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S&S Cycle


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S&S Cycle has been a leading manufacturer of Proven Performance V-Twin motorcycle components and engines for over 50 years. George Smith and Stanley Stankos founded the company in 1958 in Blue Island, Illinois.

Shortly after the founding of S&S, George, and his wife Marjorie (whose maiden name was also Smith), bought out Stanley Stankos and Smith & Stankos became Smith & Smith (S&S).

In 1969, S&S moved from Blue Island to Viola, Wisconsin and expanded to La Crosse , Wisconsin in 2004.  With over 50 years in the business, S&S become the most trusted name in American v-twin high performance.

Contact and Ordering Information:

S&S Cycle, Inc.
235 Causeway Blvd
LaCrosse, Wisconsin 54603
Phone: 1-608-627-1497

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A Combination of S&S and Viola V-Twin

By Terry the Tramp, Jon, Bandit and Bruce Tessmer
An old friend, who I wrote a book about recently, Terry the Tramp, just rebuilt an Evo Engine and we made sure to incorporate some S&S products including the cylinders, the pistons, and the lower end. Plus, it was fitted with an S&S Super E carb. Recently S&S kicked off Viola V-Twin, which fits into this mix.
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The F3 ROCKETEER Bound for Shanghai

The Latest Limited Edition Darwin Motorcycle

By Dar Holdsworth with photos by the Brass Balls team
A few years ago, a very special customer walked into my life who had a vision of a bike that did not fit the norm. I still remember him describing to me his vision for his bike. Darwin Motorcycles and the Brass Balls team built it.
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S&S Cycle’s Free Exhaust System Installs Drawing Crowds at Daytona Bike Week
Edited By Ben Lamboeuf
The S&S Cycle display is buzzing with activity as Daytona Bike Week rally goers take advantage of free installation for any S&S Power Tune Performance Exhaust.
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S&S Builds the Baddest Engine Ever
As the performance of an engine is increased, eventually a weak link is found and something fails. One such weak link is the stock flywheel assembly in 1999-to present Harley-Davidson big twins. If you really put the hammer down, the stock wheels tend to shift out of true.
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S&S Cycle Launches Power Tune Performance Systems At V-Twin Expo
S&S Cycle introduces its newest brand, Power Tune Performance Systems, at the 15th Annual V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, OH. This new brand will include a number of performance products and systems. The initial offering will be innovative additions to the current line of exhaust systems from S&S Cycle.
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The Magnificent ARCH Motorcycle, part 2

Designing the Ultimate High Tech Front End Components

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff and a couple by Wrench
In this chapter we will discuss only the front end components, including this short list: handling, rake, frame geometry, front fender construction, front brakes, headlight, cowling materials, carbon fiber manufacturing, wiring, electronics, gauges, handlebars, risers, levers, throttle, front axle, axle spacer design, front wheel manufacturing, and what the hell did I forget?
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Limited Edition Rocketeer Heading To Dubai

Brass Balls Cycles Goes Global

By Bandit with photos by the BBC Crew
But the more the Brass Balls customer rode his BBC the more he loved it, the more it drew attention, but the better it handled the city and desert roads. He decided to open a coffee/Brass Balls Cycles Dealership.
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Finally, a Kit Bike Option with Class and Quality

By Bandit with photos by the Brass Balls Team
There is still one custom chopper manufacturing facility still standing, maybe three. But one in particular Brass Balls Cycles or Darwin Motorcycles, recently launched a kit bike program and made it ultimately affordable.
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