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Frankenstein Trikes

Since 1995 Frankenstein Trikes co-owner Frank Pedersen has designed and produced award winning Choppers, Custom motorcycle frames and Trikes. In 2005 Frank Pedersen and long time friend Steinar Bergby decided the Trike industry needed the next generation of Trike re ar ends. Frank and Stein adapted their experience in design, style and fabrication to create the revolutionary Frankenstein Trikes Hot Rod Trike Rear end.

The Frankenstein Trike rear end was originally conceived to provide a custom Trike rear end that was lighter, stronger, narrower, more reliable and better looking than what was available. We introduced the 30” Hot Rod Trike rear end and custom bike builders loved it. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming interest from individuals who wanted to convert their stock bike into a Trike. As a result, we made wider rear ends that are better suited for stock bike conversions. Gradually, with each conversion we designed swing arms, fenders, fender brackets and sourced wheels and tires. Within the first two years we developed kits for most Harley Davidson models. Now we offer our customers complete, simple bolt-on Trike kits, that can be installed in one day.

Quality and design set us apart from our competitors. We use only the best components and materials such as Dana differentials, 9” Ford street/strip axles, billet 4 piston calipers, stainless steel rotors, grade 8 or better hardware and 6061 T6 Billet aluminum. We are constantly adding new products, listening to user feedback and expanding the options available to our customers. Our Trike Kits are manufactured right here in Pleasanton, Kansas, USA.

We want our customers to have a satisfying experience when purchasing, installing and owning a Frankenstein Trike kit. Our entire staff is dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.

Choosing a Trike kit is an important decision, we expect you to compare our Trike kits to those of other manufacturers. We believe, the more you compare, the better we look.


Putting the FRANK & STEIN in Trikes

Two Friends, South Dakota and the Outlaw Trail

by Garry Stuart
“I think I’ll take this along on the road trip,” said Frank, “It’s just that since I built this Trike I got fed up with everyone saying ‘okay, very nice, but you couldn’t ride it anywhere’.” I thought to myself that a two-thousand mile road trip, some of it on unpaved gravel roads, would be a good test of the build quality of any custom bike let alone an ultra-low hardtail trike.
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