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Belt Drives LTD.

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Here's the list of Distributors


  • Bikers Choice-(800) 347-8080
  • Chrome Specialties-(800) 527-1634
  • Custom Chrome-(800) 729-3332
  • Drag Specialties-(800) 222-3400
  • Midwest-(800) 325-3914
  • MID-USA-(800) 527-0501
  • Win Starwest-(805) 531-1000
  • Canada

  • Preston Cycle-(800) 265-2298
  • Europe

  • Custom Chrome Europe-0049 (0)671 88888 0
  • DÛX Industries-0049 (0)40 434037
  • Motorcycle Storehouse b.v-0031 (0)50 3039775

    This talented group of individuals produce only the highest quality drive train products available for the American Motorcycle Market.

    Their product line, which includes most of the major drive line components available for Harley Davidson Motorcycles has also recently been expanded to include Hand and Shifter controls.

    Many of us here on the Bikernet Staff use BDL hardware on the bikes we ride everyday, and are proud to put our stamp of approval on their products. We're confident you will too.

    The New BDL Lock-Up Clutch Pressure Plate (#LUC-100)

    The Commander of the illustrious SmokeOut Installed it on the Mudflap Girl

    By Bandit with photos by Wrench
    We started with a new BDL diaphragm clutch plate install and the series mushroomed. It actually started long ago, about ten years, when we started to install BDL products. I’ve run BDL primary belt drives and clutches for over a decade.
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    BDL Falcon SPC Secondary Belt
    An exclusive from Belt Drives Limited, the “FALCON SPC” (Sport Plus Carbon) drive belt, designed and manufactured by GoodYear, provides up to 33% more tensile strength than conventional aramid reinforced belts.
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    ULTIMATE BDL Pressure Plate

    Lots of Options for Big Twins

    By Bandit with photos by Wrench
    I stumbled into a meeting at BDL and found out about the Ultimate BDL pressure plate options. The next thing I knew we were in the shop installing one.
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    5- Ball Bagger Project Bike -- A High Speed wobble leads to a new concept

    Paughco delivers the goods!

    By Krash Kranzler
    After a high speed wobble caused me to wreck the Bikernet Baggers Project bike, I spent the next few months looking for a cause and solution to the high speed wobbles that Harley - Davidson Touring chassis's are known for
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    5-Ball Racing 2014 Chapter 3, sorta

    One Crazy Year Reaching for the Salt

    By Bandit with photos by Wrench
    This has been a scramble, and not exactly on time, but we’ve moved forward and the whole scenario is working out perfectly. We’ll see in about a week. If you believe in anything, you believe in your efforts to make your dreams come true.
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    GMA Banded Grips
    By Belt Drives LTD
    These slick, ultra high quality grips from GMA a division of Belt Drives Limited, definitely add a touch of style to any scooter while providing riders with a relaxed, comfortable and positive feel.
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    Sure, it’s Car Shit, but it’s Cool

    By Bob Clark with photos from the BDL crew
    In an unprecedented expansion move that is sure to have a resounding and positive impact on Hot Rod and other automotive enthusiasts worldwide Belt Drives Limited (BDL) in Anaheim California has announced the purchase of Blower Drive Service (BDS).
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    5-Ball Racing 2014, Chapter 2—The Frame Finds a Builder

    The Assalt Weapon II Reaches Lucky Devil Metal Works in Houston

    By Bandit with photos by Wrench
    I researched tube frame builders in the Los Angeles area and found one, but then it dawned on me. One of our very cool and talented friends also builds cars, sometimes from the ground up. We have worked with Kent Weeks of Lucky Devil Metal Works, out of Houston for lots of years. Kent built the coolest bobber on the planet, the Root Beer Float, for the lovely Sin Wu. I made the call...
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