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Biker's Choice is one of the world's leading distributors and marketers of name-brand parts, accessories and apparel for the American motorcycle and the people who ride them. We are a wholesale distributor and do not sell directly to the public.

Our catalog has over 12,000 parts covering everything from exhausts, to engines and all other parts to build your own custom bike. We also carry helmets and the finest leather apparel available. We have always been known as a leader in quality parts, and that reputation is exemplified by the brands we represent and the brand names we develop. Biker's Choice is a source for the leading brand names in the American V-Twin aftermarket industry.

Today, Biker's Choice is one of the most dynamic brand names with the highest-profile catalog in the industry. Unlike some companies in the industry, Biker's Choice is run by dedicated, life-long bikers who understand the American motorcycle enthusiast.

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OptiMate6 Model TM181 Automatic Battery Charger

Nothing lasts forever and motorcycle batteries are no exception.

By Bruce Snyder
The original equipment battery on my 2012 FLD Dyna Switchback had been dragging occasionally, after enduring a couple of summers and bad-ass winters in northern Virginia, plus another sweltering summer in the Conch Republic of south Florida.
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El Serape, Long Beach XS 650

This shop project began as a basket.

From the McQuiston Gang. Photographer: The esteemed Markus Cuff
This shop project began as a basket. “I had a skateboarding buddy from Carson, California, and he needed some money,” said Ralph Garcia of Long Beach.
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5-Ball Racing 2014 Chapter 3, sorta

One Crazy Year Reaching for the Salt

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
This has been a scramble, and not exactly on time, but we’ve moved forward and the whole scenario is working out perfectly. We’ll see in about a week. If you believe in anything, you believe in your efforts to make your dreams come true.
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Bikernet Reviews QuadBoss Ramps

On a mission to road test two ramps from Biker’s Choice.

By Bandit
Aaron Whitney from Biker’s Choice offered us two options and we decided to test one against the other.
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By Bandit
Now you can get the high quality you expect from Pro Taper bars- for your V-Twin!
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The HER Project

Empowering and creating awareness for our American Women Veterans with respect and dignity

By Mistress Chris with Press Releases from the HER Project and photos by Rogue
The HER Project is rather unique, and was created to empower and create awareness for all American Women Veterans.
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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show 2014

One bike show to never miss!

Photos and text by Rogue
There are a lot of Bike Shows in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area during Bike Week and one I never miss is the one at Tropical Tattoo on Thursday.
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Road Testing River Road Chaps from Biker’s Choice

Dr. Feng Wears 100 Percent Outer Shell Buffalo Leather on the Job 24/7

By Dr. Feng with photos by Sailor Sherry
I am grappling through a long-term product evaluation of River Road brand chaps for as part of the 5-Ball Racing Team. I feel I’m becoming the “butt” of jokes around the editorial offices.
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