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Biker's Choice is one of the world's leading distributors and marketers of name-brand parts, accessories and apparel for the American motorcycle and the people who ride them. We are a wholesale distributor and do not sell directly to the public.

Our catalog has over 12,000 parts covering everything from exhausts, to engines and all other parts to build your own custom bike. We also carry helmets and the finest leather apparel available. We have always been known as a leader in quality parts, and that reputation is exemplified by the brands we represent and the brand names we develop. Biker's Choice is a source for the leading brand names in the American V-Twin aftermarket industry.

Today, Biker's Choice is one of the most dynamic brand names with the highest-profile catalog in the industry. Unlike some companies in the industry, Biker's Choice is run by dedicated, life-long bikers who understand the American motorcycle enthusiast.

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Biker’s Choice TWIN-POWER Ignition Tech

With a V-Plus Engine, V-Power Lithium Battery, Vulcan Ignition and V-Power Mini Coil

By Bandit with photos by Wrench and assistance from the Redhead
I recently rambled about never giving up. This tech is an example in not giving up, and looking for opportunities for success. James Simonelli recently went to work for Biker’s Choice and it’s a company constantly looking for opportunities to succeed.
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New Tech Coming To Bikernet With Biker's Choice
By Bikernet
That trike project looks awesome. It looks like you’ve got the right people to make it fly with Paughco!The Twin Power ignition is an early style...
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Don’t Miss Your Next Ride Because Your Battery Died

The Weego Solution does the job and more. This puppy is amazing, and perhaps a must for any touring bike.

By Bikernet
Lithium Ion Batteries are the lightweight, long lasting new battery technology, and we installed and tested one recently. But immediately a question came up. Can we charge them with any old battery charger?
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Biker's Choice 2016 Helmet & Apparel Catalog
By Bikernet
With the release of its 2016 Helmet & Apparel Catalog, Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice is excited to announce its largest offering ever of riding apparel, lifestyle apparel and helmets. The catalog offers 14,388 products with 96 additional pages from last year.
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Twin Power AND BIKER’S CHOICE Introduces New Replacement Cam Chain Tensioner Shoes To Product Line
By Bikernet
Biker's Choice is excited to announce the addition of Replacement Cam Chain Tensioner Shoes to the Twin Power line. Twin Power is known for their high quality parts and accessories designed for the Harley-Davidson enthusiast.
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