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Road Tests

Road Tests

With the constant growth of new bikes in this industry, Bikernet opened a testing/new model review lab. We now offer manufacturer road tests, reviews of new models and news about existing models on everything we can straddle from new Harley-Davidsons and Victorys to Steeds, Hard Bikes and Saxons. Since this is a Bikernet Internet endeavor we can take requests. If you want a review on a particular model, don't hesitate to ask. If you need specific info on a given model, let us know.

Let's rock 'n' roll, we're burnin' daylight.
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Bikernet Reviews QuadBoss Ramps

On a mission to road test two ramps from Biker’s Choice.

By Bandit
Aaron Whitney from Biker’s Choice offered us two options and we decided to test one against the other.
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The Most Interesting Man in the World

Riding lessons, an ATK 650, and a visit to Bikernet Headquarters.

By Diana McNeel
I found out the bike was the beautiful, cool looking ATK GV 650, all black and chrome.
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Dr. Feng Straddles the 650 Seat and Faces Journalistic Duties for the First Time

By Dr. Feng with photos by Wrench, and the lovely Hailey Thompson or
After spitting a rod through the engine cases of my 5-Ball racing, 1000cc Ninja, Land Speed race bike, (at 187 mph, at the Mojave Mile, a race venue in the high California desert), I have found myself bikeless for some time. ATK 650 V-Twin Muscle Cruiser to the Rescue.
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A Cult Bike From India Takes On The World

The Continental GT - A Mid Size Cafe Racer

By SAMANTH SUBRAMANIAN from a New York Times Article
Royal Enfield’s newest model, a midsize “cafe racer” called the Continental GT, was introduced at an elaborate event in London in September.
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Tastes Good...No...less filling!

Do you try’n ‘Harleyize’ your metric OR ???

Text and Photos by Derrel Whitemyer
Soooo now you’re faced with the question many metric riders face: Do you try’n ‘Harleyize’ your metric OR do you own ‘ALL’ of what you’ve bought. I VOTE you own what you bought for the simple reason; if you wanted a Harley you should’ve bought a Harley. Harley makes the best Harley in the world.
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Big Bear Choppers TITANIUM FXR

Ridden by Ray C. Wheeler in San Bernardino

By K. Ball with photos by Garz Marz and the BBC team
“This bike has nothing to do with looks,” Kevin said. “It’s all about building the best handling, most reliable V-Twin on the market.” So natch, he picked the Eric Buell-designed FXR configuration as his platform and we went out to test ride the Titanium. Kevin went to every corner of the globe to develop the best handling hot rod on the planet.
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Bikernet Rides The New Indian Motorcycle Models

The American cruiser market has just gotten more competitive and interesting.

By Ben Lamboeuf
The American cruiser market has just gotten more competitive and interesting.  Mike Wolfe from History Channel's American Pickers and the magic elves at Indian Motorcycle show off the three new models for 2014.As motojournalists, we often find ourselves wading through massive amounts o...
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TRIKE REVIEW: Motor Trike Adventure

GL1800 Gold Wing conversion

Last year, I planned an adventure for my inbound trip to Daytona Bike Week. I didn’t want to start in the frigid temps of New England, and I didn’t have enough time in my schedule for a complete cross-country journey from one of the motorcycle manufacturer’s home bases on the West Coast. A start point halfway across the country would do just fine.
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