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Jims USA

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JIMS® Performance Parts & Tools
For Use On Harley-Davidsons®

555 Dawson Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone 805-482-6913 FAX 805-482-7422

Hey, this is the JIMS Performance Parts And Tools Area. JIMS builds an entire line of tools for working on Harley-Davidson drivelines, including tools to work on the new twin cam models. We will be featuring articles on how to use his line of tools on the 88-inch Harleys.

JIMS now goes way beyond his extensive tool line with performance kits for Harleys including lower ends, pistons, rods, etc. His transmission department manufactures everything needed to build a big twin or Shovelhead transmission. Click on any of JIMS banners to check his product line.

No. 972 Cruise Drive Main Drive Gear Seal Installer
By Bikernet
JIMS No. 972 Cruise Drive Main Drive Gear Seal Installer properly aligns and installs the seal between the mainshaft and main drive gear. It features an ultra-thin seal protector sleeve that protects the seal from damage by the splines.
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JIMS Shifter Pedal Shaft Bushing Tool
By Bikernet
Harley-Davidson FLH touring models with heel toe shifting on the inner primary case are notorious for rattling due to vibration from worn shifter shaft bushings.  

JIMS No 97225-55 Big Twin Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installation Tool and No. 973 Adapter for Late “Fine Spline” Sprocket Shafts.
By Bikernet
To install the Timken bearing or inner bearing race on flywheels that use a roller bearing, JIMS offers No. 97225-55 Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installation Tool.
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No. 5515 Late Model Neck Bearing Tool
By Bikernet
Introducing JIMS new Late Model Neck Bearing Installation Tool for FLH and Tri Glide models. Designed like our early model neck bearing installation tool, JIMS made some key improvements when compared to the OEM tool.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- JIMS No. 977 Touring Model Steering Head Stem Nut Wrench
By Bikernet
The steering head stem nut on touring models is not easily accessible with the radio package or storage box in the way. JIMS has a special tool to save time when adjusting the steering head bearings on FL models.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK—94557-55A Compensating Sprocket Shaft Nut Wrench
By Bikernet
For technicians working on old iron, this compensator sprocket nut wrench is necessary when removing or installing the compensator sprocket nut.
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JIMS Tool of the Week — Cam Change Essential Tools for Late Twin Cam Engines
By Bikernet
Changing camshafts on current Twin Cam engines requires specialty tools to do the job right. JIMS manufactures all of the tools to perform this job.
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JIMS No. 1014 Trap Door Puller and Bearing Too
By Bikernet
Servicing Harley-Davidson 5-speed transmissions can be difficult without the proper tools. JIMS manufactures a complete line of specialty tools for Harley-Davidson transmissions, engines, and more.
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