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Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), incorporated in 1987, is a membership-based national motorcyclists¹ rights organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The MRF monitors and when necessary, sways federal legislation and regulatory action that pertains to street riders. The MRF concerns itself with what is going on in the arena of motorcycling safety education, training, licensing, and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclists¹ rights organizations with direction and information to protect motorcyclists¹ rights and motorcycling. The MRF sponsors annual regional and national educational seminars for motorcyclists¹ rights activists and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, The MRF Reports.

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The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is the leading voice for you, the street rider, in Washington, D.C. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is committed to less federal government involvement in your daily life. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation firmly supports the rights of the individual state governments to enact legislation without the threat of federal intervention. We stand for freedom of choice, freedom from unsafe highways, and freedom from unfair and overly restrictive federal and international regulations.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Suite 510
Washington DC 20002-4980
phone: 202-546-0983
fax: 202-546-0986

Tiffany Latimer


Universal motorcycle helmet laws?

By Matt Danielson, McGrath & Danielson -The Motorcycle Law Group
The study recommends universal motorcycle helmet laws as the sole method to reduce fatalities and injuries.
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The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Releases Its Legislative Strategy Agenda for 2013-2014

Here Are the Battles We Face Next Year!

from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation
At the 2013 Motorcycle Riders Foundation's (MRF) Meeting of the Minds Conference held in September in Columbus, Ohio, the MRF's Legislative Committee hosted a Legislative Strategy Session.
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USA reviews motorcycle safety laws as crash deaths increase

It's about CDC Propaganda

By Tony Kirby and Jeff Hennie
I've been holding on to this report for a while waiting on a response from the MRF, because I knew it was false. If the sky was blue, and these agencies weren't fighting for more money, they would support freedom, training, and awareness campaigns, and fewer regs.
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“You should be scared by what your federal government has planned for motorcycling.”

By Jeff Hennie Motorcycle Riders Foundation MRF
I’m just going to come right out and say it: this is a commercial. If the government has its way, motorcycling as we know it is coming to an end. Check this report and proof that the government should support training not more restrictions.
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Recent reports from the press call for more helmet laws, but the facts are twisted

By Jeff Hennie of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Thank god for the Motorcycle Riders foundation. We needed someone in Washington to step up after the recent attacks from the CDC against helmet free states. This is an easy read, and will blow your mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Aftermarket Exhaust Systems for Motorcycles and ATVs In California

This document contains the Motorcycle Industry Council’s interpretation of California law and regulations related to aftermarket exhaust systems.

From the Motorcycle Industry Council, MIC, images courtesy of the Bob T. collection
One bureaucracy, in one state, California, chose to supersede EPA rulings and guidelines: The California Air Resources Board (CARB). Bikernet will continue to follow and report on these issues and on the groups trying to protect our sport.
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A Pure Example of Misguided Over-Regulation Gone Wild

It's simply a waste of time, money, and resources while hindering freedom

By Renegade with a photo courtesy of the Bob T. Collection
If you have time, and most of us don't, check out this court decision from New Hampshire. It's the perfect example of over regulation in this country. You'll run across federal regulations, state regulations, and some damn city's new regulations, all to kill the sound your motorcycle makes.
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Swedish Transportation Improvements to the European Union

by Aline Delhaye and the FEMA staff with vintage images from the Bob T. collection
Besides calling for fair treatment and less prejudice, FEMA and its members contribute to a great extent to improve road safety without losing the essence of individual freedom.
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