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Kendon Industries, Inc.


Motorcycle Trailers and Folding Motorcycle Lifts - Who Are We?

Kendon Industries, Inc. is the originator of Stand-UpT Motorcycle Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. Since 1991, the Kendon brand has been synonymous with high quality, durability and innovation. No other Motorcycle Trailer competitor can claim torsion axles with independent suspension, triangulated round tube construction or, of course, our patented fold up, Stand-UpT design that allows our Folding Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts to fit in tight spaces.


We're here to answer any questions and hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, be nice to your bike, your body and your loved ones! If you love spending endless hours riding, whether it be on or off road, or you simply enjoy a leisurely ride, tow your bike with a Kendon motorcycle trailer to your destination. Get there fresh and ready to play! With Kendon, you will ride to more interesting places.

Trailers for Motorcycles Made in the USA by Kendon

Expand your riding horizons. Kendon is recognized as the Industry's #1 Choice in the USA. Kendon is the original, patented, fold up, stand-upT design.

Enjoy looking around, shopping and call us if you'd like to talk!

- Your friends at Kendon.

 Phone: (714) 630-7144

Toll-Free: (800) 847-8618

Fax: (714) 630-7132

E-Mail: info@kendonusa.com

3707 East La Palma Ave

Anaheim, CA  92806

Bikernet Safety Tip - Kendon Trailer Tire Recommendations

Avoiding Problems and Getting the Most Out of Your Trailer Tires

Mark Smolinski from Kendon Industries
Neglected Trailer Tires can cause anything from a trip delay (getting stuck in the middle of nowhere) to a catastrophic failure.
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There’s more to Trailers than Towing, and more to Kendon with new Ride-Up Trailers

By the Editors of Bikernet and the Kendon Trailer Queen
The age-old debate between riding a motorcycle to an event or hauling a bike to a riding destination continues to rage. On one hand there is the hardcore motorcyclist who does not want to hear the word “trailer” and who is willing to ride anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the distance may be. On the other hand, trailers offer avid riders a helpful alternative.
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