is the Congress. WTF?
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The Helping Hands of Highway Safety

NMA E-Newsletter #334

by National Motorists Association
Summer is almost here and that means you’ll be sharing the road with more motorcycles in the months ahead. We encourage you to stay sharp and to follow the safety tips we’ve previously published here.
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