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Ride Forever -
Saturday Edition


Please Cosponsor HB 370

By Jay Huber, Kentucky Motorcycle Association
Well folks, it is time to start calling again. The number is 800-372-7181. Please call and leave a message for your State Representative and members of the House Transportation Committee. You can do it with just one phone call. The message is simple: "Please Cosponsor HB 370".
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Snooping Eyes of the DEA Now Prowling Gun Shows.

By Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo
It’s not surprising to learn that there is yet another program uncovered dealing with government surveillance of individuals participating in legal activities.
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Bikernet New World Global Warming Investigation

We Discovered a Hole in the Control Freak Mantra.

Dr. Ature De Temp - Certified Bikernet Cosmic Scientist
I am not a scientist but neither am I an idiot. We live in an age where it is almost rare to question anything that has been termed “science,” and I find this a bit scary because it is a mistake to think science is pure and free of personal and political motivation.
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Justifiable Use of Deadly Force--The Code of the West

What protections are we afforded if we use deadly force?

By Tony Pan Sanfelipo
What about us, as citizens? What protections are we afforded if we use deadly force? It’s widely accepted across the country that you have a right to defend yourself, using lethal force if necessary.
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Interesting Facts About Prisons and Their Prisoners

Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker.

By Chris Hedges
Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime.
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Australian MC Club Update

The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act.

By Eva Cripps from Bike Me
On 16 October, 2014, the Liberal National Party dominated state of Queensland’s parliament passed three pieces of bikie-related legislation, including the bill that would become the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act.
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5-Ball Racing™ Special Ops Black Leather Vest

And the Story behind the Brand

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
The core leather garment, the very essences of the line was designed by Bob Kay who has been a rider all of his life and a major player in the custom motorcycle industry for as long as me—incredible, about 40 some years. Bob put all his experience, all of his product knowledge, and passion into this Special Ops Leather vest. Yes, this is crass self-promotion, but we need to make a living...
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Eulogy for Dale Sheppard

Dale owned Biker Dale's Bike Shop, Texas where Betsy's engine was recently replaced.

by Scooter Tramp Scotty
For those unfortunate enough not to have known him, Dale was the man who owned Biker Dale's Bike Shop in Groves Texas where I replaced Betsy's engine only weeks ago.
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