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Le Pera Seats

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E-Mail: info@lepera.com 

Phone: 818-767-5110
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Le Pera seats are available through these distributors:

  • Cassons Pty. Limited, Austrailia
  • Custom Chrome
  • Custom Chrome-Europe
  • Chrome Specialties Inc.
  • Drag Specialties
  • Mid-USA
  • Motovan-Canada
  • Tucker-Rocky
  • W&W Cycle, Germany
  • Zodiac, Netherlands
  • Check with your local dealer for these fine seats!

    Since 1972, the Le Pera Family has been dedicated to producing motorcycle seats of superior design, quality, and craftsmanship.

    Founder, Bob Le Pera has over 38 years experience in designing and crafting leather upholstry. Using his skills and knowledge of upholstry, Bob has brought together one of the most talented teams in the industry today.

    The Silhouette, Bare Bones, Daytona, and countless other Le Pera seats set the standard for style and quality. They can be found on show bikes, high milage machines, and everything in between. They are available in more colors, skins, and designs than are imaginable.

    Just give them a call, and have your custom creation built to your own specification. Tell 'em Bandit sent ya. We promise they will take good care of you.

    Watch this section for articles regarding Le Pera products. We'll bring you ALL the latest from this American Motorcycling Icon.

    Below is the Le Pera Line-up of seats. Just a glimpse of the upholstery magic that happens at Le Pera:

    Cobra/Diamond Seating for Dynas ’06-’16
    By Bandit
    LE PERA SEAT OF THE WEEK— Cobra/Diamond Seating for Dynas ’06-’16.  Read the full story

    LePera Bare Bones Seat for Dynas & FXRs
    By Bikernet
    Dynas, FXRs, and Dressers have taken center stage recently, but the mainstay is still the Softail. There must be millions roaming the streets, but they have a problem and that’s turning radius, especially if you lower one.
    Read the full story

    Bare Bones for ’06-’16 Dynas.

    Bare Bones for ’06-’16 Dynas. I had a problem with Dynas, from the Chopper perspective. The original seating position was so-so and you couldn’t lower it. So, with my ’92 we built a super low seat, like this one.

    By Bikernet
    Then the factory raised the seat height and I ditched Dynas for old FXRs. They were much more flexible when it came to the seating position. So, from a Chopper, low and lean design, this is the only way to go for a dyna. I know, in some circles times have changed.
    Read the full story

    Bare Bones Solo Diamond
    By Bikernet
    Bare Bones Solo Diamond Seating. There was a time when it was tough to find cool solo seats for dressers, or baggers. Lots of us used cop solo seats. Le Pera stepped up and here’s just one example.
    Read the full story

    The Breakout model Sorrento, full length for ’13-’16 models
    By Bikernet
    The Breakout model Sorrento, full length for ’13-’16 models. I wonder how this model is doing. It’s a hot looking traditional chopper looking Softail and I was surprised the first time I saw Ben testing one. It’s a sharp looking custom Harley and this Le Pera seat might be the only mod it needs.
    Read the full story

    Le Pera Seat Of The Week Maverick For ’91-’95 Dynas.
    Beautiful shape features touring comfort and style. Maverick provides maximum lower back support. Tapered mid section for stop and go ease. Deep 13" wide rider seating area. Specs
    Read the full story

    Le Pera Seat Of The Week — Daytona 2-up Basket Weave
    By Bikernet
    Daytona 2-up Basket Weave. I decided to pick out an FXR seat. FXRs are hot now and any old FXR will need a new racy seat. This seat breathes just like the Dyna perforated seats.
    Read the full story

    by bikernet
    Same sporty features as our Daytona Sport, with 8.5" of rear passenger seating.
    Read the full story

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