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If you're looking for the best seat or luggage for your motorcycle, then Saddlemen is the only name you need to know. Every part that leaves our doors is designed to make your ride easier, more comfortable, and more convenient-we design our products a certain way because that's what we've found worked best on our personal bikes. Since 1987, Saddlemen's sole mission has been to keep riders on their bikes for longer periods of time using innovation and technology to provide superior comfort, function, and style. As we ride with and learn more about each product we change and evolve them to become more efficient and benefit the rider even more-the evidence is our huge selection of seats and gargantuan line of luggage.

Check out our extensive Harley seat line. All our seats are made in the USA in our Rancho Dominguez, CA factory. Throughout the years we've developed a number of revolutionary innovations that make our seats far more comfortable than any other seats. Using rider feedback we developed Saddlemen's CST (Comfort System Technology) where each component of the seat is designed to work best in conjunction with each other: our seat covering is designed to work with our proprietary SaddleGel, which is specifically formulated to function best with our variable density foam that is attached to a rigid ABS or fiberglass pan. These components weren't just thrown together, it has taken years of research and development to come up with the correct combination and amount of each part to deliver the most comfortable and stylish seat you can buy.

Just like our seats, our luggage is no stranger to innovation. We jam-pack them with features so our bags will work just as well on your bike as they do off of it. There are no other bag companies that offer innovations like hidden roller wheels and retractable pull handles in some of our sissy bar bags, tethered rain covers so you can keep riding when it gets wet on the road, hidden or detachable backpack straps on many of our pieces, and rigid internal construction so our bags always look good, full or empty. And it's affordable!

For more information about the entire line of Saddlemen's comfortable seats and convenient luggage,  call 310-638-1222 or click on the banner above for their website.


Saddlemen 1WR Gripper Seat

High Tech Seats for Wheelies, burnouts, and drifting

By Bikernet
If you love wheelies, burnouts, drifting, wild motorcycle modifications, adrenaline filled performances, and the sight of road bikes blasting down dirt roads, the new 1 WR Gripper Seat will deliver.
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There’s Way More to Seats than a Pan, Foam, and a Strip of Material

By Bandit and Tom Seymour with photos by David Eckert
Bikernet Tech: We’ve come to the Saddlemen point in the story, to finish Jim’s seat construction over his custom fiberglass pan. The notion was to help Jim with a cool custom-styled seat, but when it comes to Saddlemen there’s much more to seat fabrication, and their mantra revolves around comfort.
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The Amazing SHRUNKEN FXR Updated

Under the Tutelage of the Magnificent ARCH

By Buster Cates, Engineering Assistant, ARCH Motorcycles
I decided it was time to update the look of the bike as well as do some fine-tuning of a few mechanical items that I wanted to switch up a bit.
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Highwayman Tattoo Slant Saddlebags, Jumbo
By Bandit
SADDLEMEN PRODUCT OF THE WEEK—Highwayman Tattoo Slant Saddlebags, Jumbo 

By Bikernet

Desperado Tank Chaps
By Bikernet
Looks great on any tank whether used alone or with matching Saddlemen seats and accessories.
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Express Desperado Pouch Saddlebags
By Bikernet
Saddlemen's new Face Pouch saddlebags offer bold chrome-studded styling for a more traditional look, with the added feature of a handy 5" by 9" external zippered pouch. Quick access to camera, sunglasses, maps, etc.
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Cruis'n Deluxe 3-Pocket Windshield Bag
By Bikernet
PRODUCT OF THE WEEK FROM SADDLEMEN-- Cruis'n Deluxe 3-Pocket Windshield Bag for all the Bikernet Bagger guys. 

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