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Books, Movies & Music Reviews

Books, Movies & Music Reviews

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A night at the movies.

By Bandit
It’s about time. This movie has been out for a year or two, but didn’t receive general release or much publicity.
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Partying, Fighting and Biking

Motorcycle Enthusiast Autobiographies

by Kevin Thomas - Official Book Reviewer for Bikernet
The common thread of the following books is a passion for motorcycles and adventure.
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'Why We Ride' - Movie Review

The cinematography is gorgeous and 'Why We Ride' is insightful, humorous, touching and inspiring

By Gary Koz Mraz
This movie made itself. Born from the inspiration of documenting the legacy of Ed Kretz it took on a life of its own.
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Book Review: Honda Enthusiasts Guide Motorcycles 1959-1985

Restoration Guide for older Honda Motorcycles

By Doug Mitchel and published by Wolfgang Publications Inc.
Yep, I’m reviewing a Honda Motorcycle book on a Harley enthusiast website. I would guess that many of us have owned or ridden at least one of the bikes in this book, whether we would admit it or not.
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Book Of The Week Club, 1000 Biker Tattoos

A photographic journey through the art of motorcycle tattoos

Book by Sara Liberte, Review by Rogue and Mistress Chris
320 pages of interesting reading about the history of tattoos with photos of them and the people who wear them.
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Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring Revised

A Bikernet Book Review by Kevin Thomas

By Kevin Thomas
In addition to the above systems covered in the revised book there is a thorough section on basic D. C. electricity, batteries, starters and alternators and the latest in audio. Filled with over 350 color photos and wiring diagrams on 144 pages, this book is a must have for your do it yourself shelf.
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"Why We Ride" Movie Premiere

A Meeting of the Real Movers and Shakers

Story by Paul Garson/Photos by Paul Garson and courtesy of "Why We Ride"
This is a new bike film, just premiered, which may be added to that A-List. It’s already won Best Feature Documentary at the First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival recently in Brooklynn.
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"White Knuckle" a Movie Review

Atomic Hot Rods bring a motorcycle classic to life in "White Knuckle" by Brian Darwas.

by Dr Feng and Sailor Sherry
“White Knuckle” by Atomic Hot Rods is a present day documentary, about a current coast to coast motorcycle race called Cannonball in Honor of “Cannonball Baker”.
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