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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

What the hell is CSAL?

Continuing the awareness campaign that hopefully will save lives of motorcyclists on the Tennessee roads.

By D Mac with photography by Rogue.
While we were in TN we met up with Jim "Rebel" Henderson, a Florida transplant to TN. Rebel has been up to some good, and hooked up with MAFT-Motorcycle Awareness Foundation of Tennessee, about 3 years ago.
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2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame Breakfast

Honoring six new inductees to the Hall of Fame and one new Freedom Fighter.

By Rogue, official Bikernet photographer. Past Inductees photos were taken by Dee Mac.
The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame holds a breakfast during the Sturgis Rally to honor a Motorcycle Freedom Fighter and six other people who have had an impact on the motorcycle community.
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The Road to Paloma Movie Bike (Interview with Jason Momoa)

“I’ve had that bike since I was nineteen, it’s the first thing I ever bought.” ~Jason Momoa

Posted by Zack Coffman on August 12, 2014
I recently had a chance to sit down with Jason Momoa (director, co-writer, lead actor of “ Road to Paloma”) for a couple minutes and ask him about his inspiration for the story and get some specifics on the cool custom bike he rode in the film.
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Oh, Oh, Look What Happens to Gasohol!

Part Two - Gasohol...Good or Bad?

By Steve “brewdude” Garn of Brew Bikes LLC
I wasn’t sure how much would happen in the 30 days since I wrote the last article ‘Gasohol…Good or Bad?’.
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Gasohol-Good or BAD!

Some problems you might encounter.

By Steve “brewdude” Garn of Brew Bikes LLC
Everyone that works on any make or any size motorcycle knows the answer to this already. It is REALLY bad!
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The Tipton Murder, The Iron Order, and the CODE

By Miami Mike, Wheels On The Road Magazine
owns Wheels On The Road Magazine in South Florida-- It looks like a Florida Publication is getting some balls and printing something on the Iron Order.
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The one taboo phrase that plagues the biker world is "Biker Down!".

In nursing school, they don't really teach you what to do at an accident, and then I discovered the ‘Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians’ courses.

By Dmac with photography by Rogue
So there we sat, two educated nurses without emergency training. We could work a "code” in a hospital but weren't sure where to start on the victim, we've always been told don't touch the helmet.
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Humans might be the one problem Google can’t solve

For the past four years, Google has been working on self-driving cars

Compiled by Mistress Chris
Google today announced its own design for self-driving cars, which will drive people around without a steering wheel or pedals.
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