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Books, Movies & Music Reviews

Books, Movies & Music Reviews

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Two New Books Hit the Motorcycle Stands

"Riding the Road of Life" and "Dare to Be Nutter"

By Dmac and Paul Garson
Gloria's book includes 92 years of living and riding packed into 256 pages leaves the reader wanting more. When will Volume #2 be available? Sonny just sums it up by saying “it’s the real story of a little boy’s dream that came true… racing vintage motorcycles, midgets and sprint cars …both on the home turf and taking it overseas.”
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BIKERNET BOOK REVIEW: It Will Get Tough: Cops & Bikers


by Bill Hayes for Thunder Press
“All I ever wanted were brothers who would stand with me no matter how tough it gets, and it will get tough.”
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Bikernet Book of the Week Club on Triumphs

Triumph the Art of the Motorcycle ISBN 978-1-78472-371-2

Review by David Campbell
The story of the Triumph motorcycle is one of great history, fortitude, mistakes, and successes. Triumph the Art of the Motorcycle does an excellent job of taking one from inception through today.
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Bikernet Guest Book Review: The Old Man and the Harley

Book Written by By John J. Newkirk

By Rhys
This book is a real good account of a young man's journey across this great country starting in New York and ending in California.
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Bikernet Guest Book Review: Motorcycle Diaries

from the notes of Ernesto Guevara

Reader Inspired by Bikernet
I saw on the Bikernet site a few weeks back a reference to this book.
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Reviews for Harbor Town Seduction and World Run by K. Randall Ball

Wild Biker Adventure Stories based around Romance and Choppers

By Rhys H. Ralston
To start off I found K. Randall Ball books to have a good story line, with a twist or two. It was the type of book that once you start, they were hard to put down.
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Bikernet Book Reveiw: The Build

Designing My Life of Choppers, Family, and Faith by Paul Teutul Jr.

by David "Dangerous Dave" Campbell
Being a talented designer and through his television show American Chopper Paul Teutul Jr. has brought a whole new audience and customer base to the motorcycle industry.
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Bikernet Book Review: The Last Chicago Boss

My life with the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Review by David Campbell
From building relationship with the local police to fighting with the Angels the stories run the gamut of life as an MC Boss. His stories kept me turning pages and at times I couldn't put the book down.
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