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Le Pera Seats

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E-Mail: info@lepera.com 

Phone: 818-767-5110
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Le Pera seats are available through these distributors:

  • Cassons Pty. Limited, Austrailia
  • Custom Chrome
  • Custom Chrome-Europe
  • Chrome Specialties Inc.
  • Drag Specialties
  • Mid-USA
  • Motovan-Canada
  • Tucker-Rocky
  • W&W Cycle, Germany
  • Zodiac, Netherlands
  • Check with your local dealer for these fine seats!

    Since 1972, the Le Pera Family has been dedicated to producing motorcycle seats of superior design, quality, and craftsmanship.

    Founder, Bob Le Pera has over 38 years experience in designing and crafting leather upholstry. Using his skills and knowledge of upholstry, Bob has brought together one of the most talented teams in the industry today.

    The Silhouette, Bare Bones, Daytona, and countless other Le Pera seats set the standard for style and quality. They can be found on show bikes, high milage machines, and everything in between. They are available in more colors, skins, and designs than are imaginable.

    Just give them a call, and have your custom creation built to your own specification. Tell 'em Bandit sent ya. We promise they will take good care of you.

    Watch this section for articles regarding Le Pera products. We'll bring you ALL the latest from this American Motorcycling Icon.

    Below is the Le Pera Line-up of seats. Just a glimpse of the upholstery magic that happens at Le Pera:

    Bare Bones Solo Diamond Seating for Touring Models
    By Bikernet
    LE PERA SEAT OF THE WEEK— Bare Bones Solo Diamond Seating for Touring Models. If the quest is for a lowered bagger, all the elements are avail...
    Read the full story

    Lil' Nugget Seat From LePera
    By Bikernet
    LE PERA SEAT OF THE WEEK— LiL’ Nugget: For years we wanted the lowest slimmest seat we could find. Times have changed, but for some guys...
    Read the full story

    News From LePera Seats
    Iconic North Hollywood, California based seat specialist LePera says that every one of its seats can be made in the popular black and white combination - including the 2-inch set back ‘Daddy Long Legs’ version for taller riders.   Read the full story

    Le Pera Cherokee/Diamond Seating
    By Bikernet
    I need to point something out. Le Pera makes seats to enhance the style of bikes and comfort. Think about it when ordering. If you need to be pushed toward the bars, let them know. They have seats to lift you, push you, or let you stretch out.
    Read the full story

    LE PERA SEAT OF THE WEEK— Daytona Sport with Red Speed Stripe.
    By Bikernet
    These are too cool one of a kid look for your café Softail.
    Read the full story

    By Bikernet
    This is the classic of classics. It’s the one seat on the market designed to enhance the lines of your bike and give you a comfortable ride. The first accessory I bought in 1969 for my new XLCH was a LePera Cobra seat. It completely changed the look of that classic ride.
    Read the full story

    LEPERA SEAT OF THE WEEK-- DYNA '06-'17,Cobra // Diamond Seating.
    By Bikernet
    LEPERA SEAT OF THE WEEK-- DYNA '06-'17,Cobra // Diamond Seating. 

    LEPERA SEAT OF THE WEEK— Bare Bones for Dynas ’06-’17.
    By Bikernet
    For years the code was minimalist and low. The Bare Bones was a brother’s or sister’s first move in that direction, a low-as-you-can-go solo seat. It was a serious start at building a low and sleek custom Dyna.
    Read the full story

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