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For Ordering Information:
Toll Free: (888) 467-7953
Local Tel: (562) 803-1700
Fax: (562) 803-037812155
Pangborn Ave.
Downey, CA 90241
E-Mail: sales@compufire.com

One of our lofty goals at Bikernet is to bring our readers sponsors they can trust and rely on for quality components and reliable service. This is one of those opportunities. I have worked with Compu-Fire for over five years installing their electrical components on every project bike I've built from the Jesse James Red Ball to our current Amazing Shrunken FXR project and my up-coming rigid bar hopper.

Here's another major benefit: Compu-Fire manufacturers virtually everything needed to square away your ignition system, charging system and starting system. One source for all your electrical components. I suggested they start on a coil bracket and an ignition switch.

Another benefit is their staff. Most are experienced riders working with their products. Giggie, who I've known for almost 20 years, is constantly testing and improving their product line. This is a company based in Southern California, building their products in the USA.

Hang on as we bring you their product line, through techs, product releases and riding experiences.


Desert Blues Tech, to Save Evos from the Twin Cam Menace

Tarantulas, D&D, K&N and Compu-Fire Cure

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The new Compufire 1.6kW starter

The new Compufire 1.6kW starter for late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles (2006 and later Dynas and 2007 and later Big Twins) produces 102% more working energy than the stock starter with the use of a high-energy, high amperage, precision wound armature. Read the full story

Single Fire Coil Kits

100 millijoules of spark energy in a small compact design

Submitted By Layla
The Compu-Fire Single Fire Coil Kits provide 100 millijoules of spark energy in a small compact design. The long duration spark produces maximum torque in today’s high performance engines. The custom CNC machined mounts make for easy installation in all popular locations and th...
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GEN III Performance Starters

Compu-Fire Starters Designed For Big Inch Engines

From the Compu-Fire Crew
GEN III STARTER---Compu-Fire Gen-III Starters are the only starters designed for cranking large displacement, high compression American V-Twin engines without the need for compression releases. High energy neodymium magnets...
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