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Rivera Primo, Inc.

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Rivera Primo started out in 1973 as Rivera Engineering, commanded by its founder Mel Magnet. In the ensuing years, Mel met John Ventriglia (his partner in crime), bought Primo Belt Drives (among other companies) and decided to run them all like he did his life, with honor and integrity. I (Ben Kudon) was lucky enough to join this group of characters in the late winter of 1999, after having served my time in companies such as Accel, Crane Cams, Competition Cams and finally Bikers Depot. In June of 2006, we combined Rivera Engineering & Primo Belt Drives to form one stronger, more diverse company, Rivera Primo Inc.

Along the way, we have had our share of tragedy. In 2008 we lost our guiding light Mel, and then in 2009 we lost our friend and co-worker Giggie Gilliland. Through all this upheaval, we continue to operate in the manner then Mel had inspired; honesty, integrity and loyalty.

With over 37 years in the motorcycle industry, we've seen it all; ups and downs, stars and flops, fads and enduring legends. But through it all, one thing has remained constant; the love and passion we in the industry all share for what we have chosen to be our life's pursuit, motorcycles. We are lucky enough to come to work everyday, doing what we love and getting paid for it.

We invite you to browse our website to see all the product new and old that we have to offer, and if you choose to purchase any of the fine products we offer, you will also get to experience the great customer service and friendliness that has made Rivera Primo truly one of the enduring legends in the motorcycle aftermarket.

Thanks for visiting us through and please come back often.


Limited Edition Rocketeer Heading To Dubai

Brass Balls Cycles Goes Global

By Bandit with photos by the BBC Crew
But the more the Brass Balls customer rode his BBC the more he loved it, the more it drew attention, but the better it handled the city and desert roads. He decided to open a coffee/Brass Balls Cycles Dealership.
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Finally, a Kit Bike Option with Class and Quality

By Bandit with photos by the Brass Balls Team
There is still one custom chopper manufacturing facility still standing, maybe three. But one in particular Brass Balls Cycles or Darwin Motorcycles, recently launched a kit bike program and made it ultimately affordable.
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Dar Holdsworth’s Second Navy Bike for Rolling Thunder by Darwin and Brass Balls Cycles

A Tribute to Pros for Vets and Rolling Thunder

by Bandit with photos from the Brass Balls Crew
If there was an award for the most Amazing bike builder on the planet Dar would be a major contender.
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New Headlight From Rivera Primo
By Rivera Primo
When we unveiled our new 7-inch all LED Headlamp with built-in marker lights (1116-0200), the motorcycle aftermarket responded with an incredibly loud "Hell Yea"!
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5-Ball Racing 2014 Chapter 3, sorta

One Crazy Year Reaching for the Salt

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
This has been a scramble, and not exactly on time, but we’ve moved forward and the whole scenario is working out perfectly. We’ll see in about a week. If you believe in anything, you believe in your efforts to make your dreams come true.
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Rivera Primos high tech LED headlamp for high speed night riding!

By Buck Lovell
With technology advancing at the current rate, it’s surprising that an all LED headlight isn’t as common as it should be. The advantage is obvious. Brighter, better lighting for night riding makes any night ride safer and more enjoyable.
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Bennett’s Performance Final, Maybe

It’s the Mechanical Dyna of Dynas

By Bandit, photos by Wrench
Bennett’s Performance touts being the Performance test bed for all big twin performance and handling in Long Beach, California. The team is also very involved in Bonneville Land Speed Record efforts. Unless the California Air Resources Board decides to shut down every California custom or performance shop, they will be burning rods, turning lathes, and twisting wrenches until they die.
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Rivera/Primo HedLED Headlight System

At Last, a Turn Signal System in Headlights for Custom Bikes

By Bandit, Ben Kudon, and Richard Kranzler with photos by Wrench
I’ve known Ben Kudon, the general manager of Rivera/Primo for over 20 years. He’s a stub of a man and mean as cat shit. And no one knows Rivera Primo products like Ben. So, I asked him about the new Rivera/Primo HedLED systems.
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