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JIMS® Performance Parts & Tools
For Use On Harley-Davidsons®

555 Dawson Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone 805-482-6913 FAX 805-482-7422

Hey, this is the JIMS Performance Parts And Tools Area. JIMS builds an entire line of tools for working on Harley-Davidson drivelines, including tools to work on the new twin cam models. We will be featuring articles on how to use his line of tools on the 88-inch Harleys.

JIMS now goes way beyond his extensive tool line with performance kits for Harleys including lower ends, pistons, rods, etc. His transmission department manufactures everything needed to build a big twin or Shovelhead transmission. Click on any of JIMS banners to check his product line.

JIMS MACHINE Photo Challenge
By Bikernet
Wouldn't you like to have a photo you took featured in a magazine, or the Jims newsletter? Do you have a knack for good photos on Social Media?
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Fuel Tank Wall Mount
By Bandit
When your fuel tank is removed from your bike, it can create storage issues. A tank left on a work bench or otherwise exposed can typically create a disaster by being knocked to the floor or damaged on the bench.
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The JIMS Machine Monster by Paul Platts

By Bandit (with help from AIMag) photos by Markus Cuff
Two members of the JIMS Machine team have been around for a very long time, Paul Platts and Garry Hughes. In 2011 Paul decided to build his first ground-up chopper and his best friend and co-worker Garry Hughes kicked in to help out.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 5808 Milwaukee Eight Valve Spring Collar
By Bikernet
The new Milwaukee Eight engine boasts an all new head design, utilizing four valves per head. The new valve design is different from previous years’ models and requires a different valve spring collar for assembly and disassembly.
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JIMS No. 5827 Fork Cap Allen Socket
Odds are, you may not have an Allen this size in your toolbox. JIMS now offers a high quality Allen Socket for this application that is sold individually, making no need to buy a high priced Allen set just to use this one particular size.
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By Bandit
I have a crazy engine with a ’69 right case, and a ’79 left alternator case. I had a set of JIMS lifter stools, but my cam followers didn’t work.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- JIMS No. 756 Oxygen Sensor Socket
By Bikernet
When removing or installing oxygen sensors on modern Harley-Davidson exhaust systems, it is often necessary for a special socket with a cutout to clear the wiring. JIMS offers many different tools for various sizes and locations of oxygen sensors.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 5502 Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool
By Bikernet
As flat rate technicians go about their work day, saving time and convenience make their productivity rise. JIMS No. 5502 Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool is one tool that can make their job more productive.
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