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Jims USA

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JIMS® Performance Parts & Tools
For Use On Harley-Davidsons®

555 Dawson Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone 805-482-6913 FAX 805-482-7422

Hey, this is the JIMS Performance Parts And Tools Area. JIMS builds an entire line of tools for working on Harley-Davidson drivelines, including tools to work on the new twin cam models. We will be featuring articles on how to use his line of tools on the 88-inch Harleys.

JIMS now goes way beyond his extensive tool line with performance kits for Harleys including lower ends, pistons, rods, etc. His transmission department manufactures everything needed to build a big twin or Shovelhead transmission. Click on any of JIMS banners to check his product line.

JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 975 Twin Cam Engine Rotator Socket.
By Bikernet
Use this handy socket when rebuilding a Twin Cam engine on the bench or while in the chassis without the primary drive installed. The JIMS No. 975 Twin Cam Engine Rotator Socket will fit the sprocket shaft allowing the technician to rotate the engine with a ½” ratchet.
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Horses For Horsepower Charity Event equine Help For Our Military Veterans
By Jims Machining
The event, in conjunction with Reins of H.O.P.E., featured live music, a display from Warrior Built, food, and an auction. Nearly sixty-three thousand dollars was raised for the veterans program.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 2232 Neck Bearing Race Removal and Installation Tool.

To remove or install steering head bearing races in the frame of most Harley-Davidson models, you need a special tool. JIMS manufactures a tool to tackle the job with ease.

By The Bikernet Staff
JIMS No. 2232 Steering Head Bearing Race Removal and Installation Tool will either remove or install the neck bearing races when used with JIMS No. 33416-80 Driver Handle and No. 2388 Driver Spacer.
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Jims Tool Of The Week-- master Cylinder Bleeding Solution
By Jims Machining
JIMS Master Cylinder Bleeding Solution is designed to allow the technician to draw a vacuum on the hydraulic system. This is accomplished by using specially designed lids with an air fitting which, when connected to a vacuum bleeder, pulls air out of the hydraulic system.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 939 Sealed Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation Tool
By Bandit
JIMS Sealed Wheel Bearing Tool will remove and install sealed wheel bearings in all Harley-Davidson wheels from 2000 to present. This kit features puller and installer tools for ¾”, 1”, and 25mm wheel bearings including the magnetic encoder bearings on ABS models.
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JIMS BIKERNET TOOL OF THE WEEK-- The Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool.

The Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool

By The Bikernet Staff
Save time with JIMS Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool. Imagine grabbing just one tool for a clutch adjustment, instead of 3 or 4 separate tools that don’t work well. No more open end wrenches that don’t fit due to awkward angles, or multiple attempts to lock the jam nut and adjuster screw in the correct position.
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BIKERNET TECH: Samson Legend Series “Pomonas” Dyna Pipes

Traditional Styled, Staggered, Low-Exit Exhaust Pipes Installed on a 1998 Dyna

By Wrench, Jeremiah Soto, James Conway, with photos by Jeremiah Soto
Bikernet Tech: A brother went down recently and we needed to pick him up, dust him off, correct his motorcycle and launch him on a run to Vegas Bikefest with a couple of other hard riding Dyna pilots. Samson pipes cured his bent exhaust.
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Jims Tool Of The Week — No 740 JIMS® Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool

Changing the fork fluid on models with fairings can be intimidating and take hours.

By Jims
This tool will eliminate the need to remove the fairing on all 2013 and earlier touring bikes to change the fork oil. It’s like magic! With this tool it should take about 30 minutes to perform the service compared to 2.2 hours.
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