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D&D Exhaust

At D&D Exhaust our passion is high performance exhaust pipes. For 30 years we have built quality hand made American exhaust pipes and for the last 7 years we have hand crafted exhaust pipes for American big-twin motorcycles that are dyno-tuned for performance.

David Rash, D&D Owner, began building pipes for his race bike because he needed more horsepower. 250,000 pipes later D&D Exhaust systems grace some of the world's fastest Harleys on the street and strip.

D&D uses the state of the art Super Flow Eddy Current Ram Air Dyno, Super Flow Flow Bench, and the first in the industry multi cylinder Lambda Fuel Air Ratio Sensors interfaced with the Dyno for real time meter and graph analysis.

Each pipe is tuned for performance and sound. Not only do D&D pipes look good, you can feel the enhanced deep rumble only a D&D equipped V-Twin can make.

To see how your bike will look and perform log on to the D&D Web site. (http://www.danddexhaust.com) Each Harley model has a dyno chart and dyno video.

Contact and Ordering Information:

D&D Performance Enterprises
2923 Edith Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76117
Email danddexhaust@msn.com.
Phone: (817) 834-8961


5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 4

May the "Gods" of Progress Take Hold

By Bandit with photos by Kent Weeks and Holly Devil
What a crazy year. We’ve been scrambling in several directions. Plus, once I sent all the parts to Kent Weeks at Lucky Devil MetalWorks, well when the dogs are away, the mice start to party.
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Finally, a Kit Bike Option with Class and Quality

By Bandit with photos by the Brass Balls Team
There is still one custom chopper manufacturing facility still standing, maybe three. But one in particular Brass Balls Cycles or Darwin Motorcycles, recently launched a kit bike program and made it ultimately affordable.
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D&D Dyna Bobcat Installation

Tight and Right for Rubber-mounted Applications

--By Bandit and Jeremiah with photos by Wrench
Jeremiah bought a very low mileage 96-inch, 2009 Dyna Super-Glide. He chose for his first mod to install a D&D two-into-one Bobcat exhaust system. Eric Bennett likes how D&D systems are delivered with the heat shields and exhaust flanges in place. “They are a breeze to install.”
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An Interview with the Emperor of Exhaust

About the Business of the Pope of Pipe and Exhaust Regulations

By Bandit, Dave Rash, and photos from Jennifer Barnard
In 1972 David Rash had a problem. He could not find the Exhaust Pipe he needed for his race bike. He knew that the proper exhaust for his engine configuration would give him an edge over his competition. However, no such pipe was available. So he did the only thing he could do. He fabricated his own pipe. Suddenly the industry faces severe regulations and we needed to share insights.
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5-Ball Racing 2014 Chapter 3, sorta

One Crazy Year Reaching for the Salt

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
This has been a scramble, and not exactly on time, but we’ve moved forward and the whole scenario is working out perfectly. We’ll see in about a week. If you believe in anything, you believe in your efforts to make your dreams come true.
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The Mudflap Girl FXR Saga

A Convoluted Story of Romance, Family, and the Open Road

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
It all started when a brother was desperate for cash and I bought a basket case Dyna, and with the help of JIMS machine turned it into an FXR. I started to build it for my son, Frank, the tattoo artist, around an old Kenny Boyce-styled pro street frame. Making progress on this build, with a massive upside down Custom Chrome front end, a brother stumbled into my shop and told me about Paul Cavallo ...
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A Very Tight Rider Is Now Available

By Bandit with photos from Brass Balls Cycles Staff
I'm forced to say this, but Brass Balls Cycles and Big Bear Choppers are now building FXR configuration motorcycles for about the same price. That's a good thing, since the road-riding customer has two models and companies to choose from, and that gives us some solid comparisons. Over the next month we will also feature a Big Bear FXR, so here's your first shot at a $30,000 FXR.
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For 104 Horses and 112 ft./lbs. of Torque

Text and photos by Doc Robinson with some assistance from his wife, Jane
My wife Jane bought a 2012 Dyna Switchback after 22 years of FXR ownership, and this new bike has become another test bed machine. The next step to boost its power was to consider a better performing exhaust for which we turned to D&D for one of their Fat Cat 2-into-1 full systems.
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