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Books, Movies & Music Reviews

Books, Movies & Music Reviews

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L.A. GUNS Hits Sturgis 2017

Vintage Loving Riding Rockers--Speed, the word of the day

By DMAC - with Photos By Rogue
You never know what’s gonna show up in Sturgis, especially on Thursday, August 10th, which was the “Sons of Speed” race held at the Pappy Hoel Campground Racetrack, across the field, from the Full Throttle Saloon. "SPEED" sends the L.A. GUNS to the charts for their "The Missing Piece" album debut October 13th 2017. Catch yourself some
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The First of a Series about a Biker, Chance Hogan

By Rhys H. Ralston
To start off I found this motorcycle adventure book to have a good story line with a twist or two. It was the type of book that once you start it, I found it hard to put down.
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Dubbed “The Mother Road” by John Steinbeck, this iconic highway has inspired generations of Americans to take to the open road and go traveling.

By Trina Kaye
Times may have changed, but Route 66—the highway some folks believed was dead and gone—is alive and kicking like never before. One book gives you everything you need to know about this iconic highway.
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Bikernet Book Review: Keith R. Ball predicts the future back in year 2000

Revisiting Sam “Chopper” Orwell written by Keith Ball almost two decades ago.

By Ujjwal Dey
A divided America has the world at panic with everyone and their pet dog uncertain about the future of the promised land of USA. But what does this bold new future mean to us bikers with our nomad lifestyle.
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Bikernet Reviews: New CVO Book from Motorbooks

A new title from Motorbooks reveals the story of H-D’s CVO models, the ultimate factory custom

By Marilyn Stemp
Since the inception of the CVO line, which began in 1999 on an FXR platform, one fact has become crystal clear: CVO models are not for the timid.
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Bikernet Book Reveiw -- WAILING WALL: A Mother’s Memoir

In sifting through the stark pain of the past, she is finally able to piece together her own sense of self and begin to imagine an unburdened future.

by Angela Melamud
"A firecracker of a book filled with raw emotion… the story of family — those we're born into and those we choose — and the unconditional love we call upon in our darkest moments.” —The Memphis Flyer
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Book Review: Lucifer's Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club by Phil Cross (Author), Ronn Sutton (Author)

As it happens: Relive the '60s

By Ujjwal Dey
The book starts with the small town intrigue about motorcycle clubs riding through. Blowing in the wind is the addictive passion for a free living high rolling culture of bikers.
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Book Excerpt - Condemned Property?

The number of veterans who die waiting for benefits claims is skyrocketing!

by Dusty Earl Trimmer
So many of us have been quiet about that war for oh, so long. We who have survived are old now.
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