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Biker's Choice

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Biker's Choice is one of the world's leading distributors and marketers of name-brand parts, accessories and apparel for the American motorcycle and the people who ride them. We are a wholesale distributor and do not sell directly to the public.

Our catalog has over 12,000 parts covering everything from exhausts, to engines and all other parts to build your own custom bike. We also carry helmets and the finest leather apparel available. We have always been known as a leader in quality parts, and that reputation is exemplified by the brands we represent and the brand names we develop. Biker's Choice is a source for the leading brand names in the American V-Twin aftermarket industry.

Today, Biker's Choice is one of the most dynamic brand names with the highest-profile catalog in the industry. Unlike some companies in the industry, Biker's Choice is run by dedicated, life-long bikers who understand the American motorcycle enthusiast.

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Lithium Ion Battery Added to Twin Power Line

by the Bikernet Staff
Biker's Choice is excited to announce the addition of Lithium Ion batteries to the Twin Power line. Twin Power is known for their high quality parts and accessories designed for the Harley—Davidson enthusiast.
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5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 4

May the "Gods" of Progress Take Hold

By Bandit with photos by Kent Weeks and Holly Devil
What a crazy year. We’ve been scrambling in several directions. Plus, once I sent all the parts to Kent Weeks at Lucky Devil MetalWorks, well when the dogs are away, the mice start to party.
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Road King 4/18/03 Part III

We were getting stoked by the changing appearance of the King

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
We were getting stoked by the changing appearance of the King. The black was giving it unity. I re-greased the shifter shaft and installed the back linkage in a vertical position then tightened it. We eliminated one of the shifter pedals for my big feet and installed the remaining one with Loctite and a 1/4-20 Allen or socket head fastener. We cut a 3/4-inch chunk of 1-inch O.D. mild steel tubing ...
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Road King 4/18/03 Part II

Stripping The Glide Front End for Powder Work

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
On our way to Powder Coating the King front end, the nacelle came off with the four dome nuts that hold the detachable windshield. But when we looked at the chunks of chromed steel we came face-to-face with the rubber-mounted brass fasteners that hold in the headlight.
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Road King 4/18/03

Powder Coating 101

Photos by Bandit, Sin Wu and Nuttboy
The plan was to strip the bike of all the brackets, tabs and accessories we could get our hands on and have them black powder coated by Custom Powder Coating in Dallas a Bikernet Sponsor.
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Road King 4/15/09

We tested out the electrics and one of the best chargers on the market

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
We decided to take a run at an electrical article, since about 90 percent of problems and breakdowns come from the electrical component. Besides, it's riding season and we all need to check our electrical connections before we ride off into the sunset. This is especially true of bikes stored in moist or seaside climates. Besides, I'm riding the King to Laughlin and need to check it out. It's been ...
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OptiMate6 Model TM181 Automatic Battery Charger

Nothing lasts forever and motorcycle batteries are no exception.

By Bruce Snyder
The original equipment battery on my 2012 FLD Dyna Switchback had been dragging occasionally, after enduring a couple of summers and bad-ass winters in northern Virginia, plus another sweltering summer in the Conch Republic of south Florida.
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El Serape, Long Beach XS 650

This shop project began as a basket.

From the McQuiston Gang. Photographer: The esteemed Markus Cuff
This shop project began as a basket. “I had a skateboarding buddy from Carson, California, and he needed some money,” said Ralph Garcia of Long Beach.
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